Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Why America responsible for what is happening in the Arab world?

For many decades America is supporting all the oppressive regimes in the Arab countries. This support is mainly for two things the oil and Israel. The American policies were the same irrespective of the parties in power and are supported by the West. As a result of the American policies the Arab people remained under oppressive and dictator regimes for very long time.

The reason for the recent uprisings is because the world changed and the new Arab generations will not accept what their parents suffered from. The Arab governments are based on one family rule and becoming inheritance. This leads to the control of wealth in the hands of few members of that family while the others are suffering from the same family by oppression and poverty.

The American and Western wars on Iraq including killing one millions Iraqi children during the UN sanction left no scope for any trust for America and its allies by the Arabs and the Muslims in the region. There is a complete lack of trust by the new generations. The world is too small now and the technologies facilitated the reach for the facts and helped the revolutions.

America and the West will never have the same chance in the Middle East region again. Trust will take long time to be rebuilt if it is amenable. This needs a lot of actions on the top of it is for America to change its support from the dictators to the mutual respect and support with the people and not their oppressors. They have to change their policies towards the Palestinians issues by genuine support for a formation of Palestine state. America should end its war in Iraq and pull all of its troops from their without leaving any bases. They should also apologise about their killing of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis since 1991.

The Arab world is changing and the new generations rejecting the oppressive regimes

The revolutions in the Arab world continue and increasing steadily.

In Libya Al-Gadafi is now isolated in retreating into a small location in Alazyzia his last strong hold. His followers are abandoning him continuously leaving him isolated despite his new appearance in the green square in Tripoli asking the people there to sing and dance! On the other hand the latest pictures from Tripoli districts showed more killing and bloodshed.

In Libya the army including the air force is more likely to determine the fate of Gadafi after more units joined the revolution today. Gadafi’s mercenaries using all kind of weapons to kill, therefore the revolution requires the army and the revolts forces to overthrow Gadafi’s regime.

Libyan peoples need the support of the other nations but not any military interference at all. Any military interference may make Gadafi looks like a hero who is fighting the occupiers even if he died or killed.

The other Arab countries including Yemen, Bahrain, and Jordan had continued revolutions to different degrees calling for genuine reforms or changing of the totalitarian regimes.
Other countries are under increasing boiling condition and may explode at any time soon. It is therefore to prevent this big and real reforms are need.

In Iraq the Iraqis all over the country started their revolt. They call for real reforms in the aspects of the services, stopping corruptions, making urgent solution to reduce unemployment, reducing poverty, and democratic reforms based on the nationalism and not sectarianism. The Iraqis also called for the America to pull its forces from Iraq and end the occupation.

It seems to be that we are going to witness more revolts in the other Arab countries such as Syria, Saudi Arabia and Morocco soon.

The Iraqi government is corrupt and based on sectarianism

In Iraq the revolution will start on the 25th February 2011 against all kinds of corruptions and for real democracy.

The democracy that came with the American occupation proved its failure. Democracy doesn’t mean corruptions and sectarianism. Eight years passed since the downfall of the previous dictator and Iraq ultimately became under the multiple dictators of sectarian groups both in the government and the parliament.

The Iraqi corruption under the existed government and the occupation involved every single corner from the top to the bottom. There is near complete lack of basic services, poverty, unemployment, and so on.

The existed Iraqi government concern about nothing but the interest of each one of them. It is therefore the Iraqi protest should call for immediate resignation of all and for new election based not on the existed sectarian groups.

Gadhafi regime trembling and will fall soon

The dictator of Libya grin his blood stained teeth when he committed crimes against humanity. There is news coming from Libya that there are at least one thousand people killed in the last few days. Gadhafi used hired African mercenary killers by giving them thousands of dollars to kill the Arab people of Libya. On the same time Gadhafi lives his last few days or hours as his gang is now faltering.

There are news Gadhafi’s hired killers have done mass killings and genocides. The gangs of the Gadhafi hired African killers used against protestors weapons which are only used against tanks, rockets, air fighters, anti-aircrafts, and others. On the same time Gadhafi closed Libya from the outside world so as to commit his crimes without witnessed media. The horrifying pictures which were sent by the internet were the drop in the ocean about his crimes.

Libya is now an occupied country from the hired African killers and the people of Libya have all the right to liberate their country from these killers and the leader of these killers Gadhafi.

The revolution is now entering a new phase which will determine the result towards victory soon. The people of Libya were initially armless protestors calling for freedom and democracy. However after the mass killing by Gadhafi they have all rights to defend themselves against the mercenaries and anyone stands with these killers. The army and the other forces will stand and will say their last word to get rid of the dictator and his gangs.

