Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Any Iraqi government born not inside Iraq will be illegitimate

Nori Al-Maliki the Prime-minster of Iraq is nothing but another dictator. He and some others from Al-Hakeem and Al-Sader factions are meeting in Tehran, Iran to form the post-election government!

This is ridiculous and indicates the level of involvement of Iran in the internal matters of Iraq especially when it comes to the pro-Iranian factions. In fact some of them such as Amaar Al-hakeem has been born and lived and grown in Iran and they know nothing about Iraq and the Iraqi people. Their main concerns are their interests and all of them are corrupt becoming so rich after the opportunity given to them following the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Nori Al-Maliki at least in one occasion last year and in response to a slogan praising him from a hypocrite he told that he got the power and will never give it again and no one will be able to take it from him! This say is existed on U-Tube. By this then NA is paving the way for the return of the coups in Iraq sooner or later. This is because if the power will not be given by peace to those who scored better in the election then it will be taken by force. Al-Maliki and others who gained some votes in the last election are in fact pushing the country for chaos and coups in the near future.

The Iraqis went to the election boxes for a democratic life and their government should be born from inside Iraq. Any birth occurs in Iran or somewhere else will be illegitimate and not accepted by the Iraqi people.

Final Iraqi election results

The final results announced today showed that there is no winners or losers in this election. Although Al-Iraqiyah list (Aiyad Alawi) scored 91 seats as total which is the highest but this is not enough to form a majority. The other two lists scored high is the Group of Dawlat Alkanon (Nori Almaliki) which scored 89 seats, the Alwatini list (Alhakeem) which got 70 seats and the Alkordistani (Talabani & Barazani) scored 43 seats.

These results are not enough to form two thirds collation required to form the next government. It is therefore require some elasticity from the Aiyad Alawi and the other groups to form a large group. Nori Almaliki was very rigid and he rejected the results and accused the electoral committee of manipulating the results. These statements are in fact of no benefits for the Iraqis and the country and against the peaceful democratic transition of power. On the other hand Alawi group celebrated the victory in many parts of Iraq.

In the next few days we will see how this difficult issue of forming a large coalition forms the new government.

Iraqi election results

The Iraqis are looking forward to get the final results of the last election. The counting is delayed for many factors some of them are technical. However the partial announcement of the results leads to pressures from different factions on the election committee.

It is now clearly revealed that the Iraqis are looking for new faces both in the government and the parliament. The previous government as well as the parliament had many members who are only concerned by their personal or narrow interests. Most of these gained extremely few results this time. Some of them have already been announced by different Medias. They are very well known to the Iraqis. Most of them are always exist in the TV channels talking rubbish.

The previous government led Iraq into corruptions, lack of services, lack of reconstructions, failure in the foreign policies, insecurity and sectarian divisions.

The results shows until now that the people are looking for a change based on the nationality as Iraqis and not on sectarian or religion or tribal or similar aspects. The people are looking for jobs, services, health, education, economy, security, respected freedom, and no corrupts in the government.

The people chose in the election should be respected by all especially those who are now leading the government. If they lost they should respect the democracy and take their position as an opposition and look back to correct their mistakes for the next 4 years to come.

Can the Iraqi 2010 election bring changes?

Since 2003 after the collapse of Saddam Hussein regime as a result of the American invasion of the country until now the country declined. The euphoria of the decline of the most oppressive regime rapidly come to an end as a result of many complex problems including the lack of security, the deterioration of all services, the continuation of existence of Iraq under the UN charter 7, the wide spread corruptions, the sectarian mentality of the existed politicians, the weakness of the existed government, the interference of the other countries including Iran and Saudi Arabia, the lack of plan for the foreign troops to leave a strong Iraqi army capable to protect the Iraqi borders and internal security and many other problems. All these and other problems resulted in a weak and corrupted Iraq.

The Iraqis have lost confidence in the present coalition leading the government after 4 years of this entire decline. They share one aim which is to change the existed leading parties and having new government that is not sectarian and not using the religion for its own interests.

Today most the Iraqis went for election looking for a change which they hope it will come after this election to result in a government and parliament without sectarian ideology. It should take the interest of Iraq on the top and not the interest of the other countries.

We feel that some change may come and we know there is nothing magic.

العراق بحاجة الى التجديد فاعلم كيف تنتخب

لاتنتخب الذين فشلوا في تحقيق الامن
ولاتنتخب الذين فشلوا في تحقيق الخدمات
ولاتنتخب الذين تستروا على الفساد
ولاتنتخب الطائفيين
ولاتنتخب الذين يضحكون على الذقون فيقولون للناس نحن للمحرومين بينما هم الذين يحكمون فهم اذن مسؤولون عن الحرمان
ولاتنتخب المتكبرين
ولاتنتخب الذين يستخدمون الرموز الدينية من اجل الوصول
ولاتنتخب الذين لايهتمون الا بمصالحهم ومصالح احزابهم وفئاتهم
ولاتنتخب الذين يتعالون على الناس باسماء اسرهم
ولاتنتخب الجهلة الذين يُجَهِلون الناس
ولاتنتخب الذين يمارسون او يسندون الارهاب
ولاتنتخب الذين تهمهم مصالح بلدان غير العراق
ولاتنتخب الذين ليس لديهم خطط للاصلاح والبناء الا الشعارات
ولاتنتخب المحاصصين الطائفيين
ولاتنتخب الا لمن تتأكد من ولائه للوطن والشعب وهو قادر على البناء ويستمع لصوتك بعد الانتخاب اكثر من قبله

العراق بحاجة الى التغيير والسنوات الماضية اثبتت بأن الموجودين على الساحة من الاحزاب الحالية غير جديرين ولا مهتمين ابداً ببناء العراق

العراق بحاجة الى التجديد

الابقاء على الوجوه الماضية سوف لن يجدد بل يبقي على كل شيء على ما هو عليه او نحو الاسوأ

فأحسن الاختيار ..... واعلم بأن صوتك ثمين!

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