Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

What happens in Iraq?

Iraq now is full of corruptions from the top to the bottom.   There are many reasons keeping the status of corruption to continue deeply in the whole systems of the country.    The main cause is the political system which is based on sectarian divisions rather than national and professional standards.  The sectarian basis resulted in political groups and parties who got no experience and unable or unwilling to serve the country but serving their own sectarian and personal influences.  

It took them around half a year to agree after disputing the election process followed by few months to settle for a named chair for the new government.    This chair was agreed by the political parties so as they will be able to thumb him and continue their way.    It is about a year now and they haven’t yet agreed about the most important positions like the ministry of security and the MOD.  

The sectarianism of the political system opened the door widely for other countries such as Iran to play an unwelcomed role.   The priority of these countries is their own interests.   Lot of times these interests are in contradiction with any progress for Iraq no matter how small it is.  The loyalty of the Iraqi sectarian parties developed and continued to represent the regional countries or other countries that pay for them.   

As a result of the wrong system in power since 2003 services, health, educations, rebuilding, employments, progression, and everything else were declining.   For the last few months an outbreak epidemic of gastroenteritis in Basra affected and killed tens of thousands of people.   The government do not know what to do.   The previous one promised to give money without solutions!... The money possibly vanished in the big pockets as many other vanishings including the oil.   This outbreak is due to lack of proper sanitary system and pollution of the water supply.   

One of big problems is that the political parties support each other’s in their dishonesty only by hiding for each other.   There are many major mistakes occurred due to failure or inability of the previous or the existed authorities on the top.   Instead of questioning those who were responsible for such mistakes like the fall of Mosel for ISIS (Daesh) and Spiker crimes and what follow, instead of questioning them, they were given top jobs in the pyramid of corruption.   

The process of pushing the country to slip into extreme disasters continued until the whole system changed which is far from seen in the near future. 

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