Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The straight path of Allah is your right choice

By the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Are you suffering from illness or having problem and constrains from this life?   Have you lost someone or something dear to you and you are sad about this?  Are you searching for the truth in this life and you couldn’t found it?  Whatever your problem is; come to the one who will solve it for you!

Do you know Allah?!  If not; you are very ignorant about yourself!  How you don’t know the one who is closer to you than your carotid artery?!  How ignorant you are if you don’t know the one who is with you all the times?!  How many one among people know their creator and ever-provider?!  They are only very few not to mention the thankfuls!   One thing you have to know; that Allah will approach by His special mercy those who approach Him, while He will not provide it for the ignorants.   You need to approach Allah with prayer with sincere and faithful heart and most important that you should be certain and positive that Allah will answer you.  Of course one of the most obstacles for your prayer to reach Allah is if you have sins especially the major ones. 

Imam Ali (peace be up on him) in a long prayer called (Doaa Komel) he divided the misdeeds into five major types.  These are the as appeared in Komiel Doaa; Oh Go (Ellohima) pardon me the sins which damage the protection, Oh God pardon me from the sins which bring the revenge; Oh God pardon me from the sins which change the blessing; oh God pardon me from the sins which lock up the prayer; oh God pardon me from the sins which bring the curse ….

So you can see that misdeeds, faults, sins and similar issues can change your life and one of the most important things that they may bring is sins may lock your prayer from reaching Allah!  What to do?  Repent!  Repent is not easy neither difficult!  It needs the will and perseverance.  You need to keep your heart, your mind, your body; your behaviour and everything in you clean throughout.  After such a time of persistence prayers the doors will open to you and you will feel it inside your heart.  Cry for yourselves loudly!  Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) one time said that you cry while the branches still green; what you will do when it dry?!  Wailing loudly!   Look to yourselves when you stand in front of Allah for judgment?!  Two ways are facing you.  One leading to the heaven and the other to the fire!  No death after that!  Which way you will choose?!

All of you struggle and work only for this life.  Namely you worship this life and many worship their fantasy!  However; soon all of you will face the reality in the life after.  We advise you to choose the right way in Islam.  This is the only way for your salvation from the fire hell.  If you need the happiness in this life and in the hereafter open your heart for the peace and tranquillity in the faith of the ones of God (Allah).  This path will get rid of all your burdens and cure you from all mischiefs. 

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