Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The crime against the worshipers in Almostafa mosque

Below is some pictures from the ugly crime against Almostafa mosque during the sunset prayer in Baghdad.

The mosque was attacked by the American forces.

Since the arrival of the new unwanted US ambassador Z. K. Zada and the terrorist attacks increased so dramatically. ZKZ for several times producing statements in support of the terrorism and in support for their free movement. He is openly interfering for the support of these groups who killed many innocent Iraqis as well as many American soldiers. This man is a biased sectarian person.

The American ambassador ZKZ should leave Iraq and preferably take his own forces with him.

American forces crime against the worshipers

The American forces in Baghdad committed a criminal act by a raid on a mosque (Al-Mostafa Hussiayniyah) in Ur district in Baghdad. These forces invaded the mosque during the Sunset prayer. The worshipers were armless doing their prayers. The American forces were heavily armed and supported by helicopters. They collected the worshipers in one room and open fire on them!

At least 37 worshipers were instantly killed by the American soldiers while arresting others.

For the last 3 years Iraq became a place for death, torture, disappearances, kidnapping, lack of security, and no progress to rebuild what was destroyed by the war.

The promises of democracy and rebuilding is fading out rapidly especially after the appointment of the new American ambassador K. Zada who is from an Afghani origin. He increased ethnic tension based on his unwanted and sectarian statements and interferences.

There is no doubt the cumulative behavior and aggressive assaults of the American forces on the Iraqis while allowing the terrorists to be free will lead sooner rather than latter into an over-all and massive resistance against these forces everywhere in Iraq.

Instead of becoming a symbol for the democracy and freedom Iraq became a republic of death and terrorism. Over all the occupied forces are now killing the Iraqi worshipers with cold blood.

The killing of the worshipers in Al-Mostafa mosque by the American forces should be investigated and those who are responsible for it should be punished. The victims should be compensated as well as the damaged building.

It is time for the formation of Iraqi government without interferences from K. Zada and time for the Iraqis to keep their own security and carry out their judgments and law without the interference of the occupied forces. It is indeed time to end the occupation and for the American forces to pull out of Iraq or no one can stop the resistance against such arrogant forces killing innocent worshipers while leaving terrorist free to kill the Iraqis. These forces are paying ransoms to free hostages and making from it a big and false operation and on the same time these ransoms are used to feed terrorism.

It is time for ending the American occupation to Iraq and time to resist such forces which kills the innocent Iraqi worshipers. The US ambassador K.Z. and his government want to create their own democracy of having puppets and not a real democracy.

America failed in Iraq and it should pull sooner from this country.

Liberation or Ransom

The liberation of the three kidnapped westerners (Norman Kimber and his two Canadian colleagues) in Iraq remained vague.

The Iraqi official sources stated that the kidnapers have been arrested however the MNF in Iraq denied any arrest.

It is good that the kidnapped men are now free.

The operation to rescue them seems to be nothing other than a paid ransom and the concerned forces faked an operation to lift the morals and to cover the real agreement.

We are happy for the freed men and hope that the operation was real which seems not to be so.

After 3 years; is Iraq better or worse?

There is no easy way to answer this question because we don’t have standard criteria to gauge a big country with a complicated regional and international relations like Iraq. The existed situation is much worse than in 2003 however this should not be taken as that Iraq is better under the previous dictator regime.

Iraq and the region is certainly better without one of the most tyrant regime in the area but the existed leaders of the different parties and groups showed no difference from the other dictators in their mentality. They are responsible directly for the delay of formation of government based on the December election!

Iraq is bleeding and incubates foreign organisms which try to kill and divide its body into non-viable parts. The antidote for such organisms and poisons are not complicated but the people of Iraq left alone to fight terrorists from different kinds and supported by big neighboring countries. These countries are now pushing the country into civil war. The aim of these countries is to tell the others and their people that their countries needing dictator regimes and not democracy. In one word they want the American to fail in Iraq and escape without achieving any kind of security in Iraq. Some of this failure started to manifest clearly especially after the failure of the formation of a government.

Death and killing in Iraq become a daily event and apprehension of death is a concomitant issue with every person. The (Iraqi politicians) who fight for the power are their hands stained with the blood of the innocent Iraqis.

Iraq as the rest of the world is much better without Saddam but much worse in every other aspect especially the security.

Blood shed continued in Iraq

Today the Iraqi police discovered more than 80 bodies in different parts of the country mostly in Baghdad. Some of the bodies were mutilated and have been subjected to tortures before killed.

On the same time the Iraqi security police arrested an American man with large amount of explosives near Tikrit. He claimed that he is working for a security company!

The weak and hypocritical politicians are now in a different position from the Iraqi people. They are not less than warlords or gang leaders seeking power even if it is on the mass skulls of the people. In principle there is no difference between them and Saddam.

By this time the expulsion of the Shiite families from the Sunni dominated areas continued.

In the last few days the terrorist killed and assassinated many journalists and reporters from Iraq in addition to ongoing attacks against the intellectuals, doctors, university lecturers, and others.

