Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The selected (non-elected) PM & President of Iraq!

Iyad Alawi is the selected interim PM of Iraq. There is yet to be another selection for the job of the president of Iraq! We think that both are going to face a very difficult time irrespective of who are they.

Alawi relationship with CIA and FI6 is a well know fact to the western media as well as to the Iraqi people. Alawi is the one who convinced the USA that Saddam may be able to use his WMD with in 45 minutes if attacked. He is a surgeon, previous Baathist and then formed his own party the Wifaq. His father was a physician and his grand father joined the negotiation about the independence of Iraq from British mandate. The UK provides him with asylum since 1970s after his oppositions to his boss Saddam. He met Saddam when he was a student in the Medical school in Baghdad in 1960s. He disagreed with him few years after the Baathist coup in 1968.

His party tried to topple SH regime but failed and suffered from penetrations of SH secret agents in his system and members. Although his party worked to topple the dictator regime but it has no clear programme if any to the immediate and the future issues of Iraq.

The nomination of Alawi as PM during the interim period came after consultation between the US and many Iraqis including the members of the IGC. The short listed candidates for the PM position have not been seen by the UN envoy Ikhdar Ibrahimi but he was informed about the out come!

Irrespective of the past of Alawi and his connections the judgment on him is going to be according to what he is going to offer to Iraq and Iraqis during this difficult time. His success and failure depends on his achievements in the next few months. He need first to establish a security and then to set out the way for the rebuilding process. Most important is to prepare the people and country into the first election in its recent history.

Alawi of course is not going to work alone with his party but other parties and groups will be in the new temporary government. What we need is a temporary opposition parties to be involved in the political process. They are going to emerge sooner or later and the people will judge who will be able to put forward a good programme to lead Iraq into free and democratic state with good economy. There are many faction now compete for many roles and opposition roles but few will stay and the rest either will unite in sorts of collations or disappear.

Above all those who are going to be in responsible jobs should forget about their ethnic origin or religious back ground and the party they belong to. They should work for their country as Iraqis only. No difference in this matter whether they are Kurds or Arabs or Turkman or Assyrian or Shia or Sunah or Christian or any one else.

About who is going to be the selected President is going to be clear in the next few days. Again the aim of the next government should be 3 main things. The security, the rebuilding process and set out the way for the general election. Part of the security is to start a just and public trial of the members of the previous regime and to clear Iraq from the terrorists.

Peaceful deal may be a slap on the face of the terrorist!

The more we get closer to the expected date of hand of power to a selected temporary Iraqi government the more we get in difficulties. It is expected to happen so for many reasons related not only to the terrorist organizations and the regional countries in the Middle East but there are other causes. Some of these causes are over the surface and more than that are hidden.

The most serious causes for the troubles in Iraq are the hidden one. Hidden agenda from any party may cause more damage than any visible hurdles.
What ever the cause and the source of these problems the loser number one is the Iraqi people. Some Iraqis intentionally by serving the sources or un-intentionally by ignorance are contributing to the worsening situation.

The situation is so complex to be classified under one heading but certainly the human nature of selfishness and anomalous thinking may be taken as one word to explain many factors.

One of the major pushing factors in the ME which destroyed the wealth of the people and sends them to poverty in spite of their reasonable resources is the competition for power! The same thing is now pushing many Iraqis and non-Iraqis to thrust themselves in a narrow road towards a serious collision.
The mission of Ibrahimi is a good one if the aim of it is to help to bring together the different parties. But if this mission is biased toward a group against another it then become another factor to be added to the hidden causes mentioned above! The signal should point right towards the right side and not towards the left.

There are a lot of rumours raised by the parties and countries interested in the Iraqi issue and the American plan for the ME and Iraq about who is going to be the president of Iraq and who is the PM and who is who? Lot of names have been said and Ibrahimi sitting there to share the game. We don't think that what is happening in Najaf and the strike of Imam Ali mosque is a separated issue from what is going on now. It is all part of the Cuisine. Falluja is now forgotten and surprisingly the news from there indicates that there are semi-Talaban forces implicating their roles of whip-lashing there!

