Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Massacre in Babel

Hila (the old Babylon) has another blood bath today committed by a suicidal cockroach. The target was young men and women queuing outside a Health Centre to complete health certificates as part of applications for jobs.

More than 115 civilians were instantly killed and more wounded. Some bodies turned into fragments. The scene was blood and flesh mixed with the death smell.

We may describe the killers by the most offensive words exist, but this is not enough. The most important is to see the terrorists hanged on the scene of their crime however this is not enough.

The punishment that suite these devils is to put them in cage in the same site of their crime and show them to the public with a banner to say "The Devilish animal Zoo"! Let every one pass humiliate them by his own way to make them example for the other terrorists. Devilish animals have no places with the others and cockroaches place is in the dirtiest toilets.

Iyad Alawi government especially the Interior Minister have failed to punish the criminals. We need to know the facts about these crimes. If IA government respect the human rights they should tell the facts about every crime and the facts related to them. All what we see now is bids to hide and forget which only happen with the un-respectful and dictator governments. The government which respect itself and its people and the human rights should follow and investigate any crime with its own people. How many beheaded and kidnapped people found in Iraq each day and what happen about them?

Where is the Justice in Iraq??

We need to see justice, facts and evidence not speculation and news.

The Lebanese are protesting today against their government which is forced to resign about the assassination of the X-PM Hariri asking for facts and justice. The Iraqis got more reason to go to the streets about these horrified and disgusting crimes. The Iraqi government need to implement extreme justice to exterminate the killers.

On the other hand the ideology which feeds the terror by brain-wash the young people to commit suicide to kill others needs to be eradicated completely. Every one knows that the Wahabism and Salafism is the ideology which feeds the terror in the world now.

Big Criminal Captured

Sab'awi Ibrahem Al-Hassan Al-Tikriti (number 36 of the 55 deck cards) the half brother of Saddam Hussein has been captured. Ten remained free from the 55 list on the top of them (Deck number 6) Ezat Al-Dori.

Sab'awi occupied many jobs during Saddam regime including chief of security and advisor to Saddam. He was one of the most offensive killers and tyrant members of the regime. If his name was mentioned every one was feeling sick and upset though can not express it.

He escaped to Syria and supported the terrorists. Until last few weeks he was in Syria playing major role in the terrorists' activities in Iraq.
It is not yet known whether he was captured after crossing the border from Syria or the Syrians asked him to leave?

GWB Revolution for Freedom and Democracy in Arab world: Iraq is the Model!

The world witnessed a lot of major changes since late 1980s yet the Arab world remained sleepy and controlled by worn-out dictators. We wrote before about how this oppressions affecting the Arab world and resulted in hate towards the West especially the USA. In one word the ordinary Arab citizen thinks that his government is appointed by the USA to oppress him or her. So, if any negative thing happens in his life he blames the USA which appointed and supported his leaders to oppress, hijack his/her freedom and kill him. On the other side both the governments and the oppositions directly or indirectly blame the USA which makes the hate a growing vicious cycle born with the individual!

We think, at least until now, that George W Bush diagnosed rightly this illness especially after the events of 11 Sep 2001. GWB seems determined to treat the cause of the illness which is by switching off the conspiracy theory direct towards hating the USA and the west. Real democracy and freedom is the medicine or the mechanic which will fix the anomaly and change the direction towards peace and trust. Every one know that have the 11 Sep 2001 events carried out by simple airplanes but not every one knows what will happen if these airplanes carry out dirty weapons inside them! This is what we would like to prevent for every country and not only for the USA.

The beginning of treatment was very wise to start with the most dangerous and tyrant regime of Saddam. It was successful and the way the Iraqis challenged the terrorists and went for the election in the most civilized way in spite the efforts to damage it turned the table on those who bet for the failure. Iraq is leading in the way for democracy in Middle East now. With Saddam regime every one was forced to say No for the USA and have to express his hate in front of his children and students and colleagues and so on. Now there is freedom of talk and not necessarily every one should support or disagree with others but at least no much conspiracy and there may be disagreement but not hate but terrorists who hate every one.

About democracy and freedom desperately required changes the Arab governments tried to polish it but now they can't. Now they fear that if the progress in Iraq is real and the construction is going to make rapid progress so soon, their people will say enough is enough. We saw this word last week we the Egyptians protested agnist the old regime and carried banners saying (Kifayiah) which means enough is enough!

Dr Condoleezza Rice cancelled her visit to Egypt few days ago. Today President Mubarak announced that they will change the item number 76 to allow free election and nomination for presidency! This is good but very slow and not so enough however changes are much more obvious and people are less fearful than before. What happened in East Europe is looming in the Arab worlds and polishing is now too late. The notion of dictator for life or leader or King or family for life is an old sickness which should finish now.

Changes in the Arab world are not important for the region but for the world and the future. It is very abnormal to have dictators based on the era of the cold war in one region of the world. This will make the region concerned moving in a different direction from the rest of the world which will make the ship clumsy. The clumsiness will affect every one in the ship of the Earth and not only that part which is abnormal!

