Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Following the Results of the Iraqi Elections 2018 

Three coalitions nearly got the same numbers, the coalition called Saayron (the proceeding or the walker) then Alfatah followed by Alnasr of the prime mister Alabadi.    The Iraqi parliament seat are 329 and any coalition needs 165 seat to be able to form a government.   

Saayron got a bigger chance to form coalition.  It is slightly got more seats than the others but most important it consist parties of all kinds of Iraqi secretors.   The parties are mixture of socialist, civil oppositions, nationalists, and supporters of Muqtada Alsadir.   More important this coalition is not influenced by Iran and the members called for national government without sectarian divisions.  

There are many influential members lost votes such as the chairman of parliament and both his deputies and some others.   

Now different parties have to negotiate formation a coalition of 165 seats to be able to lead for the goveremnt formation.   Most likely Saayron will proceed and all indications point to formation of a coalition away from the influence of Iran dominated allies. 

The Election in Iraq

On May 12TH2018 Iraq will have its election for the Iraqi parliament from which the government will emerge.    However almost nearly all the competing parties and coalitions are corrupted.    They failed for the last 15 years to prevent corruption and many of them were involved in it.  On the other hand almost all of them are based on sectarian agendas of Sunni or Shiah or Kurds or Arabs etc.   

Almost all services in Iraq remained very damaged and an example for that is the electricity issue which remained without solution for 15 years.   The selection of the top minsters were dependent on shares between the parties all of them.   There is no actual oppositions parties as all of them wanted to be in the government. 

It is therefore the election in Iraq is one of the worst in the world as it is based on sectarian shares.  However the highest religious authority of Sayed Ali Sistani presented a declaration about such issues and asked the people to reject those who failed and those who corrupts in their jobs especially those who were seen in the government and failed.   The people respect the religious authority and same calls came from the Sunni religious authorities.   So it remains to see what the people will decide if there is no forgery of the results.  This time they used new electronic systems for election and counting which may give the results quickly.

We will wait and see on 12 may 2018. 

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