Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Usama Bin Laden & Saddam Latest!

In a recorded tape broadcasted yesterday by Al-Jazeera (Qatari) TV Usama Bin Laden confirmed his relationship with the Jordanian from Palestinian origin Al-Zarqawi (Fadhel Nazal Al-Khalayla).

UBL called for many things. Let us see the most important topics he called for:

He called the Iraqis to boycott the election!
He called for the destruction of the infrastructure including the oil!
UBL endorsed and supported the terrorist attacks, the killing, the kidnapping, and other criminal attacks against the Iraqis and non-Iraqis carried out by the Zarqawi groups!

There is no one civilised person may accept the above points as a constructive or even compatible with any religious principles a part from the Wahabism.

One more important thing indicated by the recent tape for UBL is that it is very recent, a fact which indicates that the US forces has until now failed to arrest or kill either UBL or Zarqawi. On the other hand they both are free to move and to communicate with each other at least via their mouth piece Al-Jazeera.

Today several attacks carried out against the Iraqis resulted in at least 60 dead and more than that wounded.

Yesterday the Shia Al-Hakeem party HQ was attacked resulted in several killed and wounded.

Few days ago the terrorists killed the Dean of the Dentistry Medical College Hassan Al-Robayiai in front of his wife and children in Baghdad just because he is Shiite!

On the same time the terrorists used a new way to attack the innocent civilians inside their homes by selling them Kerosene mixed with Benzene which may cause strong expositions if used for heating with portable kerosene heaters!

The Islamic Party (Sunni) and most of the other Sunni provinces and parties pulled out of the election! Whether or not this is in relation to UBL call is not very clear but at least they both coincide on the same time.

The most certain is the concordance of UBL calls and Saddam's recent calls which were quoted by his lawyer Khalel Addilaymi!

By the way; Addilaymi said that Saddam told him that the scenario of his arrest in the hole was a fabrication by the US forces to humiliate him! He said the US forces arrested him while he was performing his prayers in Tikrit at a home of one of his trusted friends. He added that if he had the opportunity to get his rifle he would have resisted them until death. He said that the US forces tortured him for 3 days before they take him into that hole. Saddam added (quoted by Addilaymi) that he met the leaders of the resistance on 11/4/2003 (2 days after the occupation) and put the plan for the second page of the war. Addilaymi added that Saddam told him that Falluja will never stop resistance because most of the Mujahdeen are among the officers and soldiers of the army and the Army of Al-Quds. He also made points about Eizat Al-Dori and his place in the resistance. Saddam (Addilaymi) added that Halbja attacked by chemical weapons by the Iranians and some traitor Kurds who work for them. He also said that the US accepted from him to recognize the state of Israel in return to lifting of the sanction but he refused.

In fact what Addilaymi said is an addressed speech for Saddam! It showed that Saddam is aware about what is going on and he probably sent a coded letter and may even be more with Addilaymi! The latter added that Saddam trial is illegal and it is happening under the occupation by the occupiers themselves.

The question is was Addilaymi a lawyer defending a criminal or a solider obeying his master especially if we knew that he saluted Saddam with a militarily salute as if he is still the President of Iraq!

Mosel US Base Attack

The attack on the US base in Mosel was suicidal by Insar Al-Sunnah Army. The one who executed it called Abo-Omar Al-Moseli.

Click here to see the video.

Happy Christmas and 2005 to the Iraqi Christians first and to all Iraqis and their friends.

Deadly attack on US base

Rockets rained on an American base during crowded lunch time in Mosel (250 miles north of Baghdad) resulted in more than 26 dead and more than 50 wounded.

Insar Al-Sunnah claimed responsibility by rockets & suicidal attack.

Mosel is becoming another Falluja with ongoing beheadings, kidnappings and killings.

One day after the Shiite holy cities (Najaf & Karbala 120 miles south of Baghdad) attacked which resulted in hundreds dead and wounded, three Christian Churches have been attack in Mosel and three Christian Iraqis kidnapped in the same city.

The US forces kicked out the governor of Mosel today and they probably controlling the city themselves.

The two French hostages have been released today.

One of the car used in Najaf attack was carrying a Saudi plate number!

