Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

New Iraqi Intelligence Agency

There is news that the White House has confirmed a decision to form a new Iraqi Secret service. The initial aim of the service is to try to get information of those who attack the coalition forces.

The CIA will train the new agency with the help of Jordan. The Iraqi minister of the interior Mr Nori Badran will be in charge of this agency. Nori Badra is a member of Al Wafaq Alwatani movement which is chaired by Iyad Alawi. Both of them are now in the CIA headquarter in Langly, Virginia.

There are secret talks to try to include some of the Iraqi Mukhabarat members (Saddam's secret police) in the new agency. This is a very dangerous mistake if it is going to happen. It seems to be that the CIA has a problem of estimating the size and the sources of the Iraqi attacks but they will be in a big trouble if they are going to use the Mukhabarat members.

The Iraqis hate more than any thing else Saddam's Secret Police because they are created for nothing but to spy on the Iraqi people alone. No need to talk about their atrocities because their horrified prisons and their chamber of terror and tortures is enough to talk about them. All Iraqi people, many of the GC members including Mr Ahmed Chalabi and some of the top officials in the Pentagon refuse to allow any of the previous Saddam secret agencies to be included in the new Iraqi secret service.
It is important step to create well trained secret service to tackle the terrorist and the other killers and to protect the security of the country but not by those who terrified the Iraqis for decades. In addition to that no one can trust these people at all. This will make the limit to be able to trust them very narrow.

The funds for such force have been established among the budget of 2004 and the agency may be able to start to work mid Feb 2004.

The whole world eyes now directed toward the American success or failure in Iraq. There are two sides in the equation; one like to see it successful and the other waiting to see its failure. Using the Baath and secret service members of Saddam in any new secret services will not be a healthy factor toward success. It will complicate the situation and may create more enemies than friends. The whole situation is like the cancer if you remove it from the body, you should not implant pieces of it again because each one of them will form a new cancerous area. The best management is to excise the cancer and then use either chemotherapy or radiotherapy to clear the tiny spots remained in the body. Only then you are safe and you managed your patient in a good way.

Last point which look like a mystery. Why always Jordan included in the formation and training of the Iraqi police and the Secret services? It is strange to include it in any step related to the MoI. Is this because Mr Alawi and Mr Badran main movement headquarter was in Jordan when they tried with the help of the CIA and Jordan to topple Saddam?

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