We think in this atmosphere of illusions and time closer to the delivery, all measures should be taken to avoid the birth of a handicapped premature baby. Handicapped not only means anomalous but it may mean imperfect and incomplete. The Iraqi people especially the well educated will not support a superficial illiterate people on the top of power. It is of a serious mistake to select top officials among the head of tribesmen because they overall represent their tribes only. Similar danger may happen if the selection based on the same Skeleton like the previous self appointed by tanks governments i.e. President was always among the Sunni. The president above all should be only symbolic position and the PM should be responsible in front of an interim national assembly. As soon as the new government formed it should set the way for a general election as planed.

The newly selected interim government should control the Iraqi sovereignty and revenue fully and without interferences from the Coalition but mutual friendship with all of its countries.

During this time (now) it is highly advisable to hold talks and negotiation to stop the fighting with Muqtada Sadr. It is not on the interest of the US forces neither the time is good to continue what is going on now in Najaf and other areas with MS groups. The only one is benefiting from the fighting are the enemies of free Iraq and the terrorists including Zarqawi and Qaeda. The US represented by the CPA should push soon for a peaceful solution or deal with MS by talks and all other means, the sooner the better.

The Arab Leaders

Few years ago we used to follow the meetings of the Arab Cheaters (Leaders) but not now! We don't give it a damn now. It is always the same they gather around the table to yell, curse each other, read what they prepare in their papers from bottom to top or either sides doesn't matter! It is the same scenario. It is a show performance and some time mime and pantomime!

Above all we feel sick of the same faces always. Same presidents, Kings, Oil Sheikhs, and name it and get it! Why the Arab leaders (cheaters) are leaders for life?? WHY?
On the time they gather now in Tunisia there is a new PM swearing in India after a new public election! Why there are no ELECTIONS in the Arab countries?
We are sure one of the main reasons for the production of TERRORISTS there is because of the oppression by the ongoing for life leaders. Bullshit for such a sick situation!

Tunisia the country where they gather now governed by Ibo Rageba until they pulled him handicapped from the Throne! Same thing may happen with his predecessor now! Houssnei Mubarak another hypocritical Arab leader for life in Egypt. There are no suitable men or women to lead other than him!! Farce! Saudi Arabia; a country named after a person called Saud! He left thousands of perverted Sons (Amirs) who are considered as superior human to their fellow citizens. Their corruption is one of the main reasons for the birth of the repulsive ideology and terrorism. In Syria the death of the president resulted in a country with vacuum because no men were able to govern but the young Son of the president who is an ophthalmologist and not politician! The supposed (constitution) was then amended to allow a younger person to be president and so Hafez gone and the Son of Hafez inherited the throne of Syria!! Farce! The oil provinces of Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain etc needs no comments! The rest are more or less same!

The problem is the Arab people blame the USA and the West for that rottenness system and leaders for life.
Ask any Arab and he or she will tell you it is America which appointed these cheaters on us and supported them! It is America which is the cause of our misery! It is America which keeps this government over our necks and heads! If therefore a person slipped in the road because of a Banana skin he will blame America because their leader appointed by the US and they don't put rubbish bins in the roads. This is the view of the majority of Arab ordinary people (90%) or more. This is one of the most major causes why the Arabs hate America. More than that these leaders support the anti-American groups like the fanatics Wahabis to make the people feel that their suffering is not from their cheaters but from the USA and these cheaters indeed are heroes. If you like to become a hero in the ME be Anti-American! If you ask some one from the Gulf why they don't build a factory to manufacture cars; he will tell you because the USA put for us red lines we can't cross them!!!!

We feel sick from the Arabs system and governments! Are their leaders going to become civilised and ask their people to set out electoral system and change power through political civilised ways like India now and not by tanks, or force or death or the son either replace his father after his death or by an upheaval against his father after expelling him to the neighbour country! Bullshit! We don't give them a damn now a day!