Alzarqawi within an ace of capturing!

Day after day the way leading to Zarqawi becomes shorter. The corners he may use become very few and disclosed.

Talib Minkhlef Airsan (Abokotayba) one of the top cards just beside Zarqawi has been arrested 4 days ago near Aana which is close to the Syrian border. He is one of the most dangerous terrorist in Zarqawi group. He was responsible for the personal security of Zarqawi!

Similar thugs have been arrested in Diyala, Ramadi and Mosel over the last few days. Mohamad Najem was responsible for many beheadings and Abo Othman was a personal driver for Zarqawi.

Iraqi ordinary civilians are now actively involved in dismantling and arresting the terrorist networks. They play very active role to arrest the thugs.
Two days ago 4 terrorists tried to attack the Iraqi National Guards in the centre of Baghdad near the motor way. The civilians in Alhoriyah city suspected their intention and captured them just before they attack the Iraqi National Guards. When the Iraqi forces arrived the civilians handed the captured terrorists with applauses! No one of the terrorists were harmed or beaten by the people! Is it not civilized and brave way!

In Mosel, Salman Abed Shibeb and his deputy were arrested after the Iraqi civilians informed the Iraqi forces about their movements and sites. Both of them were very serious criminal terrorists.

Syria trains the Arab terrorists & send them to Iraq

Important steps have been achieved in the last few days by the Iraqi forces to arrest important leaders in the terrorist groups.

Some were arrested in Mosel and Baghdad including Arabs from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Sudan, Egypt, Yemen and others.

Adam Doma (42 years) from Sudan confessed that he received training in Syria under the supervision of Syrian Intelligence officers. He confessed that he beheaded 10 Iraqi civilians by his own hands so as he was given a leadership activity as Amer. He studied (Sunni Shariah) and lived in Iraq for 15 years! He confessed that he is a Syrian Intelligent agent. He was responsible for many terrorist activities including beheadings and recruiting Arabs in Syria and Iraq.

Some members of his network were also arrested including a terrorist from Egypt who decapitated at least 6 Iraqis and was responsible for attacks against Shiite sites and a terrorist group called the Net of Palestine responsible for attacks against Shiite mosques.

Anis Al-Essa is a Syrian who works as an officer in the Syrian Intelligence Security. He was arrested with Doma and after 3 weeks pretending as deaf and dump he collapsed and confessed about his role and his job with SIS.

Other terrorists who were arrested confessed that they received different kinds of training by the Syrian Intelligence Security and forces in Lathikiyah in Syria. Once they pass the courses the SIS facilitate their entry to Iraq from at least three points in Mosel and Ramadi. They then keep communication with SIS via tech and human communicative ways.

The confessions were video recorded and copies were sent via the Iraqi PM to the UN as well as to the Syrian government according to news sources.

Ibrahem Al Jaafari is the next PM of Iraq

After the withdrawal of Ahmed Chalabi IJ become the nominated candidate for the United Iraqi Alliance (UIA) to be the first elected PM for the next 10 months before the general election.

Difficult tasks are awaiting the new government and on the top of them are the security issue but not less than that is the reconstruction. President Bush in his visit to Europe today was successful in getting NATO's involvement in training the Iraqi forces and police. In deed it is better for Iraq to be somehow part of the NATO in future.

Jaafari should not think twice about justice and punishment for all terrorists. They should be crushed fully. Immediate trial for the dictator and his thugs should start sooner.

The new government should clean the state from the corruption and corrupts. The criminals should be shown publicly and their trials should be quick and effective.

Iraq should have its airports and civilian flights back to normal as soon as it is no need to come through Syria or Jordan to be able to enter Iraq.

The UIA should make alliances with the other parties to be able to lead the governemtn. In this aspect Iyad Alawi may receive one of the Ministries.

Iyad Alawi led the country during a very difficult time and he tried to do well according to his best capacity but some of his ministers failed and corrupts.

This is the first time in the history of the Arab region that civilized way of government change happened.

The big success is because the Iraqis are determined to be free, democratic and peaceful united nation irrespective of their believe or race.

Congratulation for Jaafari and hope he will do well.

Much better & stronger Iraqi Security forces

The success of the Iraqi forces to keep the security during the tenth of Moharam in Najaf and Karbala was an excellent achievement. It proved that the Iraqi forces are capable of keeping the security even during the difficult time. The security plan in the holy cities was fully Iraqi based without help from the multi-national forces. More than 2 million visitors for the holy shrines came during the tenth day of Moharam. Many terrorists have been arrested before they were able to carry out attacks. Explosives and weapons were confiscated.

In Kadhimiyah in Baghdad Iraqi volunteers arrested 5 terrorists bobby-trapped with explosive belts and handed them to the police. Two of them were women. One of these women cockroaches pretends that she is pregnant. Just before she went into the shrine to blow up her self and kills the visitors, the volunteers suspected some thing wrong and arrested her. The dirty was pregnant with explosives and not a baby! The other woman was old and when arrested she said they gave her the belt and she don't know what inside it. They asked her to wear it and pray for them inside the holy shrine!

