Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

How to become happy in this life and the hereafter?

In general there are three kinds of living creatures exist in this universe including our planet. Some of these creatures are visible for us and some are not. The classification is depending on the way these creatures are living. The first among the 3 classes is in the invisible world which is non-materialistic and we call them Angles. They are programmed being each class of them specialised in doing a pre-programmed task. Therefore they have no choice but to do what they have been set for. The second group is the living been that have limited choices and thinking and almost they are guided by their needs, lusts, and materialistic requirements. This group included the animals. The third group is the mankind who belong to the animal kingdom but got the most advanced brain and cognitive abilities. It is this creature who asks him or herself many questions including why, who, when, what, and so on. One of the most important questions is why I am existed? What is the aim of my life? Who created the universe and why? What will happen after death and many other questions? This is the difference between the animals and the mankind? Animals live to eat, drink, lust, play, may socialise and getting old and die. If man adopt similar living he or she will became similar to the animal life style only or even worse because if animals got his or her brain they may behave much better.

The most fundamental question is what the purpose of living? Is it to eat, drink, enjoy life, kill or being killed, oppressed or being oppressor, etc or something more sacred and logic? If this life is without more scared thing and no other life after death it will be worthless and not compatible with the concept of the universe. The life is so short and if you ask someone who lived for more than 90 years of age he or she will tell you that it passed like a dream or an hour of a day. The life that we are living is a short journey for another life that it will come soon and lasts for ever. For everyone this soon means the number of years he or she will live and once died he or she will be resurrected one day from his or her death and will feel as if he or she slept for a day or less. He or she will then face the consequences of his or her own deeds in this life. Even the tiny thing that he or she done whether bad or good will be brought by ALLAH the most capable and most judicious.

So you may ask how I do to be able to pass the judgment and go to the paradise rather than dwelling in the fire hell. Everything you need to know about exists in the Holy Quran. It is the book of God that tells you about the past since the begging of the universe and even before that and about the present time, and the future until even after the people of the fire go there and the people of paradise go there. The Holy Quran tells you about this life and the life after. It is the words of God (ALLAH). It is the doctrine that followed by Adam, Noah, Ibraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jonas, John, Jesus, Moses and the seal and the master of all the prophets and mankind prophet Mohammad peace be upon him. In Islam you will understand everything and in the Holy Quran you will find a solution for everything and an answer to your questions all. Not only that, but Islam will provide solutions to all the problems of the world at any time. In the Day of Judgment ALLAH will judge you based on the religion of all the prophets which was Islam. Yes; Jesus was a Muslim, Moses was a Muslim, Adam was a Muslim, Ibraham was a Muslim, and so on. Read the Holy Quran and you will understand why?

You are all responsible to read about Islam which is the religion of ALLAH since the creation of the universe until the Day of Judgment. All the prophets before Prophet Mohammad PBUH prepare for his coming and they all gave glad tiding and asked the people to follow Prophet Mohammed in Islam when he is coming. You are all therefore responsible especially in this time of the mass information where most of the people are able to read and explore. Almost everyone is able to get an excess to search for the truth. The truth is in Islam which means submission to the will of ALLAH (The God).
This message is a call for anyone who read it to follow the straight path of Islam. It is a call for purification of self from mischiefs, arrogance, misdeeds, polytheism, evil, worshiping of lusts, and all bad acts. It is a call for peace, purity, honesty, moral values, humble, wisdom, knowledge, respect, equality, love, balance, and everything good for yourself and others. Islam is good values and purification of self and body. In Islam you will fear none but ALLAH and you will worship none but ALLAH. In Islam all mankind are brothers and sisters irrespective of colour, race, or other things.

Read the Holy Quran and about Islam to find yourself in ALLAH who will give you happiness in this life and in the hereafter. Happiness is not about materialistic life of the West but about the knowledge of the truth and to know exactly why you are here in this life and what is needed to get salvation before it is too late.

Oh God; witness that I conveyed!

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