Reply from an American Solider to Hammorabi

Below is a letter from an American solider in Iraq in reply about my letter to an American solider published before in this site. I replaced the name with letters to keep his ID protected but I haven't changed anything else!

From: ** * ** ** **/*** <********@***********>
Sent :19 May 2004 22:45:34
To :
Subject : An American soldier... response to your letter...

I am responding to...A Letter to an American Solider!

I am an American soldier and would like to comment on what you say in your letter.

I think what you are trying to ask here is, how we feel when we go into a foreign country... regardless of the reason.

I know that I myself, and most of my friends all feel the same, we have enormous respect for Iraqi civilians whether you see it or not. We believe that Iraqis are a very proud people of dignity and honor and whose ancestors created the foundations of modern civilization. We believe that Iraqis are sacred in many ways; your ancestors are the subjects we read about in our most holy book, and whose words created the bible from which our religion is based. We believe that you are a very intelligent people who deserve above anything to have a healthy democratic form of government that respects its people instead of abuses them.

We believe we came to your country to liberate you from Saddam Hussein, we believe he was a very bad person. We believe we are there now to make sure you receive a healthy democracy that you can be proud of. We understand that we are not perfect, we are only human beings, we have made mistakes... we also understand that as we realize our mistakes we will do everything we can to stop doing it wrong, and get it right.

We honestly do try to respect your religion and your customs, sometimes it is not easy though, there are so many things about you that we don't know, many things you see as disrespectful are done out of either ignorance or the lack of funds/personnel, please forgive us for this. We are not trying to be mean. Also, as for your holy places, we do try as often as possible to respect that too, but you have to admit, sometimes the people who are trying to ruin your chances for democracy use these places in very UN-holy ways.


We are ALL disgusted by what happened in the prison, NO human at ANY time should EVER be treated like that. That was wrong and I hope the people that did that get far worse than what their victims received. Americans are not happy with what happened. The vast majority of us believe that the whole chain of command responsible should be punished appropriately.

You are correct, human beings are all the same in many ways, we have families, loved ones, fathers, mothers, and friends... we all want one thing and that is to live in a world where we can wake up every morning in our own house, go to work and make enough money to feed our families, come home to our cute kids and beautiful wives, and go to bed feeling safe and happy.

We American soldiers are not completely stupid, we can imagine ourselves in your place, how would we feel if a Muslim nation invaded the states to free us from an evil dictator, and then seemed to turn out at times as bad as the evil dictator said they would be.

Honestly, we would not be that happy either.

Even though you may not LOVE us, please understand that we ARE there to help you... We get pulled quite harshly from our happy lives, from our happy homes, from our happy families, so we can go to a strange country of strange people and do a job that no one in the world seems to want... We turn on the news and we watch the whole world act like we are so bad and that Saddam was such a saint. We miss our families and our homes. We honestly HATE wearing these hot uncomfortable uniforms that were NOT made for your climate. We can't understand you when you talk. We honestly are interested in your culture, food, and history, but have to have this chance to learn about you ruined by people endlessly shooting at us, or shouting hateful things at us. All this and we still go there because deep in our imperfect but good intentioned hearts we believe you, not matter how bad you hate us, deserve a govt that respects and treats you good. No matter how hard it is for us there, no matter how many of our close friends have to die, we will NOT give up until Iraq is returned to being a leader of science, education, and civilized ideals like it once was. Japan was once ruled by a tyrant, it was changed into a democracy and now is an economic world leader and a regional superpower, German was once ruled by a tyrant, it was changed into a democracy, and is now an economic world leader and regional superpower, I believe with all my heart that Iraq will be one of the greatest economic world leaders, a regional superpower, and the flagship of human rights and Arab progressiveness.

Nothing comes without a price, nothing comes in the snap of a finger... please have patience, in the end you will all have won more than you can imagine or even dream.

*** ****
American Soldier

Still some hope!

The situation in Iraq shifted from Falluja to Najaf and Kerbala! In Kerbala the situation is heading toward a disaster. If the fighting continues Kerbala will become a disaster zone for every one including the coalition forces. There is lack of health facilities, water supply, electricity, food and absent role of the Iraqi security forces. Back to square one!

