Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Prophet Mohammad the greatest man from the beginning of universe to its end
There are no doubts that the existed world at one moment was nullity.    It was therefore created from nothing by a creator who has the absolute power to produce all the existed roles which are keeping this world in orders from the tinniest atom to the biggest galaxy.    The fact is that we know very little about these roles compared to the knowledge that the creator put in his creations of the creator.    One of the most prodigy is that the creator although existed everywhere he conceal himself by his glory from his creatures.   The creator is Allah (Glory be to His name) and Allah means the one and the only God.  There is nothing similar to Him and no brain will be able to comprehend Him at all.  One time Mosses (Peace be up on him) asked Allah if he can see Him?  Allah answered Moses that he will not be able to do so and Allah gave Moses example by making very little and brief appearance of His ability to the mountain and instantly the mountain disappeared to non-existence in front on Moses’s eyes.  Moses was shocked from the scene and fall down on his face (see the Holy Quran).  He then realised that if Allah makes Himself obvious to His creatures they will not tolerate His power at all. 

Why Allah created the world?  The fact is existence is better that nullity however the real reason was mentioned by Allah which is for everything to worship Him.   Allah said that everything in the universe got a prayer and a glorification to Allah but we do not know how the heaven and the earth and the trees and others pray and glorify Allah.  They all do and Allah knows how this is.  On the top of the worship is not to join with Allah anything from His creations with Him as Gods.  Allah got no son whatsoever neither anything else but all are His creatures.  We do not know if there are other people or creatures with intelligence in this huge universe with choices like us.  If so they then have the same duty.  This is the fact which we certainly know about them if they exist.  We may know by fact as well that they were created as males and females and all these facts given in the Holy Quran (see it and read it).   For us the humans and the Jins in the earth Allah send us many prophets and messengers.    Prophet Mohammad (Peace be up on him and his family) was the seal of all prophets and messengers and the master of all of them and all of the mankind until the Day of Judgment. 
Every single prophet from Adam to Jesus (peace be up on them all) portend about the time and the coming of Prophet Mohammad and Islam.  They all glorified his name including Prophet David and Solomon (see the old holy books and the holy Quran).   When Allah (Glorified His name) created the universe He created the existence of Prophet Mohammad and named him before that.  Allah linked Prophet Mohammad’s name immediate after His name.  This why in the call for the prayer in Islam Prophet Mohammad comes next to the (La elah ela Allah) no gods but Allah and Mohammad is His messenger.  Mohammad is the symbol for the moral values, the ethics, the straight path, the monotheism, the worship of Allah in its correct way, and the master of all the prophets and messengers.

The world today is in need for a man like Prophet Mohammad to solve his problems.  This is going to happen but a matter of time when Imam Mohammad Al-Mahdi (peace be up on him) will come to fulfil the messages of all the previous prophets including the last one the Islam.  With Imam Al-Mahdi will come Jesus Christ who shall pray behind Imam-AL Mahdi and leads the way with Imam Al-Mahdi towards Islam all over the earth?  May Allah fasten the appearance of Prophet Mohammad’s son Imam Al-Mahdi so soon? 

اللهم عجل بظهور الامام المهدي المنتظر بعجل منك قريب كفلق الصبح يلوح

If anyone desires a religion other than Islam never will it be accepted of him or her

 This what Allah (All The Glory & The Raise to Him only) said in the Holy Quran in Chapter 3 Versus 85:
If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah), never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter He will be in the ranks of those who have lost (All spiritual good).
This is a very clear indication from Allah (All the Glory & the Raise to Him only) that anyone irrespective of race, believe, sex, position, time, knowledge, and other issues not taking Islam as his or her religion will not be accepted by Allah on the Day of Judgment and they will be lost.

This is a call for all people throughout time but the fact is only few of them will believe and have faith.  Islam will not only save you at the Day of Judgment but it will save you from all the negative aspects of this life too.  Islam will provide you with comfort, dignity, freedom, spiritual needs, happiness, satisfaction in all aspects of life, righteousness in life, cleanness, goodness to yourself and others around you, and it is a way of life not just prayers and worship. 

Read the Holy Quran which is the most positive book in the world until the Day of Judgment.  Read it as it is the Words of God that tells you about the past, the present and the future until the last day of the existed world and beyond that.


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