The world is responsible to stand with the Libyan people and to declare this openly and strongly. They should request not only for Gadhafi to stand out but to bring him into a trail if he is going to survive his fate soon. It is shame for those who are silent or semi-silent and the stigma will continue to follow those who support the killers.

Victory is for the Arab people of Libya the country Omar Al-Mukhtar soon.

The Lybian dictator using heavy artillery to attack protestors

Moaamar Gadhafi the criminal dictator of Libya and the Western puppet used last night and today heavy weapons including air fighters, heavy guns, RBG7 rockets, antiaircraft weapons and other heavy weapons to attack peaceful protestors. In Tripoli Gadhafi killed and injured hundreds of unarmed peaceful protestors. The same thing happened in many other cities. Gadhafi used African hired mercenaries to perpetrate his crimes against the Arab Libyan people.

The world in the 21st Century witnessing crimes against humanity and keeps silent! It is shame for those who are able to condemn this at least and they are silent because there are interests connecting them to Gadhafi the puppet. The days or hours of this criminal are counted. Gadhafi the criminal finished and he and his regime will face his humiliated fate soon.

Gadhafi’s son Sief in his speech yesterday used many bad terms several times to described the Libyans. He called them the addicts, the drunks and others. He threatened to burn and kills them. He was like his father knows nothing but lies and his speech was just disgusting which was totally rejected by the Libyans and faced with throwing him with shoes.

Gadhafi used money paid hired African criminals mercenaries to kill the Libyans. Those non-humane mercenaries will face their fate soon on the hand of the revolutionaries.

The revolution in Libya is now near its victory and those who kept silent or stand with the regime will pay for their actions.

Victory is for the heroes the Arab Libyans and death, humiliation, shame and fire hell to Gadhafi and his regime.

Libyan dictator commits criminal war massacres against the Libyan people

Moaamar Al Gadhafi the dictator of Libya used mercenaries from Africa and from Black Water to kill the demonstrators in Benghazi and other cities by using Anti-Aircraft weapons!

Thousands were wounded and killed for the last 3 days with near complete silence from the international media and the Human Right organizations. The Libyan regime got these AR weapons from the Western countries which said nothing about this massacre! The people of Libya want nothing other than freedom, democracy, and civilized regime that respect the human rights for all people.

We know that in 2003 Gadhafi signed an agreement with the West and America that his regime will not produce nuke weapons and on the same time America will support his regime to remain in power! This is another anti-human right act that America commits against the people in the Arab world region.

It is shame on the other countries to remain silent on the massacres committed by Gadhafi against his people. This regime not only violates the human rights but he committed war crimes against defenceless people requesting basic human rights that contradict this regime existence. Gadhafi bought his crime in Lockerbie by money and bought the Pan-American by submissiveness while these two governments gave him the green light to stay in power! This is nothing but farce and it is shame on them.

The Libyan army and the other security forces are part of the Libyan people and they will not remain silent while they see Gadhafi and his regime killing their brothers and sisters by African mercenaries. Soon the army and all other Libyan forces will stand with the people against the criminal regime.

Victory is for the Libyan people the sons of Omar Al-Mukhatar and shame is for all the criminals and those who stand with them or those who keep silent.

The revolution of the Arab world against the tyrannies

The revolution in the Arab world is a matter of fact after many decades of tyrannies, oppression, poverty, dictatorships, injustice and treachery.

The new generations in the Arab world as well as the old cannot at this time of the 21st Century live under the same circumstances under the same idols of tyrannies.

The revolutions are now extended all over the Arab countries and in these countries which had no uprising yet are living under volcanoes which will erupt soon.

The dictators should act before they face the fate of humiliation that they put their people in for many years.

It is against the basic human rights for all the Western countries and America to stand with these dictators against the people. The Western countries supported these dictators despite they know about their atrocities. In fact these rulers are just puppets for the West and this is contrary to the basic human rights for these Western governments to support these dictators.

Victory is to the Arab people against all the dictators.

The revolution of Bahrain progressing toward determination and victory

The revolution in Bahrain entered the right track that there is no return from it. This is happened after the regime of El-Khalefa in Bahrain commit a massacre against its own people in the Lolaa Square. Among the murdered were children and old people. The police used live gun shots and heavy bombardment early morning while the people were sleeping as they protesting peacefully against the regime tyranny.

The revolution of the people of Bahrain after this blood will never return back and will insist in his revolution until the downfall of the regime.