In Ramadi at least 97 suspected terrorists were arrested by the US and Iraqi forces. Many others were arrested in Mosel. One Egyptian confessed that he was making explosives for the terrorists.

South of Baghdad the Iraqi forces arrested a serious criminal called Aamer Addaami who was a top security officer for Saddam and was responsible for killing and arresting many Iraqis during and after the regime. His last crime was kidnapping 3 Iraqi National Guards from the previous Badar militia (Shias). The three men were died under the torture. Their corpses were found with their legs and arms cut from the opposite sides.

In Baghdad the Iraqi police found a house used for storage of explosives and weapons near the green zone. On the same time the Iraqi police killed two serious terrorists who were involved in many beheading and kidnapping. Aadel Mojtaba (Abo reem) also worked for Zarqawi group for creating internet sites and publishing their propaganda.

In Diyala north-east Baghdad the Iraqi forces arrested Sadek Fati who is responsible for a terrorist net facilitating the entry of the insurgent from Iran and Syria. In Diyala as well the Iraqi forces arrested an important agent in the Zarqawi group called Abofiras who was a security member of the dictator regime.

Many other terrorists have been arrested, however still big work is needed from the new government especially in the South of Baghdad, Ramadi, Mosel, Diyala and Baghdad. It looks though the rope became tighter around Zarqawi.

Lastly today the Iraqi forces received the complete patrolling and security in the centre of Baghdad from the US forces. Good step however the US should help to arm with the best equipment the Iraqi forces including air space policing by helicopters and fighters as well as tanks and heavy armoured vehicles plus communication and hi tech equipments!

Who killed Hariri?

It has been stated by the Daily Telegraph that the killers of Rafiq Hariri the previous PM of Lebanon have been recruited from the Arab insurgent terrorists in Iraq.

The statement according to the above newspaper was announced by the judge who investigates the killing of Hariri.

The terrorist organisation which announced the responsibility (Al-Nasrah wa Aljihad in Bilad Asham or the victory and holy war in the Great Syria) work between Syria and Saudi Arabia.

Ahmed Bo Adas who announced the responsibility in a video that was shown by Al-Jazeera TV is Lebanese from Palestinian origin with Saudi passport. He travelled several times between Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Many attacks during Moharam against the Shias

Several suicidal and rocket attacks carried out against Shiite mosques and festival gatherings about Imam Hussein.

One of these attacks was exactly like the suicidal attacks which carried out against Israeli Buses. It happened against women and children when a suicidal terrorist entered the bus and exploded himself to kill the women and children. Another suicidal thug was on a bike when he exploded himself while pushing throw a consolation gathering for a woman who was killed earlier by another attack.

During the same time where several attacks happened against Shias many terrorists have been arrested in Najaf, Karbala, Mosel, Baquoba, Baghdad, Basrah, and Latyifiah. Some of them are Arabs came via Syria.

Many of the terrorist networks have been dismantled with good progress for the Iraqi security and forces.

Ahmed Al Chalabi is most likely the Next Prime Minister

Final Official Results of Iraq Election

After final official results the National Iraqi Assembly 275 seats goes as follows:

- Iraqi United Alliance 140
- United Kurdistan 75
- Iyad Alawi card 40
- Iraqion of Alyawar 5
- Turkoman card 3
- The independent card 3
- People Union – communist 2
- Islamic organization 2
- Islamic Kurdistan 2
- United democratic 1
- Rafiden 1
- Al mosalaha w tahrer 1

We expect alliance government between more than two factions. The IUA expected to announce its candidate for PM with in two days.

This is the first time in the recent history of the Arab countries and ME to have a government and NA by free and democratic election.

Next is the acid test for all of the above factions. Based on their actions and work for the people and Iraq the above result may change completely or may stay as depending on how they are going to do?

The new government should start with trials of the previous tyrants and killers with justice. Security, rebuilding, services, health, education, employment, and peace are the mainstay requirements.

Saturday 19/3/2005 will be the 10th of Moharam the day of Martyr of Imam Hussein

Click here for more about Imam Hussein

The Tomb of Imam Hussein in Karbala

Who killed Rafiq Al-Hariri?

The PM of Lebanon RH is a multi-billionaire was killed today in brutal and indiscriminately way of assassination in Beirut.

Who killed RH?

Internal opposition group?

Al-Jazeera showed a video by Palestinian who claimed that a group called AL-Nasrah W Al-Jihad in the Sham region is responsible. This is a name look like related to Al-Qaida.

Irrespective of who killed RH, this is another terrorist attack. It is also a farther evidence to get rid of the dictatorship governments in ME and the need for freedom and democracy.

What after this election?

