Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Ramzi Clark and Saddam

The fact that needs no trial at is that Saddam Hussein has committed genocides against the Iraqis and the neighbors of Iraq as well as many other people. In fact no need for a long trial for a very well known criminals like SH and his fellows.

For the Iraqis we know very well those who took our money and oil coupons from Saddam in return for a support for our oppressor and killer and the engineer of the mass graves and the Iraqi Holocaust. Any one who support Saddam is the enemy of the victims of the Iraqi dictator.

Ramzi Clark and the so called (Al-Niami) from Qatar with their support for Saddam are the enemy of the Iraqi people especially the victims of tyrant. Both of them are undesirable and not welcomed to be in Iraq.

The Judge should have prevented RC and Naimi from attending the trial for many reasons. One of the important reasons is that both of them are not registered as solicitors with the Solicitors Union of Iraq and RC may not even in his own country. The other good reason to prevent these enemies of the Iraqi people from attending the trial is that the trial is a national Iraqi one and not Qatari or American trial. The trial is a national one so as in the Iraqi language which is Arabic and no need at all to translate for RC. On the other hand RC used this to show a political position against his own government however money is still paid by Saddam's daughters.

Ramzi Clark and Al-Naimi were today in Iraq to support our killers and oppressors. They are not welcome here again and the families of the victims of Saddam are very infuriated and angry with them.

Congratulations Iraqi Soccer!

Iraq 1 Kuwait 0

Congratulation to the Iraqi football team and all Iraqis!

This is the first time Iraq and Kuwait play since 1990. In the past Iraq and Kuwait football games used to be the most excited one in the Gulf region. It seems to be back again today and in the Kuwait city itself!

Now Iraq is up to the Asian competition in India. Very well done indeed.

Syrian border

There are news of at least 12 American soldiers have been killed and wounded near the Al-Bo-Kamal area when they followed insurgents escaped to Syria. Fighting then broke down with the Syrians who had at least 3 casualties.

A buffer zone as deep as 30-50 km is needed inside the Syrian border along the Iraqi borders to allow the Iraqi-American forces to penetrate to kill or arrest the insurgent terrorists. Syria has no choice but either to end fully its support for terrorists, that is not going to happen at all or to allow such buffer otherwise it will face serious consequences.

A UN resolution regarding the support of terrorists by the Syrian may now become essential due to their failure to end that support, however for the multinational and Iraqi troops they need the zone to protect themselves and the civilians.

Massacre and Bloody Friday in Khanaqien

The war against the Shiites continued on all levels and by different means. Today it is in the city of Khanaqien where the terrorists killed more than 150 worshipers in two of the Shiite mosques in the city.

It is the Friday prayer in which hundred of people goes to the mosques for prayer. The two places were very ancient with old buildings. During the peak hours of the crowd inside two terrorists entered the mosques and exploded their belts in suicidal attacks. As the buildings are old the roof fall on the worshipers and killed them all instantly. Those who were injured or escaped were outside the place of the prayer doing their ablution or still outside. The wounded were transferred to other cities as the city hospital is so small with 40 beds capacity only.

In Baghdad there were two sucidal car bombs in Shiite residential area with much causality. Yestrdy the terrorists groups kidnapped one of the prominante Shiite politicians (Tawfiq Al-Yaseri) from his home in Baghdad.

The killing of the Shiites continued along the way to Baghdad on a daily basis by stopping the cars and taking its passengers. They mass rape each woman one by one. When a group of terrorists rape the woman one of them cut her head while the others restrain her body and they throw the body in the river or damp it. The men usually killed instantly or they took them and torture them before the execution or the beheadings. One of the people who wrote on his hand a tattoo (Ali) they cut his hand before they shot him. At one time there was a mute person with his family who was unable to talk they cut his tongue and left him to die. In another incident they killed the mother and left her newborn baby beside her who was found mutilated and bitten by wild dogs the next day. And more and more and more................................!

It is a trouble war which needs endless papers and books to describe its savage face yet some of the terrorist supporters defending the rights of these criminals who were captured by the Iraqi police but not the rights of the innocent people killed, raped, tortured and mutilated by them daily. Where is the conscience of the world which yesterday stands and showed few indicted or terrorists while today sees hundreds killed while worshiping peacefully and doing nothing. The world should stand with those who support the terrorists rather than about the rights of the terrorists or the indicted. This is the same story raised by the same groups about Guantanamo.

God bless those who were killed today in Khanaqien and deep condolences and support to their families.

The allegations of torturing detainees

The accusation of the Iraqi interior ministry of torturing and exposing the detainees to starvation and malnourishment has been used for political purposes by some groups in and outside Iraq whether these allegations are true or not.

First we should know whether these detainees are terrorists who perpetrated and executed operation by which they killed innocent Iraqis or political prisoners. The answer is so simple, that in Iraq today there are no political prisoners unlike during Saddam Hussein regime. Therefore those detainees are either criminals who killed the Iraqis or among those who helped them. However we have to assume that some may be just under investigation and not among them though unlikely because the prison seems to be used for those who already have been accused about major crimes.

