Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Who will pay compensations?

Mr Abdul Aziz Al Hakeem, the president of the GC declared few days ago that Iran has the right to claim compensations of more than 100 billions dollars from Iraq due to the war of 1980s! This declaration has been denied later on by one of Mr Al Hakeem's aides but if it is true, this will raises many questions about Mr Al Hakeem credibility. The reason we said if it is true because since the comments which was published in Ashraq Awsat newspaper of 18 Dec 2003 until now there were many Iraqi writers condemned it but no official statement from Mr Al Hakeem was released to deny it.

OK; Mr Al Hakeem and the Iraqis knew that Saddam is the one who started the war in 1980 but they knew as well who refused to stop the war and insisted to continue for 8 years! We know very well that after 6 days from the start of the war Saddam regime declared cease fire from one side giving a golden opportunity for the other side to respond and to avoid more blood shed but that was rejected like many other trials by the UN, Islamic conference and many other international and regional parties. Even when Iran accepted to stop the war after 8 years Mr Khomeni described his acceptance to stop the war like drinking a cup of poison!

Iran insistence to continue the war was one of the major causes which fuelled the creation of Saddam the tyrant with Weapons of Mass destructions as well as conventional weapons. The war also offered Saddam the excuse to kill and suppress the shites population in Iraq and to prevent them from practicing their religious duties. The question which was always asked by the Iraqis at that time was; if Khomeni is a high ranking man of religion, he is supposed to have an ethical and moral concerns about the Muslims, so why has he not accepted or even declared from one side to stop the war to avoid more blood shed and Muslims killing each others?!

Well; then, this is to Mr Al Hakeem and any one who likes to know the facts clearly; and to all the GC members as well; if Iran is asking for compensations because Saddam started the war, the Iraqis will give compensations for the first 6 days. After these 6 days Saddam regime accepted to stop the war from one side. The Iranians bear responsibility for the remaining 8years. Therefore; we request compensations from Iran for the rest of the war after the first 6 days.

Mr Al Hakeem should ask Iran for such compensations. Iraq needs every single penny now and God bless those who stand with it in its hard time.
The USA is now doing a great job about rebuilding a new Iraq and reducing its debts which were inflicted by Saddam regime. This should not be forgotten at all.

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