3 days from today the election results will become official if not contested by the parties

National Assembly will be formed from 275 seats from the parties according to the votes results

The NA then elect President and two deputies that should get at least 184 vote

Within 2 weeks from their appointment the President and his deputies should appoint Prime-Minster who should form a government

The PM will then put his full government to the NA to get the go a head by not less than 138 votes of the NA

The government then start its work if accepted

The NA will the form a Constitution by 15/8/2005

The Constitution will be put for general election by no more than 15/10/2005

If the Constitution accepted by general vote then general election will be done no more than 15/12/2005

If the Constitution rejected by not achieving acceptable votes then the NA will be dissolved and a new NA assembly elected to amend the Constitution to be put for another general votes.

So based on the above any parties not taking in consideration all the Iraqis will not pass. They have to except failure in the next round.

The Iraqis want freedom, democracy, peace, good services, strong economy, ending the terrorist in Iraq, good relation with all nations without exception and on the top of all rebuilding the country in the best way.

Alert: Results of Election

Declared just now!

169 The Iraqi Alliance wined by 4,75295 votes which represents 131 seat!

The Kurdistan Union comes second just over 2 million votes which is 70 seats..

Iyad Alawi alliance got 38 seats only.

Other details later.

Congratulations to the Iitylaf Iraqi Al-Mouahad.

For free, democratic and prosperous Iraq!

Iraq for all the Iraqis.

Thank you for our friends from the Coalition forces who provided security for election and on the top pf them those who lost their life among them.

No for the terrorists
Yes for democratic and free Iraq and Middle East.

Imam Hussein and Ashura

Why the Shiites shed mournful tears at the beginning of every new Islamic year especially in Ashura which means the tenth day of (Moharam) the first month in the year?

Imam Hussein for whom is these tears shed refused to bow to the tyrant of his time (Yazid the son of Maawiyah). He stood and fought to become a martyr for his mission.

Imam Hussein's mission was and will stay as a symbol for the freedom, dignity, and rejection of humiliation by all the dictator tyrants. This is why Imam Hussein remained the symbol for freedom, dignity and values for all the liberals irrespective of their religions.

Yazid was tyrant, and dictator who oppressed the people and forced them to bow to his will.
Before his death Maawiya his father forced the people to pay allegiance to Yazid his eldest son. Maawiya was hypocritical and in addition to his tyranny he was racist towards the Arabs against the others. This is against the principles of Islam which considers the people equal irrespective of their colour, race or tribe. Maawiya was the governor of Damascus at the time of Abo-Baker who was appointed after the death of Prophet Mohammad after a struggle for power in the place of (Sakefat Bani Saaiyda) in Madina. The Shiite believes that Ali who was the vice person for Mohammad was expelled from the whole process deliberately. Maawiya set the way for himself to be semi independent from the central government in Madina. He created a powerful army and shown that he can threaten the power in Madina. Omar the second Khalefa allowed him even more power. The third Khalefa Othman was the cousin of Maawiya. They enjoyed a mutual support and benefits. Othman appointed his relatives as governors for many regions in Cairo, Basrah, Kufa, and others irrespective of their attitude and skills. Some of them were tyrant and oppressed the people. The people in many regions requested to change them but none happened. They then revolted against Othman and influx of revolutionaries from Egypt and other parts came toward Madina. Ali and his sons tried to mediate to avoid blood shed but the people ultimately killed Othman.
The people then elected Ali to lead them but he refused. They insisted that he is the one who will bring justice and equality. After Ali received power he changed the governors to appoint more experienced and wise leaders and he asked Maawiyah to step down. Maawiyah refused and entered in many wars with Ali. After Ali was killed while he was praying in the mosque Maawiyah controlled power from Hassan the son of Ali who was elected by the people. Hassan choice peace in one condition which is that Maawiyah will not appoint his son after him. After a while Maawiyah killed Hassan by a poison in the honey.

After the death of Maawiyah his son Yazid send a special convoy to Madina to ask Imam Hussein to give allegiance to Yazid and bow to his will or he will be killed. Hussein refused and took his family and children towards Iraq where the people there accepted to give him sanctuary from Yazid. However Yazid sacked the governor of Kufa and appointed a tyrant oppressor man before the arrival of Hussein. Oubied Alah Bin Ziyad used iron fist and threatened the people by the army which is in its way from Damascus. Other people he bought them by money.

On arrival to Kerbala Hussein surrounded by Bin Ziyad army which was around 4000 men and armoured fighter while there were only 72 with Hussein among his family and few companions. Bin Ziyad army prevented Hussein and his family from water. His 6 months old baby become dry and wants some water. Hussein brought him to get water; instead they strike him with an arrow in his neck. Hussein received the blood of his baby and prayed for God.

He fought them and killed on the day of the 10th Moharam. Yazid army then burnt the tents of his family and took them as POWs towards Yazid. They are the women and children of the family of Prophet Mohammad.

Zainab the sister of Imam Hussein led the revolt against the tyrant. She was the voice of the truth and dignity.

Zainab was the Hero of kerbala.