MS send two of his deputies to negotiate!
During this time there was a surprise raid on the Ahmed Chalabi house and his party HQ in Baghdad. Computers and documents have been confiscated from him!! The friend of Yesterday is the foe of today!! What is going on there! Three and may be more of the IGC members threatened to resign after this incident. I think they should go a head and resign what they are waiting for. I will resign, I will resign......OK go a head and do it! Be real men do it. Chalabi now divorced America and America divorced him!! He asked them to leave!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!

Next thing I received a letter from an American solider as a reply to my letter to the American solider!! He is in Iraq now and sent it via my e mail. It is a long letter. I replied back and asked him to allow me to publish it. If he accepts, I will do so and if he does not then I will take off his name and publish it as from an unknown US solider in Iraq. He put in it his views as an American solider from the front line!!

Izzadine Saleem

Izzadine Saleem the President of the interim IGC is another victim who was murdered with other Iraqis by a suicidal terrorist attack on Monday.

IS escaped the tyranny of Saddam in 1980s yet killed after Saddam toppled in Iraq! This indicates that the wild dogs are there to attack at their pace. It is a very clear sign of how bad is the security issue in Iraq and how important this issue is.

Well we may get more of these attacks the closer we become to the supposed date of handover to an Iraqi government. It is not far and the count down is running closer there.

I think when the security issue handed over completely to an Iraqi government, the criminals from the previous regime tried and punished and the capital punishment put back in place things will get better. We will see!

Our condolences are to the family and friends of Izzadine Saleem. The terrorist shall be brought to justice sooner or latter.

Nicholas Berg Murder

I don't know NB but according to Imam Ali saying he is a brother for all of us in humanity (The people are two; either brother for you in religion or brother for you in humanity). When I saw the video of NB beheading I had a strange feeling never experienced before which is a mixture of my brain went standstill and my stomach and heart went up to my head! It is more than sickness indeed.

Those who killed NB are worse than the devil and it is not right to describe them as animals because animals feel ashamed from such behaviour. The only creature (which) may do such crime is the man! The history of mankind is full with atrocities and killing. The main mischief in this earth comes from mankind!

Other things which make me to feel surprised when I saw the video is why NB was wearing the uniform which is used by the Americans for the prisoners?! The other thing is whether the thugs who killed him asphyxiated him or killed him before the beheading because of the way his blood was spraying was very poor. Cutting the neck arteries(carotid arteries) should produce a strong spray of blood. NB also was weak in his resistance to the knife and pain a case may result from exhaustion or heavy sedation. In any way those who killed him should be brought to justice and tried and executed by the same way.

NB had no crime to be killed in such barbaric way. Even if he was a killer or criminal it is the justice and law which should confirm that and punish but not an outlawed people. The thugs who killed him as if they killed the whole mankind according to the Quran:

If any one slew a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. (The Holly Quran Sura-Al-Maeda 5;32)

The thugs who killed him said that it is in revenge to the abuses of the Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghrieb. This is wrong because NB has nothing to do with that issue and according to the Quran this is wrong as there is no burden should be put on another one who has nothing to do with it:

Nor can a bearer of burdens bear another's burdens if one heavily laden should call another to (bear) his load. Not the least portion of it can be carried (by the other). Even though he be nearly related. Thou canst but admonish such as fear their Lord unseen and establish regular Prayer. And whoever purifies himself does so for the benefit of his own soul; and the destination (of all) is to Allah. (The Holly Quran Sura-Fatir (The Originator) 35;18)

God (Allah) is innocent from these thugs and he surely will punish them. He indeed distanced himself from their action before it takes place:

If it had been thy Lord's will, they would all have believed,- all who are on earth! wilt thou then compel mankind, against their will, to believe! (The Holly Quran Sura-Yunus (Jonah) 10;99)

We would like to see the thugs captured and tried so soon and punished in front of the camera.

