Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Islam is the solution to the problems of the mankind

When Allah created the world and then the mankind He set out certain rules for this creature (the mankind) to follow to protect them from evil and bad deeds. Evil and bad deeds affect negatively and seriously the health of the mankind in many ways.Allah created the worlds and everything in them and gave them the choices to be free or to follow His orders with obligation. Everything chose to be fully guided by Allah except the mankind and Jinn. The Jinn were created before the mankind from simoom (hot wind) while the man from the clay of the earth. As the man chose to be free Allah put inside him the immorality and the piety and Allah then make everyone to testify inside him or her that Allah is The Creator of everything and should be worshiped. Then the people born to this world with that covenant have been taken from them before birth as their souls still outside this world. The reflection of such relationship remained silent after birth but everyone may be able to discover it inside him or herself many times during his or her life. It comes as a thought or a question or during the times of hardships. Of course Allah is the exalted in power and He is the one Who hold all this universe. Allah created the worlds by saying to “Be and it is”. Allah made the human brain as the most sophisticated thing however He stopped that brain from the ability to comprehend Allah. Allah make the man not to be able to comprehend Him as if HE gave us such ability we then will not be able to do anything and stayed in standstill status from fearing God and from worshiping Him without anything else until death. This is exactly the way that the Angles do because Allah make them to know part of His power depending on the specialty of the Angle as they got different tasks to do.
This life is only a test and very short test indeed and the man will die to be brought again in the Day of Judgment to be accounted for his or her deeds. The next life is without death. The first thing that Allah judge with is the covenant of there is no God but Allah and Mohammad is His messenger via Islam. This is what every person born with which we call it “Ftrah” or innately. If the person passed this then he or she will be on the right path (the straight path) toward paradise however he or she will be responsible for all other aspects and deeds such as prayers, fasting, charity, haj, parents’ respects, helping others, spreading the word of Allah etc. If the person failed the first question it means that he deviated from the covenant of Allah which was taken from him or her before birth and followed a path taking him or her away from paradise. Paradise got only one way which is the straight path (Alsrat Almostqem). Those who deviate they forget Allah and Allah make them to forget themselves. Allah still give them sustenance and food and everything as they are His creatures but they will gain nothing from their works in this life as everything done for this life will stay in this life. The only thing which is transferable is things which are done with faith in Allah as the top of everything.Those who have no believe in Allah their life became so narrow because their vision cannot see anything other than this earthly world. The Hour of judgment is so close to every one as it equals the time between his or her life and death and then they will face their bad deeds and evil transgressions. They then wish to be just dust or nothing at all.

The failure of the Arab dictators to stop the people revolutions

The revolutions in the Arab world are not started to be stopped or stop. In fact they haven’t started yet. The most dictators, totalitarian and oppressing regimes have not yet been touched. However the Arab people from the Gulf to the Ocean are looking for radical changes against the way they have been ruled for long time. The Arab rulers over the recent history and especially after the WW-II until now used oppression, tortures, suppression, humiliations, subduing, imprisonments, and other brutalities to control people and to stay in power. They denied the most basic human rights to anyone who opposes them. They set themselves as to be always right, noble and honorable while all the others are not worthy especially their opponents. One of the best examples is the Saudi regime. This regime is a family consists of thousands of members who control not only the politics and the people but the land and the country as a whole including its name which was derived from the family. What go to the people are just benefactions from AL Saud family including some treatment for serious illnesses may need patronage from an Amir (Prince) to get treatment especially for those working from other countries. Workers from other countries treated as second class people and even below that some time. Not only that but they interfere in the internal affairs of the other countries. The family of AL Saud is one of the richest people in the world. Every one of them owns too many palaces and properties all over the world with arrogant and lavishness lives. On the other hand the people of Saudi Arabia are not equal with lot of poverty and discriminations especially among the Eastern province against the Saudi Shia population who live in the most important oil producing areas. The only thing which prevent the Saudis from uprising against the dictators rulers is the oppression and threats that they got in the last few weeks and months from their rulers.
Saudi Arabia rulers’ interference in the revolution of Bahrain was very well known by sending troops to semi-occupy that country. However they then discovered that their existence in Bahrain is going to be another factor which will make the people in the area especially their Shia Saudi will revolt against them and it is very obvious that they had the hate of the Bahrain people. In fact the Bahrainis proved that they will continue in their demands sooner or later and the AL Saud family is the losers. The people revolutions never stopped or controlled by force and it seems that AL Saud have forgotten this fact.
The other country that AL Saud interferes openly now is the Yemen. At last the Yemeni dictator Ali Abdullah Salah harvests the consequences of his impertinent when he had been injured by a rocket propel after he killed hundreds of Yemeni citizens since 4 months of the uprising. He is now treated for injuries in the Capital Riyadh. It is now the duty of the Yemeni army and revolutionists to control power in a temporary basis until election. The army that sided with the revolution should take over and dispose all the previous government. The Yemenis got an opportunity now while Salah is outside the country with his dictator friends in Riyadh to announce dismissal of Salah.
In fact for other Arab countries it is only a matter of time before revolutions start in the other Arab countries and none of them is spared or in isolation from what is going on now.
Victory is to the Arab people and down to all dictators.

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