Zainab is the daughter of Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib. Her mother is Fatima the daughter of Prophet Mohammad. She born 5 years after her grand father and family migrated to Medina (627 BC). Her grand father called her Zainab which is a desert tree that give very nice fragrant.
When her father, Imam Ali, saw his daughter for the first time Imam Hussein, who was then almost three years old, was with him. The boy exclaimed in delight, "O father, Allah has given me a sister." At those words Imam Ali began to weep, and when Imam Hussein asked why he was crying so, his father answered that he would soon come to know.

Fatima and Ali did not name their child until a few days after her birth, for they awaited the Prophet's return from a journey so that he could propose the name. When finally the baby girl was brought before the Prophet, he held her in his lap and kissed her. The Angel Jibra'il came to him and conveyed the name that was to be hers, and then he began to weep. The Prophet asked why Jibra'il wept and he answered,
"O Prophet of Allah. From early on in life this girl will remain entangled in tribulations and trials in this world. First she will weep over your separation (from this world); thereafter she will bemoan the loss of her mother, then her father, and then her brother Hassan. After all this she will be confronted with the trials of the land of Kerbala and the tribulations of that lonely desert, as a result of which her hair will turn grey and her back will be bent. When the members of the family of Prophet heard this prophecy they all broke down in tears.

One day, when Zainab was about five years old, she had a strange and terrible dream. A violent wind arose in the city and darkened the earth and the sky. The little girl was tossed hither and thither, and suddenly she found herself stuck in the branches of a huge tree. But the wind was so strong that it uprooted the tree. Zainab caught hold of a branch but that broke. In a panic she grabbed two twigs but these too gave way and she was left falling with no support. Then she woke up. When she told her grand father, the Prophet, about this dream he wept bitterly and said, "O my daughter. That tree is me who is shortly going to leave this world. The branches are your father Ali and your mother Fatima Zahra, and the twigs are your brothers Hassan and Hussein. They will all depart this world before you do, and you will suffer their separation and loss."

Zainab was grown and developed in the house of the pure teaching of Islam, the real Islam of peace and tranquility.
Her mother passed when she was 7 years old only 6 months after cherished the death of her grand father. She beard responsibility of her two brothers and was like the mother for them after the death of Fatima.

Zainab was frugal and unstintingly generous to the poor, the homeless and the parentless. She was the princess of Bano Hashem that is why they called her Al Aakelah or the Princess. After her marriage her husband described her saying (Zainab is the best housewife).

From very early on she developed an unbreakable bond of attachment to her brother Hussein. At times when as a baby in her mother's arms she could not be pacified and made to stop crying, she would quieted down upon being held by her brother, and there she would sit quietly gazing at his face. Before she would pray she used to first cast a glance at the face of her beloved brother. One day Fatima mentioned the intensity of her daughter's love for Hussein to the Prophet. He breathed a deep sigh and said with moistened eyes,
"My dear child. This child of mine Zainab would be confronted with a thousand and one calamities and face serious hardships in Kerbala."

Zainab was humble with high moral and she was teaching the women in Medina and Kuffa when she was with her father there. Zainab had 5 children. Four of them were males who were killed with Imam Hussein. Zainab was very strong woman. She was the hero who carried out the revolution of Imam Hussein after his death. She bears the responsibility of the children, the women and the rest of the family after all of their men killed by Yazid’s army. Zainab delivered many speeches when they took them as captives from Kerbala to Kuffa then to Damascus the stronghold of Umayyid power.

In Damascus, the captives among Prophet’s family were presented into the court of Yazid. He had assembled all the dignitaries and officers of his capital for that occasion. Yazid put Imam Hussein's head in front of him at his feet and was joyfully reciting some poems.
Under such emotional circumstances Zainab stood and gave a very important and long speech, part of which she said:

In the name of Allah the, the Beneficent, the Merciful. All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Universe, Allah's blessings be on His Messenger's Family altogether. Allah says: "Then the end of those who do evil deeds is that they reject the verses of Allah and ridicule them". (Qura'n 30:10) Oh Yazid! Do you think that by making us prisoners in such a way that we are being taken from one place to another in humiliation - do you think that by this you have humiliated us in the sight of Allah and have earned respect for yourself? This apparent success of yours is the result of grandeur of your might and lofty status for which you are proud. You feel that you have conquered the whole world and your affairs are organized and that our domain is now under you control… And are you forgetting that Allah has said: "Surely those who have bought unbelief at the price of faith shall do no harm at all to Allah, and they shall have a painful chastisement". (Qura'n 3:177)

Zainab, had a big courage with out hesitation to stand as a prisoner in the court of Yazid, to remind him of his reality as a big devilish tyrant of his time. She went on to say:

(Is it justice, O son of the freed slaves! that you provide your ladies and slave-girls with well fare and dignity, whereas the daughters of the Messenger of God are held prisoners? You have insulted them ……by exposing them from one city to another. Everyone irrespective of his high or low status stares at them. These ladies do not have their men or protectors with them)

Zainab then reminds the audience of the origins of Yazid: his grandmother, Hind (the wife of Abu Sufyan), had ordered her slave after the battle of Uhud to cut open the chest of Hamzah, the Prophet's uncle, and chewed upon his liver.