Again and again the credibility of America in the region is falling. Hillary Clinton said today that the government of Bahrain should not use excessive force against the people! This is an indication that she accepts the use of force and it is against the simple and basic human rights! This is the same statement that America uses when Israel kills the Palestinians! America hasn’t learnt the lesson from recent experience when it supported the dictator regimes against the people.

Victory is to the revolution of Bahrain and shame is for the killers of the people.

Revolutions in the Arab world is fait accompli

The Arab people lived a catastrophic oppressive time since the end of the World War one especially after the creation of the state of (Israel). After the imperialistic rules by the occupied Western Countries such as Britain, France and Italy most of the rulers of the Arab world were supported by the occupiers despite these rulers’ oppressive and totalitarian directions. The West especially America always supported these rulers against their people so as to prevent any popular threat to their interests and on the top of this is the oil and (Israel). The West and America are responsible for millions of people who were killed or tortured by these rulers because of their support.

One of the biggest dictators and puppet was Hosni Mubarak and his regime. America and the West used that regime for one main purpose which is the (Egypt – Israel Treaty). The American and Western politicians all over the time were crazy because they make that treaty to pass by a dictator regime which was not elected by the people. This by itself is enough cause for the non-impartiality and illegitimacy of such treaty from the side of Egypt. They then tried to make that regime to remain in power and they planned for the son of Hosni Mubarak to be the next president. However they forget the people more over they allowed the regime to control the people by iron grip which was totally not compatible with the basic human rights. They did this to protect that treaty not for the Egyptians interest but biased for Israeli security and to allow Israel to kill in Palestine and Lebanon.

The other regimes that America and the West are still supporting are the Saudi regime, Jordan, Yemen, and the other Arab regimes including Iraq. All of these regimes are oppressive, corrupt and using anti-human rights actions against their people such as tortures, suppression, dominations, detention without reason, and so on and so forth.

The success of the Egyptians and Tunisians revolutions will be the beginning of similar revolts in the other oppressed Arab countries sooner or later.

At the end the revolution in Egypt attain victory

Last night the dictator of Egypt and the puppet of Israel and America insisted that he is staying in power until September. The people on the other hand were decisive to continue to achieve one of two things, either victory or martyrdom.

The end of Mubarak is the end of a complete era in which America and Israel supported the dictator against the people and tried to split Egypt completely from its Arabic body. The American president Obama this night was not so successful to mention that America is with the Egyptian people and he was hearing them. He should be more honest and apologise on behalf of America to the Egyptian people about 30 years of support that America provided for the dictator of Egypt. America still providing full support for all of the other Arab dictators while America knows what is these dictators are doing for their people. In fact America may well support the oppression of the Arab people to provide support (as they believe) for Israel security. America thinks that the oppression of the Arab people and the support of their oppressors (the Arab dictators) is one of the conditions to support their protection of Israel and the Western interests (namely the oil). It is the American responsibility and the West with Israel of course who are responsible for the Arab oppression. Moreover they (America, the West and Israel) are deceiving their people first and the others too that they support freedom, democracy and human rights which are not true.

The revolution started in Tunisia and Egypt but still there are dictators and oppressions in all the other Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, and Somalia. One of the most oppressing dictators in the Arab world is the Saudi regime. The tsunami will reach them soon.

Victory to the revolution in Egypt


Hosni Mubarak era gone for ever

Welcome back Egypt to the Arab nation and Islamic nation

Millions of congratulations

Hosni Mubarak under estimating the power of the revolution which is heading towards escalation and victory

The Egyptian revolution continued to escalate steadily after the disappointed speech of Hosni Mubarak. The people rejected Mubarak speech and hundreds of thousands more joined the revolution all over Egypt. The people thought that the dictator may step down but he had nothing new in his last speech. In fact his speech was just a repeat of what he said before that he is staying in power and worse than this he repeated that he will use his power to crush what he called them the ruiners. He used threatening language and insistence to cling to power which are insult to the requirement of millions of the people who want him and his regime to resign and leave. His deputy Omar Sulieman reiterated the same threating language too.

The revolution on the other hand escalated and extended to new and more directions. Millions more went to the streets requiring the resignation of the regime. They now requesting not only the down fall of Hosni Mubarak but to put his regime into a trial. The revolution is now extended into many other squares which become like the Al Tahrier square. Revolutionaries are now surrounding the TV and media centres and more government offices. In AL Swies city important offices and building now controlled by the people. The revolutionaries are now preparing to penetrate and control more government offices.

There are some more army officers joined the revolution and the numbers are increasing reaching more than 15 officers now. The army will at the end will stand with the people and may determine the fate of the regime and put an end to this situation before it escalate to a serious condition.