Saying that, we are not with tortures and human right abuses even against such criminals though the law should punish them heavily especially in a country like Iraq where the criminals kill and destroy indiscriminately. Indeed those who talk about the above allegations haven't accused or talked about the barbaric killing of the 3 weeks old baby with his family three weeks ago in Diyala north Baghdad on the same scale. Possibly that baby has no human rights in their views. They and their media tried to show the above allegations as regular tortures against the Sunnis which are wrong because some of them are Arab terrorists and not only Iraqis.

Regarding the malnourishment is nothing but a lie because the pictures showed no signs of such thing but the reverse indeed. On the other hand it is wrong to accuse some one's skin bruises for tortures without knowing whether this person has a tendency for skin diseases or easily bleeding disorders or the bruises resulted from some thing else. It may happen during his arrest or he may have been resisting the police force or was in a battle with them, therefore he will have bruises and even more. Some of the criminals who were shown confessing on the TV had been bruised or burned from their own criminal acts or attempted suicidal operations. Above all even if we assume that this may happen it must be an isolated incident exaggerate d for personal or political purposes. It was better for these parties to stand with the Iraqis against the terrorists not with the terrorists' rights against the Iraqis.

The Islamic party in Iraq tried to use this issue for political and ethnic process by telling that it is against the Sunnis. The Iraqi Interior Ministry required not only refuting these allegations but after proving that these are wrong allegations should institute legal proceeding against those who spread or used such allegations and the Iraqi media which tried to manipulate and exaggerated it for political purposes as this will harm the country as a whole and its unity.

Bill Clinton was wrong and still so

I received an email from Donna P. asking the following question:


It's just been reported that ex US president Clinton, has said that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake.

I was wondering if you'd care to share your views on that statement on your blog. If you could talk to Bill Clinton, what would you have to say about his statement?

Thanks for your blog, by the way.

Thank you,
Donna P.

During the time of Bill Clinton presidency the following happened:

1. Talaban became very strong and Al-Qaeda finalized its attacks against in NY in 11/9/2001

2. Saddam became more strong and built hundred of palaces and tried to stock WMD while one million Iraqis most of them children have been killed by the UN sanction. When asked BC foreign Secretary of State stated it is worth it killing the Iraqi children

3. He attacked Iraq and killed many innocent Iraqis to cover Monica Lewinsky scandal

4. The oil for food scandals were happening under BC time by the UN personnel

The world without Saddam is not only better place for the Iraqis but for the whole world. Those who are fighting the changes towards democracy in Iraq are Al-Qaeda terrorists and the other extremists and their supporters in Syria. BC is no different from them. BC certainly failed to remove Saddam and failed to prevent the terrorists but was successful in killing more Iraqis by his rockets and by Saddam hands. BC is a supporter of the dictator regimes in the Middle East indeed.

Lastly toppling Saddam regime by force was better for the whole world but not for the terrorists or their supporters and not for those who stands with the dictator regimes that kills its own people. However the mistakes happened afterward by allowing the terrorists to establish themselves in Iraq from Saudi Arabia and Syria.

We believe that the terrorist roots are in the doctrine of hate (the wahabism) and this is should be taken seriously. Democracy in the Arab region is the best solution to balance all the factions so as none will dominate on the wealth of the oil and use it to facilitate its own cause like what happened in Saudi Arabia which used huge amount of money to help to spread the doctrine of wahabism all over the world. BC was a big supporter for that and still doing so.

Jordan and the double standard about terrorism

The Jordanian authorities announced that there are no links between the terrorists who came from Ramadi in Iraq and the Jordanians. This is really looks like a shaggy dog story! How four terrorists can enter Jordan from Iraq by a small car with their explosives then they rent an accommodation and plan their operation successfully without any logistic help from inside Jordan?!

Indeed the explosive straps are more likely entered Jordan before the four and may be from different route or possibly prepared inside Jordan or brought from Syria. In Syria there are many supporting the terrorists so as in Jordan.

The Jordanian celebrated at several times the killing of the innocent Iraqis and the best example well known to the media is the wedding ceremony that the family of Raad Al-Banaa did after his suicidal operation in which he killed and wounded more than 100 Iraqis in Hilla. Some of the Jordanian who protested against the latest attacks in Amman shouted slogans calling for Al-Zarqawi to keep himself away from Amman however to perpetrate his (Jihad) in Iraq!!

Jordan is like Saudi Arabia adopts a double standard option about terrorism. They allow the terrorists to enter Iraq and their media supports them while their Mullahs produce statements considering what is happening in Iraq as Jihad against the American infidels and the crusaders. Syria even worse because it provide training and full support for the terrorists and opening itself for them to enter from anywhere and then sending them to Iraq with Syrian intelligent officers whose some of them captured in Iraq. On the other hand they fallaciously and hypocritically appeared critical of terrorism and trying to stop it.