Zainab was the hero of Kerbala and the following poem put it thus:

Now Zainab moved the curtain of the tent
And came with pale face and anguished chest.
Her limbs were trembling and her back was bent.
She cried: 'Ah Kerbala, where is thy guest?
From- thirst I suffer; guide me with thine eyes,
And bring me to his corpse, to where it lies.

The whole world is in darkness at my feet.
For Allah's sake, stay with me at my side.
Where lies our Sayyid writhing in the heat?
Ah mother, lead me to the place he died!'
Her sighs consumed her blazing heart with flame.
A voice was heard: 'Who moans and calls my name?'

Who called: 'Oh sister! Do not come this way!
The time for thy departure is at hand.
For Allah's sake, go home! Lost is our day.
May Ali save the ship of this poor band.
Let not Hussein be left in this cruel waste.
To drape his corpse let Fatima make haste.'

Her head uncovered, Ali's daughter walked
To the place where Ali's darling son was slain.
She ran, though by the evil enemy balked,
And reached the spot, clutching her breast in pain.
Ignoring every danger, she drew near,
And saw her brother's head stuck on a spear.

Then Zainab, overcome with sorrow, cried: 'Ah Sayyid!
Let me bless thy blood-soaked face.
My brother's throat was slit. See how he died!
Dids't thou forget thy sister's healing grace?
Our house is robbed; the promise was not kept.'
His moving lips took God's name as she wept.

'Thy sister greets thee, brother. Answer me!
Hear the cry of Haidar's daughter's strife.
With thy dry tongue give answer! Hear my plea!
Should Zainab cling to this accursed life?
For Death alone can end this separation.
No one is left to give me consolation.

My brother, can I bring thee back once more?
What can I do? Where can I tell my woes?
To whom can I recount the pain I bore?
Our city is now ruled by evil foes.
The world has been destroyed beyond belief.
How can I live within this house of grief?

Why did this wretched waif not die before?
Come tell me how the dagger ripped thy breast?'
A voice cried: 'Do not ask the pains I bore!
For all that came to pass was for the best.
Now from all tribulations I am free,
But ah! the wound to be apart from thee!

For even now the foe is bent on plunder.
Give nought but thanks to God for thy dear life.
When tyrants come to set our home asunder,
Take care of poor Sakina in her strife.
Protect my daughter in thy warm embrace;
Let no one look in anger on her face

Read more about the story of Imam Hussein the Imam of freedom, dignity and values.

The day our blood mixed with our breads!

It is another day and another failure for the Interim Iraqi Government especially the ministers of Interior and defence.

The terrorists' operations continued daily so as the planning and execution for these operations must be an on going process over the hour.

There are two special factors about the present time. First is the month of Muharam which is the first month in the Islamic calendar and in which the (so called Muslims) killed the son of the daughter of (their) Prophet Imam Hussein! The other special factor about this time is the long-awaited results of the election.

If any things have to be mentioned from Iraq today it is the attack on a Bakery shop owned by a Shiite person and another attack on a Shiite Mosque during the prayer time.

Early morning today while a crowd of men, women and children were queuing outside a bakery shop to buy some bread for their breakfast or dinner, three masked cockroaches approached in a small car with Kalashnikovs and spread them with fire. At least 12 were instantly killed from the people as well as the bakery shop workers. The cockroaches escaped with the car unharmed.

The Iraqis request from this failed minister of interior to be hold responsible and he should be brought to justice in front of a National committee to question him about what is going on regarding the security. On the other hand Iyad Alawi and his President who are busy trying to establish them-selves on power should bring the killers of this incident in particular and let the people who were queuing for breads to decide what to do with them. Today's attacker should be tried by the relatives who send their beloved ones to buy bread for the family and killed there!

Today the Iraqi (the Shiite) bread mixed with their blood before they get it back to feed their children! Today is another day of Muharam!

In another part of Iraq in Diyala in Balad-Rose the thugs exploded a bobby-trapped car outside Shiite Mosque killing 12 and wounding more. The people suspected a car which was full with crop parked in front of the mosque. They contacted the police who arrived late. The car exploded to kill Shiite worshipers.

So the police failed to instruct the people what to do. At least they should evacuate the place and get every one away as quick as possible. This is the basic principle that may be the minister of interior is ignorant about!

Two attacks against bakery shop which stained the bread with the blood and one against a worship place. Is there any filthy cockroaches would like to defend the attackers by any thing or even by a little comment?

Congratulations to Haiyat Ulama Al Muslmeen,
Congratulations to the Wahabis,
Congratulation to Al Khardawi,
Congratulation to the 25 Saudi Sheikhs, who issued a Fatwa to kill us,
Congratulation to Syria and Iran,
Congratulations to Al Jazeera devil TV,
Congratulations to all of the Arabs who supported the terrorists by mixing our breads with our blood today.

Lastly we swear by the blood of our innocent people which was mixed with their bread today that we never rest until bringing those who committed such crimes to justice and will punish them in a way to make them example for any one who may think he can do this again.
We will make those who supported the terrorists to pay a heavy price that they never thought about it and will make them to regret and curse the day their mothers excreted them to this life.

