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1. The US forces gave French cars (gifts) to some of the clergy men in Tikrit! Derek Jordan told that it is an initiative from his General who expects good things from them!! It is so strange to give cars to the clergy men! If it is in return to their statements about the terrorist attacks from their areas, there is a better way which is to get the process of rebuilding started in the most peaceful areas first. If you introduce the process of rebuilding and reduce the unemployment to a low level in the quite areas the unsettled areas will rethink or stay behind. If you give cars to the unsettled areas the settled areas may become unsettled to get the free cars!!
2. 560 Iraqi soldiers and officers sent to Jordan for training for about 3 months! Why in Jordan not in Iraq and who will train them? What about the 6th Jan which is the day of the Iraqi Army formation. We think it should be kept because this day have nothing to do with Saddam the (rat) who hijacked it as he did with Iraq as a whole.
3. There are a lot of works going on in the offices of the National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice about the handover of the authority to the Iraqis in July 2003. Part of that work is about the shape of the new Iraq? We think that Democracy and Law must be the main two things which should be considered in any new shape. Indeed the major changes like the type of the Federal state should be left for the Iraqis to decide about it by voting. Most important is the Members of the GC should not think about how they are going to keep and fix their positions in the new government. The best way for them to keep that is by having the confidence of the Iraqi people which is only may be achieved by their works for Iraq and not only for themselves.
4. There is news that Saddam started to give important information to the interrogators which helped the coalition forces to finish important networks responsible for the terrorist attacks. Saddam may give very important information about governments, organizations and individuals which will be very dangerous about them!! This is the hero of the thugs! Let them just ashamed once in their life time.
5. 4 arrested in Kurkuk before they finish their plan of several attacks in the city. They are two Egyptians, one Iranian and one Afghani. They may belong to Insar Islam which is part of Al Qaida net work. Turkiman and Arabs called for demonstration tomorrow in regard to the Kurds demands about the city! Kurds should be calm and this is not the time to play with fire or to get achievements because it will be so serious to change the demographic aspect of the areas without the agreement from all sides and above all from the people of Iraq. Big changes need big decisions and big decisions need the vote of the people rather than the agreement of the parties.
6. Rebuilding Iraq is the turning point towards success or failure of the American policy in the Middle East! Rebuilding doesn't mean the services and the oil or the economy alone but the whole shape. It means the system as a whole in a way to make a new democratic light shine over the region as a whole not only Iraq. A new prosperous, democratic and peaceful Iraq is the success to win the heart of the people and to turn the table over those who support the terror. It is a mutual benefit to the coalition led by the US and the new Iraq. One of the most important things is to get the voice of the new Iraq heard every where, so as the need sooner rather than latter for an Iraqi TV stations not only to the Iraqis but to the outside world.

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