The announcement of Jordan about the captured woman was indeed so quick which allowed enough time for those who are in Ramadi or other areas in Iraq to change their positions and information. The Jordanian authorities could have been behaved in different way by first giving false information that the woman was killed to use whatever information she may provide. The Iraqi government indeed needs to ask the Jordanian to hand that woman for a trail in Iraq especially that her brother was the mastermind who planned the killing of many figures and bombed many sites in Iraq including the bombs against the oil pipe-lines and the operation which killed Mr Al-Hakeem.

War against terrorism

The suicidal bombs in Jordan yesterday by the Jordanian Abomusaab Al-Zarqawi are just the beginning of many other attacks. The next attacks will be much tougher and only a matter of time. Jordan is still a target as well as others. In Iraq the attacks are happening daily and on variable and bigger scales.

It is so wrong to blame terrorism for one man or a group of people only. Terrorism requires a lot of elements. It needs people to carry out its effects, large amount of cash, armaments, equipments, logistic and brainpower support, media, and above all theoreticians among clergy men. These can not be provided by Binladen, Alzarqawi, or Alzawahri alone?

There are three countries connected to three elements of terrorism especially its promulgation in Iraq. Terrorism is born and incubated in Saudi Arabia. Then adopted by Syria and exported to kill inside Iraq while kept alive by the Jordanian Islamists who act as the energy and brain providers. However these roles are overlapping between these countries.

Jordanians were involved in killing many Iraqis by many suicidal attacks like (Albanna) who killed many innocent Iraqis in Al-Hilla few months ago and of course Abomusaab Zarqawi who enjoyed open support from many Jordanians about what he is doing in Iraq. Indeed when the Jordanian terrorist killed many Iraqis in Al-Hilla his tribe and friends celebrated with happiness. They did for him wedding ceremony! One of the Jordanian MPs who was asked yesterday by Alarabyiah TV, he condemned the hotel attacks and dreadfully on the same time supported the terrorist attacks in Iraq by saying that such attacks are different (justified) in countries under occupation! He means they are OK in Iraq and Israel! The Arab media including these three countries manipulate and lie about the facts in Iraq. They tell their people how victorious are the (Mujahdeen) against the infidels and their Iraqi supporters. They show the attacks against the restaurants, hotels, and other civilians in Iraq as heroic attacks against the infidels. It is a double standard which is also experienced by some of the Western media like the BBC, the CNN, the Sky News, the CBC and the others. None of these media mention the role of the theologies of the Wahabism in SA or Jordan.

The problem is that the principles of democracy and human rights became secondary to the interests of the super-powers, a theory which proved its errors clearly. In fact it is wrong to say that the three attacks in Jordan were against Jordanian targets. They are indeed against very well chosen American targets. This is another misleading point that the blind media closed one eye to either deliberately or in the rush.

Now the war against terrorism failed to prevent major attacks happened in many countries around the world and expected to inflect major and serious attacks in the same countries sooner or later and by the same graduates. The ongoing war against terrorism is like someone holding the tail of a monster. The solution is not a war on the mountains of Afghanistan where the tail is. It should be a war without losses or increments in the tax payers. It is a war against the dictator regimes like the one which happened in the East Europe which should happen in the Middle East. This will produce a state of equilibrium between the different factions in this region. The best example is the faction of Wahabism which dominate in Saudi Arbia and suppress the others in the region for long time should be balanced by others and there should be no absolute power for life in the hand of any one or family. This will prevent materialization of national dictators who support one faction against the others. Many regimes in the Arab area have been expired for long time since the end of the cold war yet they are still available for consumption which is toxic and deadly.

The war against terrorism should be directed correctly and the Arab world requires a change like East Europe in 1980-1990s. It is post-cold war status expired long time ago.

Attack in central Baghdad

Forty killed and at least 80 wounded in an attack against a restaurant in Abonouas area in central Baghdad this morning.

Alert: Attacks against other Arab states

Abo-Musaab Alzarqawi groups are planning serious attacks and may be on the same time against important targets inside other Arab states like Jordan, Lebanon or Saudi Arabia so soon.

Indeed these attacks are possibly underway now.

We will see who is next? And where?


Yes it is Jordan this time and more to come soon even stronger and more serious.

We told this before and we repeat here again that if the Arabs don’t stand with Iraq against the terrorists they will see things never seen before. The more they remain either silent or supportive for the terrorism in Iraq the much serious and prolonged attack they will face.

The latest crime

This is the latest crimes of the terrorists in Iraq. This baby is 20 days old killed two days ago with all members of his Shiite family who were traveling to visit their relatives in Diyala for the Eid occasion. At least 4 masked cowards; cockroaches emerged from the filth of Al-Qaeda and gunned the family who were inside their minibus. One of them is this 20 days old baby who shot dead directly in his head from the back spraying his brain out.

This baby as appeared raising his hand as if protesting against those who supported his killing among the dictator regimes in the region, the incubators of terrorism like the wahabim, the regional government which support the terrorists, the countries which provide access and support for the terrorists, the media which join them in their propaganda, and the Iraqis who provide safe heaven for the terrorists or support them by any way.

It is shame and disgrace on all of them wherever they are.

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