Strong government against the terrorists

Abd-Al-Hussein Khazaal is the reporter of AL-Hura TV in Basrah who was killed today by the terrorists. His 4 years old son was killed on the same time?

What is the crime of the 4 years old?

Yesterday the two sons of Mithal Al-Aalousi were killed. Mithal visited Israel but his sons not. What is the crime of his sons?

Another TV official was killed in Basrah today. Al-Basri worked as a local manager for Al-Fayhaa TV.

In Baghdad top official from the Interior Ministry kidnapped today. The manager of Al-Rashed hotel killed. Top official in the Ministry Housing killed today.

Alawi government failed to ekeep the security!

Two days to go for the results of election which get delayed due to reviewing the results of 300 ballot boxes.

The Iraqis voted against the terrorists and therefore they want a strong government to uproot the thugs and their supporters and provide security to all citizens.

Sistani Office denied news reports!

A spokesman for Sayyid Ali Sistani declared today that Sistani hasn't issued any statement about the Sharia law or anything related to that.

Hamed Al-Khafaf told Reuters today that the news about this issue is totally incorrect. It is falsely attributed to Sistani by the media.

Mr Al-Khafaf added that Ali Sistani called before that the Elected Assembly members are the ones who write the legislation and he asked that the legislation should respect the values of the Iraqi society including Islam.

On the same time that the network of the terrorist organizations working inside Iraq started to be disclosed and getting nearer to its big head(s), their attacks continued.

Many Iraqis have been killed today and some others kidnapped. One of those who were killed is the sons of Mithal Al-Aalosi who visited Israel lately. He escaped the assassination. One of his sons is a father for 3 children and the other is 22 years old.

Many top advisors and leaders in the network of the terrorist Zarqawi were arrested. The hook seems to get closer to him as many of his top thugs fallen.

The recent election was a vote by which the Iraqis said no to these terrorists.
The local newspapers wrote about the story of the hero Abd-Al-Amer who saw a suspicious man trying to hide something under his clothes coming towards the crowds of the people queuing for election. Amer (in his early thirties) recognised that the man is a cockroach so he carried him and run with him away from the crowd. As soon as he reached to a safer place the terrorist poppy-trapped belt went off which instantly killed Amer who saved with his life many other Iraqis. Now the Iraqis re-named the school where this incidence happed after Amer and the people asked to name the street after him.

This is the real voice of the civilised Iraqis as it was shown during the election and not the insurgents thugs.

Counter-Terrorism Conference!

Al-Qaeda recruits with the help of the Saudi money and Syrian bases Mujahdeen from Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria, Yemen, Mauritania, Sudan, Morocco, and others for Iraq. Most of these states attended the above conference in Riyadh! The recruiters concentrated on poor under-educated young men. The recent interviews with the arrested terrorists revealed the major role that the media play in this matter. Al-Jazeera TV is one of the main sources which influence these men. It is Qatari TV supported by the government of Qatar who is another state attended the above conference.

The other source which may even more important than the media is the role of the Wahabi Sheiks and Mullahs in the local areas where the terrorists came from. Most of those who were interviewed recently made references to both media and fishing people in the worship places. One of the most tools used is CDs in which photos of rapes or torture allegedly made by US soldiers against Iraqis to inflame the youths' mind.

There is a strong link between the network of Al-Qaeda in North Africa with Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Western countries. Before their departure to Iraq they show them films of Usama Bin Laden commend them by their names!

The Iraqi police and forces in spite their losses in the last few days conducted operations in which numbers of terrorists were arrested. Four were arrested in Samara who confessed about criminal acts like killing and kidnapping. Although they are working for the terrorist organization Insar Al-Sunah yet they confessed that they are mercenaries. Al-Qaeda pays them money according to the type of service they do. The payment of killing is different from payment for intimidation or threat. Payment may reach up to $ 1000 or more per operation. The unemployment and large numbers of escaped criminals from prisons make the situation even worse regarding availability of mercenaries.

One of those who himself beheaded some the Iraqi soldiers in Mosel was shown by the Iraqi TV. He is called (Abo Bilal) as his movement name. He confessed that the terrorists pay him money for each head he cut. He also said that he trade on his four sisters to the terrorists and charge 10,000 Iraqi Dinars from each one of the Mujahdeen for making (***) with his sister.

The two most important means which keep these terrorists alive and active are money to buy dirty villains and the second most important is a doctrine to mobilize dumb dupes men. Saudi Arabia which hosted the International Conference against Terrorism is the main state which supplies both of these. Alas the Saudis define terrorism as so if it involves their interests and not if it is against the other regional countries like Iraq.

The recent events in Kuwait revealed strong link between the terrorists there and money and men mobilisation for Iraqi groups. Saudis were among those who were killed or arrested in Kuwait recently.