The aim of the terrorists is to create civil war. The situation is very dangerous especially with the biased interference of Zalmi Khalel Zada the US ambassador towards those who support the terrorism. This may lead to full scale anti-US forces in the Shiite areas which remained calm until now.

The terrorist are indeed planning for a major attack so soon to inflame the condition farther.

Iraq is Burning

The sequential process of killings and destruction is continuing every day in Iraq.

The magnitude and the kinds of crimes are out of the ability to be covered by single media. No news agency or reporters can cover all the scale of the crimes happening daily in Iraq. The odd days are those when there are no major bombs not to mention the daily discovered mutilated and killed bodies for women, children and men everywhere.

The yesterday attacks on the Sadar city was a real massacre however it was not the only one in Baghdad. Sadar city is a slum district in which more than 1.5 millions of poor Shiite civilians live. It had been ignored during all the previous regimes governing Iraq for many decades, however, the ignorance converted into destructions and large scale oppressions during the role of Saddam regime.

Sadar city got many poor open markets and most of its people work as temporary laborers to provide the daily sustenance for their families. The houses are crowded, small and old with poor roads and no or rudimentary services. Many families live in one house which lacks the most basic facilities. In spite of that the city delivered many intellectuals, university graduates, doctors, engineers, architects and artists.

Yesterday 6 bomb cars have been exploded in one of poorest markets in the city of Sadar resulted in 350 causalities between killed and wounded. Again there is no discrimination for who was killed; children, women and elderly were not excluded. It was another tragedy in a country the number of tragedies happening is countless.

By the time the Iraqi blood shed vastly and the country burning the hypocritical Iraqi politicians (without exception) are busy in finding ways around the result of the election to control power even if it is built over the heads of the decapitated people by the terrorists. None of these (semi-leaders) got a real democratic and tolerant mentality. There is no difference between them and any Middle East dictator among the regional neighbors.

The Infantile behavior of the Iraqi Politicians

After decades of wars and sever economic blockades ending with occupation Iraq has moved one step forward regarding the freedom from dictatorship however entered into another tunnel sending it many years backward.

We know that the neighbors of Iraq which all got dictator regimes working hardly to prevent any progress towards democratic Iraq, but the main obstacle for this is the Iraqi parties themselves.

It is logical after any election the winning parties form a government and the others became opposition until the next election and so on. In the case of the Iraqi parties they know nothing about such democracy but they have a mentality no difference from the other Middle East dictators.

There are three groups of such parties, namely; those who won the majority of voices; those who got much less voices and those who boycotted it.

The third group who boycotted it are the political wing of the terrorist organizations however some of them trying to win power on the basis of Middle Eastern dictator ways. They are trying to withhold any progress for formation of government. Some of the secular parties like Allawi group have joined them with the same mentality of jumping on power on a tank or any thing else. Power is the main aim of such group and they therefore of no different from ME regimes.

The second group or those who won fewer voices who are mainly among Sunni groups played the card of ethnic minority not to aim for serving Iraq or even the group they represent but their lust for power. They are another obstacle for stability and progress.

The winners of the more voices are the Iraqi Union (Hakem group) and they are weakened by the squeeze from other sides as well as they lack political maneuvering and will.

One group remained to play over the rope and again just to serve its own cause and power control which is the Kurdish alliance.

That is not the end but there is the main outside player which is the USA that got very large troops in Iraq. The USA is obviously looking for some one who is secular and not pro-Iranian neither pro-terrorist. This is again a game outside the rules of the process of democracy yet the USA openly supporting democracy not only in Iraq but in the ME as a whole. This game is not without risks especially if the majority of Iraqis discovered that their voices had not been respected and the USA support other than democracy. The risk may even involve creating a foe for the troops that at this time neither side like to see it.

The Iraqi politicians failed before in Beirut, London and Nasiyriyah meetings and in previous meeting when outside the country to form a national agreement. We are not very optimistic about them as they are all think about one thing only which is power and nothing else.

Iraq is deteriorating down the hill vastly and we think that the first people who should taste the suffering of such sliding are those who are delaying the political process.

At some stage when a lot of people suffering downward the hill they will of no doubt will pull with them any one they can hold and so all who are inside Iraq suffer.

The only solution is to force the politicians to respect the voices of the people and understand their sizes. Regarding the USA we feel that its support should go to the Iraqi people and not to some of the politicians.

We hope the Iraqi politician will get mature and grow up from their infantile behavioral problems otherwise they deserve the disgrace and punishment of the people which can come at anytime as the political process get much of a delay.

Iraqi Democracy is a Farce

Three months passed since the election and in spite of the long time taken to count the votes the Iraqi parties still unable to form a government.

Some of these parties had their chance before and it has been shown that they had lot of corruption. Others are supportive for the terrorism while some are weak to form the government.

We are not with any one of these parties but would like to see that there is a real democracy and the voices of the Iraqi people cast in the voting boxes respected.

