Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Hopes and aims for 2016

Every time there is new year the people hope for better year to bring them their wishes.  Some of us will achieve what they want yet others will not.  Even some of the people may get harder time for the coming year.  It depend on our actions and not the year as such.

It is not the years which make changes in our lives but we create the changes and the achievements.   Years only making us older and older while we play the game.

When we are talking about the prosperity which is a common thing that reflect positive light on everyone by improving the economy and jobs it means that we are talking about peace and stability around the globe.   Such thing can not be achieved easily if there are threats to the peace and stability.   

In Iraq peace and stability are far from achievements despite the recent success that the Iraqi forces achieved in Ramadi.  In fact the stability in the Middle East will not be achieved soon due to the existence of Daiesh and the other terrorists organizations.  In fact these organizations are more strong than ever inspite of the continues strikes against them.  They now control more revenues and money from which they created not only wealth but organized supports and groups ready to move all over the world.   The danger of such groups is more than ever been before.  If these groups remain receiving the same support from certain states and others and treated with the same way as now, the 9/11 for the coming attacks will look like a game.  

Equality, prosperity, human rights, tackling poverty, and achieving peace all over the world are aims ad hopes not only for 2016 but all times and will not be easily achieved.   

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