The Saudi supported channels like Iqraa and Al-Majed have shown regularly old style Mullahs and western style ones like Umro Khaled who calls for victory and supplicate for the Mujaheeden in Falluja. These statements are nothing but direct calls and encouragement for terrorism. It also mobilises money for them.
This is clear contradiction of the Saudi official stand by the Saudi supported media! Is it not strange?!

Terrorism should only be defined in one term for every one. If its definition becomes preferential as it suites certain parties, governments or states then its counter-act will not be effective and hypocritical. The best solution is to cut the roots of the terrorism by cutting the money supplies and cleaning the feeding responsible doctrine from hate.

The people of Middle East especially the Arabs should have their freedom and live in democratic states to be able to express their ideas without fear and pressure from dictators. The pressure, lack of freedom, poverty, and indignity create a suitable environment for extremism which leads to terrorism.
The best solution for the Middle East to be free from terrorism and hate is to change it towards real democracy.

The UN Iceberg of Oil for Food Scandal

The 246 pages report released today about the oil for food UN scandal is nothing compared to the nature of the whole issue of the oil for food and the inspection.

The UN should open investigations about the real intentions and work of its inspectors in the UNSCOM and UNMOVIC. There were many doubts raised about some of them working as spies for intelligent services and may even some of them mobilized by Saddam regime to work for him.

Surprisingly the bad named commission UNMOVIC of the UN is still live and receive its payment from the much needed the Iraqi revenue! We are so surprised why this bad named UN group still exist and receive payment from the Iraqi oil in spite of the end of the whole issue of the previous tyrant regime WMD and its dirt?!

The 1 million dollars oil vouchers given by Saddam to Benon Sevan is the tip of the iceberg not only for him but for many others among the UN members including the son of Koffi Anan Kojo who worked for a Swiss company.

The Iraqis want two things out of the UN now. First the UN should apologize to the Iraqi people and second to compensate Iraq and return its stolen money. Its UNMOVIC should be dissolved immediately.

If the UN want to be clear from this scandal it should extended its investigation to include all the others involved in the oil for food scandals including Arabs and non-Arabs who used to use the sanction as an excuse to achieve oil vouchers out of the UN resolutions. The names are very well known to the UN and it can ask the Interpol to bring those people for justice including the media which supported until now the tyrant regime.

Our condolences are to the families of the 12 Iraqi National Guards who were killed today.

Suspicions about Ballots Count!

The timetable set out by the Iraqi Election Commission is very long and the silence of its members about the preliminary count is so suspicious!

The Iraqis requesting from the ICE to show as soon as possible how the count is done and why it took so long for the results!

The on going meetings between some of the parties with Alawi including those who have not joined the election make the suspicion even higher.

It is against the will of the Iraqis in which they challenged the threat of death and went to vote with their souls over their hands if any one like to cling to power or to buy time or to leak results direct to the parties before it goes public.

In the USA and other big parts of the worlds the results come so quick and the candidates or parties even admit their losses earlier before the official results.

Allowing certain parties to buy time to make negotiations and coalitions are against the will of Iraqi people.
The Iraqis need immediate results from the IEC soon otherwise they need to prove that they are not biased to any one among the parties.

Received from Baghdad to New York.

Iraqi Election Results!

The results of the Iraqi election are yet to be counted and finalised but there are some preliminary figures leaked out.

The largest votes went to the United Iraqi Alliance (Iatilaf Iraqi Mowhad - the Candle). It includes parties and groups among the Shites and Sunnis and also included some non-Muslims minorities.

Out of 275 seats it is expected that the UIA will hold an overall majority up to 170 or even more.

Iyad Alawi ticket is coming as number 2 of the list. Kurdistan parties together achieved the third place.

Ghazi Al-Yawer ticket much behind as well as the other with no much difference between the others.

It is expected that the UIA make a strong coalition with the Kurds parties in which case the two sides may share a large powerful status in the new government and the assembly.

Iyad Alawi may enter such coalition but the Iraqis would like to see new interim leaders to give the process a chance to get more security and therefore reconstruction to begin.

Ghazi Al-Yawer told in a press conference that he may nominate himself for the president position but the Iraqis who gave their voices to the UIA and other parties are looking for a change. None of the present ministers are welcomed again especially the Interior and the Defence Ministers (Al-Nqeb and Al-Shaalan).

Terrorists are spreading!

The events of the terrorists' attacks in Kuwait proved two things. The Iraqi security is so important for the whole region and the source of the terrorism is from the Gulf region specifically from the Wahabi doctrine.

On the other hand the Iraqi police and other security forces arrested two Saudis and an Egyptian before they carry out terrorist attacks against the polling stations. Another two were killed a Syrian and Sudanese while they tried to execute their attacks agnist the polling stations.

More terrorists were arrested today with large number of explosives and ammunition. They confessed that a Palestinian insurgent called (Abo-Mohamad) mobilized them.

There are reports from local sources indicate that the terrorists left Iraq towards Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and North East. The terrorists are now changing their tactic to attack in the region wider than Iraq as their networks are uncovered largely inside Iraq contrary to their statements today that they will continue their war.

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