Najaf and Karbala

The fighting between Muqtada Sadr followers and US forces in Najaf resulted in 4 holes damage in the Golden dome of the shrine of Imam Ali. The size of each is about 8 x 12 inches. This may have been resulted from 4 gun shots! The Shrine of Imam Ali is the third sacred place after Mekka and Madina.
Najaf also contains one of the biggest burial sites in the world. It is believed that Prophet Noah and Adam have been buried there.

Meanwhile there is another fighting broke out between the same in another holly place where the shrine of Imam Hussein is in Karbala.

This is going to be a turning point in the war. It will not go easy. The worst think is yet to come for both the coalition forces and Muqtada Sadr groups. There are a lot of similarities between MS and SH. Both are dictators and fool! Both got shallow people shouting slogans for them. Both miscalculate their show up! The list is long but all by all both are tyrant.

The US forces entering Najaf with force and with the damage to the holly shrine putting themselves in a serious situation they will regret it if they are going to continue that way. The best way to enforce law and bring whoever required for justice should be done by the Iraqi forces especially in these two holly places.

We think that entering Najaf and Karbala by the US forces and damaging its holly shrines is the most dangerous steps ever in this war. The next few days will show.

A Letter to an American Solider!

I have been asked several times to give an advice to an American solider heading from somewhere in the USA to somewhere in Iraq! I think this is a good time to write about this issue.
I am sure the Pentagon specialist Departments had certain advices and clarifications to their soldiers about how to deal with the Iraqi people but not without pitfalls. This article is different as you may see.

Above all the American solider should ask himself or herself the following question: What is his feeling when his own country occupied by foreign forces irrespective of whether they liberated him from a tyrant or not? Just ask yourself this question and keep the answer with you soon when your feet touch the Iraqi soil! This will make you to understand the feeling of the people or some of the people whom you are going to meet there!

Next thing you have to know that you are in a different society than yours. Let me give you an example. If a foreign particle enters your body your immunity will isolate then attack it by special antibodies. Therefore this particle should behave genuinely as part of the body! You should not make yourself superior to the people there and should show that you do care for that part of the world and its people as if you are one of them.

If you try to change the faith or the belief of the people they will not accept it. You should show genuine respect to the women and they should not be searched by male soldiers but women soldiers and vice versa. The holly places should be respected fully.

I am sure the majority of Coalition soldiers dislike and share us the feeling against the recent abuses of the prisoners. The majority of them got families; wives, children, parents, brothers, sisters and other relatives and friends that they like to go back to once and forever. This is a genuine humanbeing feeling irrespective of the political or boundary issues. You should make sure that you are there for a temporary time only and better to get few Iraqi friends rather than enemies because you may need to go back without your uniform at some time with your loved one for a visit hopefully to see a different Iraq with better roads, airports, services, etc and unemployment reversed from more than 85% to less than 15%.

Lastly let me tell you this story about a fool man who was spoiled by his rich dad. He was so dependent on his dad richness so was just a lazy little man! His dad gave him an advice before him departing this life. He asked his son to promise him to fulfil 3 things after his death. First is to build a palace in each city; second to eat the tastiest food and last to sleep on the best furniture. He then spend his money trying to do all the above while losing one by one by gambling and taxes and so on until he found himself in the street begging the people. One day a friend of his father saw him in such miserable state and asked him why? He said it is due to the fool advice of his father! The man moved his head from side to side and said it is your fool interpretation and not your dad advice. Your dad meant by palace is to keep a friend in each city because he or she will be there for you when you need him (the friend should not be dictator or tyrant). He also advised you to eat from your earnings and when starved so the food then whatever it is will taste nice. Lastly if you work and get tired then even if you sleep on the floor it will feel better than the mattresses of the Queen of England and the furniture of the Oval office of your President GWB!
I hope you will interpretate my letter carefully and rightly!

Abu Ghreb Prison!

