Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Basra the main port and the major oil city of Iraq uprising 

Basra is the main port of Iraq on the Arabian Gulf and the main oil producer of more than 75% of the oil of Iraq.   It is the third largest city after Baghdad and Mosel.  From the universities and institutes of Basra graduated many intellectuals in all fields of science, arts, and other specializations.   Not only oil but Basra rich in many other fields such as agricultural and gas as well as petrochemicals.   

After 15 years following the fall of President Saddam Hussein regime after the USA invasion of Iraq all the government of Iraq were corrupted with wide spread corruption enrooted everywhere in the system of the state.    The democracy in Iraq is nothing but just sectarian control of the power by different factions and many parties that they serve their own pockets and interests.   

Since 2003 till this moment there is lack of electricity service in Iraq with a supply of few hours and unpredictable cut of many hours.   In Basra the ignition for the new uprising is the outbreak of an epidemic of gastroenteritis due to the water pollution.  Around 60,000 patients had acute gastroenteritis over few days.

The uprising in Basra resulted in many people dead by the police forces and the guards of the parties.  They also attacked the Iranian consulate and burn it down as a message for Iran not to support the corrupted groups and parties.  

Following more than 3 months of the last election in Iraq the corrupted parties are still fighting for power control and the only solution for Iraq is to get rid all these corrupted parties out of the power and put them into trails.  

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