Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraq and the Gulf Council States

Mr Rashid Al Naiami the foreign minister of the UAE told during the Gulf States Council meeting in Kuwait on 22 Dec 2003 that Iraq needs a long time before it may be able to join their Council! On the same time the Qatari foreign minister Hammad Bin Jassem said that the council's foreign ministers will put a statement which will include the same demands required from Iraq about the "rights" of Kuwait and the other Gulf states as they did it in their previous meetings before!

Well; we think it may be better for both of these FMs to think about how they could help Iraq to pass the post tyrant and war era rather than to talk by using an arrogant tone.

Indeed the 24 years old Gulf Council's achievements for its own citizens are very slow and minor. It has been described by its own citizens as a turtle and 95% of its statements are still only on the papers! On the other hand Iraq is a rich country but it needs a big force to make it to stand on its feet. Iraq richness is not only oil, agricultural lands, tourism, water, history and others but it is rich in manpower with different specialities and expertise.

The new Iraq should make good relationships with every one on the basis of its own interests and not on the basis of Nationalism, Arabism or political ideologies. The Iraqis should evaluate their parties on the basis of their programs for Iraq's welfare not on the basis of the personal figures or slogans. Iraq should chose what is best for itself not what suites the others especially if the others are non democratic dictatorship states.

Iraq and its friends in the international community are now working together for a free and democratic Iraq which is the best way for peace and to fight terrorism. There are no doubts that the enemies of democracy will use any opportunity to put the obstacles in the way of the new Iraq for many reasons, some very well know and others hidden!

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