A bad name for a bad place! Abu Ghreb prison was one of the top torture centres of the Baathist regime led by Saddam Al Tikriti! Unfortunately its bad reputation has been continued by some of the US soldiers by torturing and abusing the Iraqi prisoners. This is a very big blow to the reputation of the US policy, at least the declared part of it. It is certainly a big disappointment for the Iraqis who supported the freedom and democracy after the removal of the tyrant regime and its danger from the region and the world.

We know that there are bad and good people in every society and no body expect the US soldiers to be angles walking on the earth, but the problem of the POWs abuses is more than an isolated cases. It also included abuses by the British troops! More than that it was kept under the carpet for long time! The above factors raised many doubts about the way this issue was handled by the top officials of the coalition troops especially the US and UK governments. We think that the timing to publish such abuses now served the opponents of the GWB and Tony Blair in their next elections in both countries. If these governments handled it right from the first abuses and rejected it then judged the perpetrators, it would have been considered as a favourable point for them. The question is; why the top officials kept silent about it?!

Now; and after all of this how far the abuses still existed? Is it completely gone and if so who may monitor it? The other question is; are the US and the UK governments waiting for more publication to escape by the media then react to it or they are going to make the situation clear by revealing the whole scale. If not it may then become like a time bomb for them at the time of elections! We think they should work now in a way leaving no doubts about it.

The others who benefited from it are the terrorist groups because they will spend very little effort to convince the other people that they are right in their war against those who committed such acts. Of course we know that the perpetrators are few and they are not representing the whole people in the US but the terrorists already made their statements last week and some responded on their side while the others are in their way to act for them physically in the next few months or may be weeks!

We think the Iraqis and others as well as the US citizens need to know how many among those who are abused belong to the security of Saddam regime and how many are innocent? This is a very very important question to answer not because we like to see Saddam thugs abused but the victims of Saddam regime at least do not bother about them! They themselves used to abuse in a wide scale the innocent Iraqi people. In all circumstances and to cut the rumours of this issue it need to be fully investigated and made clear to the public otherwise you will see more pictures and some may fake it to get money out of nothing. Then the innocent victims may get compensations while the security and Mokhabarat of Saddam should not be compensated for an act they used to do it themselves against their victims but rather they should be tired by an Iraqi court.

We iterated always that the Baath regime killers should be tried sooner rather than latter and get their punishment. Only by this way you may get security and justice. On the same time those who abused the Iraqi POWs should be tired all of them and justice should take its way to them. Only by this the US and UK officials may win back their reputation which will not come fully by statements on the TVs or apologies here and there. We think that for their benefits and their citizens' benefits they should deal with it sooner. On the same time we do not accept similar torture and mutilation to happen to the US or other citizens. Those in Falluja who mutilated the US bodies after killing them should be brought to justice. We said that before and we stand for it now.

Lastly Abu Ghreb prison should be converted into a museum as a witness for the crimes of Saddam regime over 35 years. Its torture chambers, execution rooms, horror cells and frightening walls should be preserved for the whole world as a sign of the brutality of that regime and the suffering of the Iraqis under its iron fist. It is so wrong to bring it down at all!! If you want to tell the next generation that you freed the Iraqis from Saddam regime you should have witnesses for the history and one of the best of them is Abu Ghreb Prison. It tells a story of horror, torture, killing, crying, pain, mutilation, rape and hell for more than 35 years! Leave Abu Ghreb to the next generation to be seen by any one from all over the world!

Is This The Tip of the Iceberg?!

There are people who need to be taught about human rights and how to respect themselves, their families and their fellow citizens! I bet any one to show me similar things done by the dirtiest race of other species of the animal kingdom but certainly in the mankind!!

Those who perpetrated such action should be tried in an international human right court!
GWB comments were though condemning it yet incompatible with these actions!

This is done not by Saddam but by American soldiers!

No comment but ............!!

What is the background of this woman?!

What kind of species may do this?!!

The Iceberg phenomena!

Piles of Iraqi POW in a position the lowest kind of species feel ashamed from it!

A British solider urinate on an Iraqi POW in Basrah! A stigma on the face of...................!

Who is responsible?

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