Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Iraqi election is corruption 

Election in its classical definition means one party win the government and another one go to the opposition.  By this equation one group put a program for its agenda in all sectors and services and the opposition party observe and balance and or support the government decision based on the national security and welfare.   

In Iraq the situation is different.  All the parties wanted to be in power and power divided between them so that they can continue in their corruption and stealing the money of the nation.    Almost all parties in Iraq since 2003 are based on sectarian and or religious or national issues.   No development in services at all since 2003 in regarding to the main and basic issues like electricity, water and health.   During the government of Nori Almalki for 8 years his government was responsible for ISIS (Daesh) invasion.  He failed to prevent that and the resultant outcome was disasters.   Instead of being judged and accounted he was make as deputy president and all those who were corrupts escaped any kind of punishment including the oil ministers and electricity etc.  

In this election people voted for parties who are more to be secular not religious neither sectarian and who got national agenda without outside intervention like from Iran or others. New electronic system used in counting votes.   The looser especially among Nori Almalkin (pro-Iran) groups and due to their declining in number of votes from above 90 seats 2014 to just above 20 seats in 2018, they rejecting the votes and consider it as corrupted.   Also this is applied for the chair of parliament and his 2 deputies.   

Now it is the duty of the UN to force those who wanted to manipulate the results for their agenda to accept the votes and to go to the opposition.  In short to get mature and understand democracy unless they afraid that they may go into corrupt trials if new government comes! 

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