The country functionally is now in the hand of the revolutionaries and the people and it is a matter of time that they will control all the offices and the broadcasting media. It seems that Hosni Mubarak down estimated the power of this revolution and he and his regime will pay a heavy price soon.

The Highest Council of the Armed Forces in Egypt issued a statement they call it number one which stated that the council is on an open meeting. The statement which is number one means there is going to be other statements to follow.

This means the power is now in the hands of the armed forces and the role of Hosni Mubarak is finished.

The Egyptian revolution will continue until the whole regime and its symbols deposed from power and put into a trial

The revolution is about democracy and not to get a coup and a military role

There is a need for temporary government from the revolutionary people and not from the army to lead into free and democratic election

Victory is to the revolution in Egypt and shame to those who support dictators

The Egyptian revolution extended to include millions of protestors and spread to involve all aspects of life in the country. The force of the revolution is becoming like a tsunami which will sweep all the sectors of the state soon. Strikes, civil disobedience, resignations, control of power, isolation of the regime figures, dissociation of the regime men and women, detachment of the media from the regime and many other issues started to happen in the last 2 days steadily.

The revolution is a popular one and included all the Egyptian people which make any trails to block it unsuccessful. The main trails to stop the revolution are coming from (Israel), Saudi Arabia, Jordan, America and other Arab dictators. The Arab dictators have a come interests and same actions against their people like the Hosni Mubarak puppet regime. One of the best examples is the Saudi and the Jordan regimes. They are dictators who used similar anti-human right acts against their own people. They are corrupt very old totalitarian regimes and their people boiling while they see the revolution in Tunisia and Egypt. Anyone would like to connect itself to the Hosni Mubarak regime will regret this tomorrow when the revolution succeed.

The Egyptian revolution and the Tunisian before that debunk the American and Western allegations that they support democracy and freedom. On the other hand their support for these regimes exposed the American and Western countries allegations that they support the human rights for all people while on the same time they support these regimes which kill and terrorise their own people.

No to the involvement of America in the Arab region and they have to pull their forces from there including Iraq as well as the other Islamic countries such as Afghanistan.

The road of the Egyptian revolution drawn by the revolutionary people only

One of the most disgusting terms that the Arabs do not want to hear is ‘The Path road’! This is the term that was used by America for the Palestinians problem with (Israel) for the last few years since 1990s.

This term brought nothing but more killing, terrors, destruction, division and other misery against the Palestinian people. On the other hand it provided support for (Israel) and the American Zionist interests in the region.

Yesterday the vice president of America Biden used the same term ‘road path’ or road map for the Egyptians! How disgusting is this?! Hearing such a term makes one to fell sick. On the other hand for any revolution there is no road map from outside especially when it comes from America. America supported all the dictators against their people including their big puppet Hosni Mubarak.

We do not have trust in America at all especially after the wars on Iraq, Afghanistan and other Arab and Islamic countries. They killed us and destroyed our countries and America and its allies are responsible for all the bloodshed in Iraq and Egypt and other countries that they put their noses in. The American hands are stained with our people innocent blood including the Iraqi children who were killed from 1991 until now. America killed the Iraqis by two major wars and barbaric blockade for more than one decade.

Victory is for the revolution of Egypt against tyrant and dictator regime to achieve democracy and dignity.

The revolutionary people in Egypt are the best people to know and to draw their path and it is entering now its escalation toward victory.

The revolution in Egypt closer to victory soon

The revolution in Egypt is closer than any other time before to achieve victory. It is getting matured and entering its third week with steady escalation which is natural in any revolution to achieve its goals.

The goal of this revolution is the downfall of Hosni Mubarak regime and the creation of a democratic state in which the human rights have to be respected for all the citizens. There should be no more puppets for Israel and America but the new government should be elected from the people and another dictator staying for life.

The revolution is now escalating for more people to join, general strikes, closure of the Soiez canal, split in the government officials and the army, isolating those who still with the regime, surrounding the main positions in the state, and many other escalations that are needed to apply more pressure.

Victory is closer and no way in front of Hosni Mubarak but to leave sooner rather than later. For those who are still not with the revolution they have to reconsider their position as the people will not forgive them later. The army leaders are now in a difficult position if they link their role with the Hosni Mubarak regime. They have to decide between the people and their future and the regime and its downfall.

Victory to the people of Egypt.

The revolution in Egypt entered its victory phase

The popular Egypt revolution so far succeeded to isolate and render the regime of Hosni Mubarak un-functional. The regime has no credibility any more whether internal or external even among its friends in Israel and the USA. However both Israel and the USA are trying to prolong the life of this regime. They know that Hosni Mubarak never mind about the people of Egypt as far as he is safe and staying as the president irrespective of the suffering of his own people.

