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Life under Saddam's regime

Points to the prosecution in the forthcoming trails of Saddam's regime

After the previous article in which I listed some of the methods that Saddam regime used against the detainees and prisoners, I received many e mails about it. Most of the e mails from peoples living in the western countries which respect the human rights and do not submit their own citizens to tortures or humiliations. On the other hand the dictatorship tyrant regime does. Saddam's tortures are amongst the most brutal and evil ever seen in the history of mankind.

In addition to my previous post in which listed some of the methods of tortures used by that regime there are many listed below, though some will remain known only to those who carried them out. As you will read below tortures includes the daily psychological and sociological crimes Saddam's regime put in place in Iraq.

Psychological and social crimes of this kind which destroyed the Iraqi society and personality for many generations should be included as one of his major crimes during his trial.

1. Hanging in the public places
2. Charging the families the price of the bullets used to kill their beloved ones. The family have to sign a statement that their son is a traitor and are prevented from mourning the death. (This happened to my grandfather after Saddam's regime executed his two sons. Few days after their execution the security men informed him of the death by requesting the price of the bullets).
3. Using the rat poison to kill the detainees. It happened to my uncle who was only 13 years old.
4. Undercover killings by poisoning food or drink. It happened to many highly educated people e.g. university lecturers etc.
5. He killed his cousin Dr Raji Tikriti after Kuwait invasion by putting him in a cage with 25 starved dogs. The dogs attacked Raji Tikriti in front of Saddam ministers. After few minutes Raji was bones with out meat!
6. They could arrest up to the 6th degree relatives of the detained person for no reason but to make him confess by torturing and humiliating them in front of him. This happened to my father's cousin and his 15 years old son after they arrested his eldest son.
7. Smuggling escaped people from outside Iraq and killing them. This happened to my cousin after they arrested and killed his brother who was only a teenager. His family only discovered that he was killed after the liberation of Iraq in 9th April 2003. Before that they thought that he was in the Europe. He was in fact smuggled from Kuwait when the relations were OK between Saddam and the Kuwaiti government in 1980s and executed by Saddam's Mukhabarat.
8. Putting many prisoners in one small cell as to deprive them from rest and sleep.
9. Using dark and isolated cells deep under ground. The prisoner receives a piece of bread and water or soup through a hole opened once a day.
10. Horror cells by using different ways to horrify the prisoner.
11. Teeth pulling
12. Immersion of the person in a tank filled with strong acid until he or she dissolves away
13. Burning body by Cigarettes
14. Hanging body from the arms which are tied to the back and hanging a heavy stone in the penis and the testes which could be increased until he confesses.
15. Udy and Qusay Saddam and Some other relatives like the brothers of Sajeda Telfah Saddam's wife used to go to Abo Ghareeb Prison and select haphazardly a group from the prisoners and execute them while laughing in front of the others.

[Picture: Uday S Hussien learing to execute prisoners as a teenager]

16. Decapitating children in front of their mothers
17. Putting children in a sac with starved cats.
18. Confiscating lands or farms or houses by force. The biggest confiscator was Saddam's Uncle Khiraallah Telfah.
19. The whole of Iraq turned into a big prison. No one was allowed to travel outside the country before an extensive evaluation by the security police about him and his family.
20. When people used to go to collect their salaries or conduct any official business they would be requested to fill out forms which would almost certainly contain the following sections a) Status with regards to membership of the Baath party. b) Involvment in military service and financial contribution during Saddam's wars. c) Disclosure of any relative close or distant executed by the regime. If you have such a relative and admit to it will have sever implications. Saying no in such case would result in sever prosecution if it is followed up.
21. In 1980s Saddam forced the people to donate Gold and money for his Qaddesiha (his war with Iran) which was supported by the west. Every single woman had to donate. The Baathist used to go from door to door harassing the people to give generously otherwise they would black list them.
22. Baathists use to go to the street to collect people to serve in the People's army. One of the middle rank Baath members told to me one time that he feel so bad about it because his party request from him certain number of people and he said we have to do it or they kill us so he have to bring anything workers, farmers, students, old, children and so on just to satisfies his boss.
23. If you are working in any office or company or hospital you don't know who is spying on you. Usually the cleaner or the porter or your colleague who behave like your dearest friend yet may send you to death within seconds. So no one can trust any one. Every one remembers Saddam 1980s when he met a father who killed his son. The father was psychopath but Saddam showed him in the TV during his meeting as a hero because he punished his son who was absent from the duty in the war as a solider. In actual fact the son was in his leave from his army unit! His step mother drove the father to kill his son for other reasons. The father excuse for the killing that he was a deserter. During that meeting Saddam encouraged the wife to spy on her husband and the father and brothers on each others and so on. There was a wife who doesn't like her husband. She told them that he put the TV off when they show Saddam in it (he was in the TV all the time in 1980s). The husband was taken away and executed.
They then start to teach the children in schools to spy on their parents. At least one father executed to death after the innocent son told the teacher that his father spit on Saddam when he appear on the TV.
If you are a 3rd person among 3 people and the other 2 criticize the regime even indirectly you will be executed with them even if you were not involved in the talk but merely kept silent about it i.e. it is an executable crime not to report such conversations.

In one sentence Iraq was a big prison and Saddam's lust was to humiliate the Iraqis especially Shia and Kurds.

Saddam humiliated the Iraqi people and God humiliated him by the hands of America the existed only superpower.
'God bless Iraq and America'

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