Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Revolutions are imminent all over the worlds

If we know the causes for revolutions which happened in the recent and past history we will immediately understand why the world will revolt against the existed systems of political corruptions soon!

The revolutions may have different triggering factors and causes but the one factor which joins all of them is when the people suffer.  Suffering is most likely resulting from inequalities, hardship in life, dictatorships, bad living standards not compatible to the peoples’ work, and many other factors.   Each one of these factors got many other factors leading to them.  It is a complicated issue but when happened it will grow and then suddenly become intolerable by the people who will revolt.  The revolution will then be faced by the use of force to make the people to submit to the will of the authorities who are just a group of politicians sitting on the shoulders of the people and collecting taxes from them. 

The beginning of the mass revolts are so obvious in many countries in the West such as Greece, The UK, America, France, and others.  We remember how Margaret Thatcher government in 1980s used force to submit people to the newly imposed tax called the council tax.  It was a revolt against Thatcher government council tax which resulted in forcing a lot of people in prisons and then imposing such tax by force until now.  The recent revolt was against the university student fees>  Since 1990s when America supported by the UK and the West started wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts; the world economy declined seriously.  Living standard declined, taxes increased, banks declined, interest rates reached zero level, people work all their lives while paying half of their salaries as taxes, fees for universities increased, and so of and so forth.  Corruption, wars, lack of interest in the middle class and poor people interests and other factors are making the top authorities imposing wrong and hard systems on the people.  The systems in these countries failed but used the middle class and poor people class just to work and pay for the rich and for the authorities to keep their wars and their evil plans.  The government needing money for their wars and evil plans and the only way they take it is from the working people as taxes.

It now reached a level that after which there are none but imminent revolutions against all systems.  Soon there will be rejection to all the systems including the capitalism and the socialism.  Government cannot continue to take taxes on extremely high rates while the living standard declining.  The different political parties are nothing but misleading the people before each election and once in the top they will be no difference from the others. 

People had enough and the next revolutions will not be like the revolt against an issue or a tax but against the whole systems which brought such things.  Soon there will be widespread revolutions unless the different government do something about taxes, economies, peace, living standards, etc.  If these revolts started it will be too late to stop them and their consequences.  Governments have to do something now before it is too late?!

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