Hosni Mubarak insistence to stay in power is corresponding on the other hand to the suffering and the major consequences of the people of Egypt. This means that Hosni Mubarak knows very well that the price of every hour he stay in power paid heavily by blood and destruction of the people. He therefore is responsible for all what is happening. He put himself before the people of Egypt. This fact will become more obvious with each day he stays in power. It is therefore the betting of the regime about time is wrong. The more time will pass the more the revolution will get matured and escalating.

It is now the third week of the revolution and it becomes bigger and more decisive. The regime is wrong to believe that with time the revolution may get weaker and smaller. There is no popular revolution in the history started and failed. The more days will pass the more the people join the revolution and the more the escalations. This may include resignations, strikes, rebellions, controlling important positions, and dissidence including the army.

It is better for Hosni Mubarak to think about a way to leave such as to go for treatment and investigation outside and that will lead him into better outcome for him. He may regret later why he hasn’t left before. Hosni Mubarak it is better for you to leave now before it is too late.

The army and people in Egypt are one against the puppet regime

This picture speaks for itself and indicates that the Egyptian army and the people revolution is one. It shows the leader of the army central area in Cairo of the army kissing the head of one of the revolutionary young man in Al-Tahrer square in Cairo yesterday.

Kissing on the head like this in Arabic nation means a lot. It means to show the top respect that the kissed person is having in regard to his action. Here it shows one thing only that the army is proud of what the youth of Egypt (the new generation) is doing. It is a symbolic show more than the words and that the army is giving full support to the requests of the revolutionary young people on the top of which is the fall of the regime of Hosni Mubarak. It was a puppet regime for Israel and America and one of the top oppressive regimes for the people.

A USA Embassy car in Cairo hits and kills group of protestor

The media showed an armoured car which belongs to the American Embassy in Cairo hit and killed a group of protestors in the street of Cairo. The American authorities confirmed that the car is belonging to their embassy in Cairo. They said it has been stolen!

It is evident from the video (click to see the video which contains offensive and distressful scenes) that the accident was intentional and the driver was able to avoid the accident completely. It is not yet known who were in the car and what the duty of that car was. Earlier the revolutionary protestors arrested two cars in both of them there were Israeli agents and in one of them there was poisoned food.

Important to know is that the USA embassy car was a special type of cars. It has been said by specialists in this field that such car is impossible to get stolen. There are certain computerised features linked to the fuel injection system and the navigation from which the car cannot be stolen and even if it is stolen by any way the control system in the base can stop it via the navigation.

If these features are true which is likely then the USA Embassy is responsible for what happened.

Whoever responsible the Egyptians should lodge a complaint by their lawyers against the responsible including the USA Embassy who is the owner of the car.

If the USA Embassy turn to be responsible by anyway it will add another black spot in the forehead of America against the people of other nation’s especially the Arabs and Muslims.

Israel involved in supporting Hosni Mubarak against the people

The protestors in Egypt have arrested 3 French journalists with Israeli identities yesterday in Al-tahrer square. They confirmed that the three are working as spies for Israel. Today the protestors stopped and controlled a car from Israel and they found in it poisoned food and it was shown in the Al-Jazeera TV.
Few days ago the news came that Israel supplied Hosni Mubarak police with weapons including tear gas. The Israeli authorities were unable to deny neither to confirm this.

Everyone knows the type of the relationship between Israel and the regime of Hosni Mubarak; however Israeli support for the regime against its own people is very dangerous. It is against the human rights especially the massacre of the people which happened in Tahrer square last night.

It becomes so clear that the regime of Hosni Mubarak is finished and it is functionally died from the 25th of January 2011. Its death certificate is ready and only a matter of time forms this regime to be buried in the worst criminal position of the history.

Hoseni Mubarak Trial for his massacring the Egyptian today

Until yesterday the Egyptian people are requesting in their revolt against Hoseni Mubarak to leave the role and his regime and leave Egypt. However from today and after what happened in Cairo in Altahrer square and many other cities when his security and gangs attacked and terrorised the people there is no less than arresting Hoseni Mubarak by the people and the army and submit him and his regime into a trail.

What happened today should be investigated as it seems to be not only HM regime but may be Israel and America too just to let this regime to stay irrespective of the price.

The attack against the people of Egypt today is the responsibility of HM regime and they should all face trials.

The Army now should interfere and side to their people against he dictator and arresting him.
There is nothing less than this demand after today’s events in Egypt.

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