Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Israeli Genocides

Israeli forces continuous attacks on Lebanon bridges, roads, services, civilian buildings, villages and the rest of infrastructures is nothing but genocide and terrorism. The latest barbaric act was on the village of Qaa in which more than 40 innocent civilians were killed.

In spite of the arrogant announcement of Israeli government that they destroyed Hizballah bases the rockets reached just north of their capital. This indicates the lies this government put its own people and the others on.

This war exposed many hidden agenda that the USA supports in the Middle East. The USA is not trying to create democracy in this region but hate, war and destruction. This time it used the Israeli government as a tool to deliver its action. The other example is Iraq in which the USA deceived the Iraqis and the others more than 3 years ago that it came to create a model of democracy for the Middle East. Instead it created a state full with terrorism and on the verge of a civil war and division.

The USA destroyed Iraq since 1979 when it supported Saddam to attack Iran then pushed him to invade Kuwait followed by killing of 1 millions Iraqis by the UN (US imposed) sanctions and then the last and existed destruction and wars.

The Iraqis lost any tiny confidence and trust in the US false promises and so as the rest of the region should not trust the USA. We were the first to support the changes in the region 3 years ago but now after all of what are happening in Iraq we have no faith at all in such falsehoods especially after seeing the USA supporting Israeli genocide in Lebanon under the excuse of Hizballah.

We think that this the time that the USA should pull out of Iraq immediately and the Iraqis should unite against the occupation.

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