Alert: more serious attacks may happen in Najaf & Karbala

The Iraqi security forces arrested about 50 suspects after Najaf and Karbala holy cities blasts yesterday which killed and wounded several hundreds innocent civilians.

It is believed to be caused by the Wahabi/Qaeda terrorists.

The Head of Najaf Police told AP that some of them confessed about their links with the Iranian and Syrian Intelligent services.

Ali Khamani of Iran accused the Zionists, Israel and the Americans of causing the attacks.

Al-Hakem accused Al-Zarqawi of doing it.

In spite of the more security in Karbala today another explosion occurred but no casualties today.

The Iraqi Minister of Defence said today that the cause of the insurgents is because of the redundant borders where many cars cross every day as shown by the airplane pictures. He added the Iraqi forces got no helicopters to deal with them but have to wait until they come to inside the cities which is not a solution at all!

We hope the US to help the new Iraqi forces and provide them with sufficient helicopters and airplane fighters to guard the borders.

There reports about Wahabi terrorists from Zarqawi group inside Najaf now trying to assassinate one of the big Shiite leaders who may be Ali Sistani. It may also be Muqtada Sadr just to create a chaotic atmosphere before the election.

The Wahabi terrorists may even attack the shrines in the holy cities.

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The Black Sunday in Najaf and Karbala

Hundreds of innocent civilians including children, women and elderly people have been killed and wounded in at least 3 explosions in the Shiite holy cities of Najaf and Karbala.

In Najaf the main city hospital run out off blood supply and people were encouraged by loudspeakers to volunteer for blood.
The explosion happened near Imam Ali Shrine in a very crowded area.

In Karbala there were two explosions in one site. It seems that one is a suicidal attack. Both of them happened in a public coach station not far from the Shrine of Imam Hussein.

No doubt it is another failure for Iyad Alawi government especially the Interior Minister to run the security system.

It is also a failure of the multinational and US forces to contain and kill or capture the terrorists.

No one yet knows the results of the investigations of the previous attacks! Who carried them?

Is it again the Wahabists? Are they the Iranians or the Syrians or the Saudis or the Jordanians? Are they the Baathists? Or are they all of them?

Click here to see the videos of Karbala and Najaf attacks.

We removed the Haloscan comment site because it was misused by some for long time and Haloscan only provides limited number of bans. We apologize for that but will try to find a way of controlled and registered type of comments. If you know a site please let us know.

Iraqi Interior Minister Should Resign?!

Two Americans killed by Zarqawi group in Iraq. One of them worked as an adviser to GWB according to Al-Arabyiah TV.

Another American kidnapped and his fate unknown according to the US Embassy in Baghdad.

Ten Iraqis workers with a US firm have been kidnapped and shown in Al-Arabyiah TV with masked terrorists who threatened to kill them.

More than 10 Iraqi National Guards have been killed by terrorists and their leader beheaded south of Baghdad. The trucks that they suppose to Guards have been set in fires and the content of the other looted.
The ING were in their way to Jordan and just before the border they received a call from Baghdad HQ asking them to come back for security reason. Just 30 miles from Baghdad they have been surrounded by the terrorists who used 30 cars!

Three Iraqis killed by a bomb in Baghdad today.

The daughter of the 1967 President of Iraq (Abd-Alrahman Aref) and her Husband have been killed in Baghdad and their son 21 years old kidnapped!

A polling station has been attacked by rockets in Baghdad.

A car blast in Karbala early this afternoon near Imam Hussein Shrine killed and wounded several people.

Three Iraqis working for the Election Organization Committee have been killed in an ambush central Baghdad.

Just now at least 40 killed and 80 wounded in a car blast in Najaf.


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Some time disrespectful pictures or sites published without our consent.

We therefore, find it more suitable to block the comment section until more suitable way found.

We apologize for our friends who for long time used the comment section in a very respectful way. They are the majority and those who misuse it are just few but can not allow it to go for more than that.

Iraq moved down from worse to worse!

It is impossible now to compile all the attacks, kidnappings, assassinations, etc.

Yesterday a bomb exploded in front of Imam Hussein Shrine which killed more than 14 and injured at least 26 civilians including Iyat Allah Ali Sistani representative in Karbala Abdul Almahdi Karbalai.

