Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

New page in the war against Daiesh (ISIS)

Daiesh was initially created under the strategy of the war against the Syrian regime.  Many countries played direct role to form and enforce ISIS status including the USA, which played a major role openly and in secret.  This role was many times seen as a hypocritical.  In one hand the US clamed that it is fighting the terrorist ISIS and in another hidden hand they help the ISIS.  One of the main support is a false propaganda over estimated the power of Daiesh and presenting them as a powerful state!

The recent involvement of Russia in the war against Daiesh and the success achieved exposed the hypocrisy of the US strategies in the area.  President Putin calculations and decision to strike the ISIS came in the right time and in few days achieved what the US failed to do so in more than a year. 

Russian success in the war against Daiesh in Syria and Iraq will certainly increase the Russian role in the Middle East region, the Arab counties and Iran.  Of course this would not happen without regression in the role of the US in this region. 

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