The last few weeks indicated that there is no real democracy at all but groups of parties that had variable external support fighting for power while the Iraqis are killed daily.

Democracy means respect to voting people and not based on the ethnic or racial quota.

All what we have now is a number of (politicians) trying to win a power even if it is inside the green zone alone and no matter if the country is destroyed, and blood stained everywhere.

These politicians and those who delay the political process and deviating it from its real path of the voting boxes results are not concerned about the daily killing of the Iraqi people by the terrorists.

It is time for the Iraqis to act against those who play with their lives and blood. The situation is too critical and becomes unbearable.

Up date

Late Friday afternoon a new catastrophic tragedy against the Shiites has been reported. One hundred decapitated bodies for children, women and men had been taken to Kerbala from south Baghdad where the Sunni militia killed the Shiites every day and hour passing.

The arrival of the beheaded bodies provoked a storm of anger and cry among the people there. The children headless-bodies were bloodstained all over.

Most of the bodies were hand-cuffed to the back.

The bodies were discovered and brought by the people and relatives. There was no action taken by the government.

Again and on this hard time the stupid, fool, and careless Iraqi parties are only fighting for the palaces of (Saddam Hussein) and the power even if this power is implemented over the headless-bodies of the innocent children and women.

Curse and Fie be on the Iraqi (politicians)! They and their evil ambitions should go to the hell and no one will shed a tear on them. If they got slightest conscious they should have been resigned or get together to save the country from catastrophes like these.

Attacks continued against the Iraqi Shiites

More than 25 Shiites laborers working in a brick factory in Al-Nahrawan has been found killed today. Four Shiites working in the power station in the same area have been found shout dead today in the same area. The killing came after some Sunni militia groups issued warning two days ago to all the Shiite families to leave the area or killed. Some families were able to leave and they are now located in temporary shelters and schools in anther areas.

Among the recovered bodies are three children one of them is 6 years old girl and a body belong to a woman who was shot by one bullet in the forehead!!!

There are many brick factories in this area which is Sunni dominated but most of the workers are Shiites from the South of Iraq. The Sunni armed militias are very active in these areas.

Last night again and not far from the same area two Shiite young men bodies have been recovered and found mutilated with broken arms and legs and a shot in the nose areas.

Many Shiite families in the Sunni dominated areas have been threatened to leave. Some of them wake up in the morning to find a warning written by paint over their doors asking them to leave or be killed or the Sunni militia wrote the word (Ali) by big paint on their doors which mean Shiite and it is a kind of quick warning. Some of these houses have been burnt especially in Habaniyah today.

Last week more than 48 Shiites were killed in the same area of Natrawan when they went to join a demonstration calling for unity in the country!

Two days ago the Iraqi police arrested the killer who beheaded the Japanese man last year and he confessed to the Japanese media about it.

During this time when the country needed a powerful government the subverter and corrupt Iraqi politicians especially those who directly or indirectly support terrorism delaying farther the formation of the government. Those anomalous and distorted (politicians) should instead taken off to the garbage or face responsibility for blood in their hands.

Where is the democracy in Iraq gone?

In Dec 2005 the Iraqis went to the voting stations and cast their voices for many parties. The voting was successful because 75% of the Iraqis voted which is a large percentage.
However since then until now and in spite the progressive deterioration in the security situation and the continuation of the daily killing and destruction, the process is still far from the least achievement.

Three months in a country ripped apart by daily terrorism, killing thousands of innocent Iraqis and on a verge of civil war, yet no permanent government standing to hold the tumbling poles.

In any country the presence of a stable and strong government is very important for the stability and security. The matter is even more important in a country like Iraq.

On the other hand what kind of democracy is this that external and internal sources dictate its own agenda on the 75% of the Iraqis who voted?!

We mentioned before and will repeat the same thing here again; that one of the main causes of hate and abomination to the United State in the Middle East is the widespread believe of the people that the USA is the cause of imposing the dictatorship regime on them. This is how the Al-Qaeda in many countries succeeded to recruit people and we saw today how they show that they are still strong enough in Pakistan, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Iraq as we mentioned before is the test to refute such theory and the democracy should be allowed to get its own way with out dictations otherwise any failure here will be seen as a victory for those who stand by the above mentioned theory.

We are not against formation of national unity government but those who delay its formation are helping the continuation of instability and lack of security with all of its consequences.

The government may be formed from all parties taking in account those who were supported by the majority of Iraqis. The Iraqi Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds and others are welcome to work together but not those who support the terrorists or those who hide the killers of the Iraqis in their houses and lands. There is a limit as well for those who had corruption during their time in power.

We believe that the USA is better work with the Iraqi people. America in Iraq succeeds with the Iraqis on the street and ordinary Iraqis (those who voted) and not with the self-appointed leaders or self-chosen leaders.

No and millions of No for the killers of the innocent people and to their supporters and Yes and million of Yes for the real freedom and real democracy and for those who fight terrorism and criminals without discrimination.

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