Today in Mosel insurgents attacked members of the Turkish embassy and killed some.

On the same time in Mosel insurgents killed and mutilated members of Iraqi security forces and today 3 Westerners has been attacked and 2 were shot while the third was beheaded. Their bodies mutilated and corpses scattered along the main road. See Video.

Another Italian was kidnapped and immediately killed.

A known Cardiologist has been taken from his clinic in Kurkuk and his fate is unknown.

Attacks on Oil pipelines is a daily practice and at least six wells have been set in fire two days ago!

Until now more than 350 doctors, university teachers, Professors, and other intellectuals have been killed.

Several other killings and kidnappings in many parts of Iraq the know part of it is the tip of the iceberg only.

Alert: Big Attack may be Imminent!

UBL has called the Mujahdeen to attack the oil wells in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States.

UBL said that the Gulf States oil is under the USA control and it is better to be burned rather than to be taken by America.

He attacked the Saudi government and called it to step down or face popular uprising.

There are news from Saudi Arabia of growing frustration and subdued pressure which start to show itself openly in the last few weeks. There were some demonstrations in Riyadh and Jeddah and armed confrontation with the security police followed by arrests.

This indicates that Al-Qaeda and UBL having a good communication with their bases in the Gulf especially Saudi Arabia. Their bases and supporters are powerful and they have a popular support.

UBL tape may indicates a major attack against very important targets in the Gulf especially the oil sites in the Eastern Province, Bahrain, Kuwait and other parts.

More than that dirty weapon may be used to inflict large scale causalities in the next few months.

Situation is worse in Iraq

-Hasan Ibrahem Farhan an important aide to Zarqawi has been killed by the Iraqi ING.

-Many other terrorists who were involved in beheadings captured.

-Eiz Den Majeed Couson of Saddam has been captured in Falluja.

-Three of Saddam's relatives escaped with hundreds of millions of dollars to Syria, Yemen and Lebanon.

-One of the captured Zarqawi aides confessed that Zarqawi is planning for a dirty attack in which the 11/9 attack was nothing! This is more likely by a nuclear weapons.

-Iraq situation is even worse than before regarding fuel, services, power, water etc.

-Attacks, killings, kidnappings, beheadings and suicidal bombs are now daily events and even worse. 14 dead bodies have been found in Mosel, shot in the heads.

-Why is the reconstruction not started in the stable areas in the South?

The Jordanian King hate against the Shia!

If GWB is serious about Iraq free election and democracy, why he haven't asked the man next to him to keep his mouth shut from inducing an ethnic statements interfering with Iraqi affairs?

Abdullah (King of Jordan) and his uncle Hassan made strong anti-Shite statements and supportive of the Sunnis trying to aggravate an ethnic problem in Iraq prior to the election.

These statements produced condemnations and protests not only by the Iraqi Shias but the Shias all over the world including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Bahrain, Kuwait and other parts.

Supporting democracy is not a selective process!

What about others dictators?

Is it about democracy or Oil?!

Failure of the Security System

There is no doubt that the failure of the security system in Iraq became very clear but who is responsible for this failure? Is it the multinational and US forces or the Iraqi Police and NG?

We have seen in the last few days that those who are planning to kill the Iraqis and destroy their services including the worship places like Churches and Shia Mosques are able to execute their plans as if there is no one to challenge or stop them at all.

Right from the begining we said that the Iraqi Police training in Jordan was wrong, their arms are poor compared to the insurgents and they got spies most of them from the previous system.
The failure is a joint one and the responsibility of the IP and the Interior Minister who seems superficial and lack experience as well as the Minister of Defence and the National Security Chief or advisor. It is also a failure of the multinational forces. There are growing concerns about these forces turning blind eye and may even prevent the Iraqi authorities to take an appropriate measure against the terrorists.

The way by car from Baghdad to Najaf is usually not taking more than 1.5 hours but due to the lack of security you need about 8 hours. This was better even immediate after the war in 2003! People can not travel from Kerbala to Najaf (40 KM) after darkness!

In Mosel, killed unknown bodies seen in many streets for the last few days every where. The attacks aganist the two Churches two days ago happened as if the Police and the MU forces don't exist at all. The attackers went inside the Churches. They locked the guards inside one room then they implanted their explosives and set the churches in fire. After that they prevented the firemen from reaching there. Next day they came back again and looted the same churches!!

Today the Minister of Finance and his driver were assassinated in Baghdad!

Is there any Father Uncle Cousin King Sharing His IT worse than this S***?

Verge of a Civil War in Iraq!

Kerbala News Net mentioned that an ethnic cleansing going on now in Alyosfyiah (South of Baghdad) against the Shia families.

Two days ago masked terrorists attacked ten houses belong to Shia families. They masked terrorists smashed the doors and attacked the families. They had beaten with metal rods indiscriminately children, women, old and young.

They broke out the legs of an old man in his seventies.

They kidnapped two children. One of them found killed and thrown beside the main road. The family of the other found him in the hospital after they shot him in the head with one close bullet.

The ten families left the area and abandoned their farms and properties.

Iraq is on the verge of a civil war if not already started at least from the Sunni side. If it is broken it will not exclude any one including the US forces.

It is definitely the last nail in the failure of the US in Iraq.

They only solution is to deal with it by the Iraqi way and to give the countries which support the terrorists inside Iraq an unforgettable lesson by surgical strikes whoever they are and also supporting those who would like to topple them. Let it be a WW4.

Security & Reconstruction

The security situation in Iraq and the number of attacks are increasing again.
For the last few days many suicidal and rocket attacks have been directed against civilian places, Shia Mosques, and police stations in many cities including Baghdad and among the killed and injured are US soldiers.

Overall the services and the reconstruction are not moving but very slowly in very small sectors. The health system which is one of the main services for every nation is suffering from extreme and dangerous malfunction due to lack of every thing including the basic instruments like syringes and antiseptic solution and other basics. In many circumstances the citizens found themselves to pay the price of the petrol to the ambulance drivers to be able to take them to hospitals if they are lucky enough to get such a service.

The lack of security prevents the teaching institutes and schools from functioning nearer to normal. Repairing bridges, roads, and services are either none or corrupted.

There are two things Iraq achieved after the deposition of the previous regime and the resultant occupation. The first which was very good and we hailed is the freedom following decades of oppressions. Alas the second thing was the birth of terrorism which led to lack of security and more deterioration all over the country.

The security issue hindered the reconstructions and send the country into another unknown tunnel and fate.

The election which is supposed to be in less than 60 days is meaningless if the parties are not announcing their agenda and their nominees. The nominees have not done enough or none at all to visit cities and state their agenda for the country!

Now the question is when is the security issue going to settle so as the investors and companies can start the reconstruction process?

We thing that the US forces in Iraq should contribute but not hinder any plan against the criminals and terrorists networks and sites especially the hot areas. The justices should be implemented upon all criminals sooner after their interrogations finished by courts. Detection of the conspired agents in the security forces and punishes them. On the other hand trials of the members of the previous regime should start soon including Saddam.

There are areas which experience a reasonable amount of stability. The reconstruction and services like electricity, water, health and others should be speeded in these areas.

There are doubts and increasing frustration about the failure of the above issues and the weakness of the government to deal with it.

Does the World need the UN?

No one can give a simple answer for the above question other than an Iraqi newborn baby who was killed by the effect of the UN sanction from 1990-2003. On the same time while the pale, anaemic and malnourished mothers dying during their labours or pregnancies the UN arrogant inspectors used to burn the books in the Iraqi universities and schools.

On the misery and death of the Iraqi peoples the UN killers used not only to get their payments but to cheat the oil for (shit) programme and steal the money which supposed to go for the treatment of the dying babies and their killed mothers.

In our view (the innocent Iraqis) the sanction plus Saddam from 1990-2003 was the biggest crime in human history and the biggest corruption as far as we are concerned. It killed all of us (more than 20 millions Iraqi).

The Republican Senator Norm Coleman stated that the UN biggest corruption in its history occurred during the chairman of Kofi Anan especially in relation to the oil-for-food programme. He requested the least thing is for KA to resign.

Justice should take its course.

All the previous UN inspectors and their chiefs are responsible for many atrocities and all of them should face trials.

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