Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraq is the hero of Asia

Congratulations for the Lions of the Mesopotamia in their victory against Saudi Arabia one zero!

Let the victims of the terrorists and wars celebrate tonight!

The football team will unite the Iraqis irrespective of their differences.

Millions of Congratulations for all the Iraqis.

Iraq play with Saudi Arabia today

The Iraqi football team will play with the Saudi team in a 30 minutes time for the Asian countries final.

Iraqi won against South Korea and Saudi team won against Japan.

South Korea won against Japan yesterday for the second and third position.

The Iraqi team will wear a black ribbon as a sign of sadness and grieve for the Iraqis who were killed last Wednesday in a car bomb during their celebration after Iraq won against South Korea.

“Insha-Allah” God willing, Iraq will win today!

Congratulation for Iraqi Soccer team

Iraq is to the final of Asian football after the victory on the South Korean today.

Wishing Iraq to win the final on Sunday against Saudi Arabia which won against Japan.

Big celebrations went in Baghdad and most other Iraqi cities. However at least 12 civilians were killed during these celebrations when a car bomb went off in Baghdad.

Massacres of the Iraqi Doctors

Since the American-British occupation of Iraq in 2003 until now hundreds of Iraqi doctors have been killed by kidnapping, assassinations, torturing, and many other methods directed towards them individually. Some doctors have been disappeared in the occupation or militias prisons. It is not known who are responsible for these massacres. However the safety of this important section of the society is the responsibility of the Iraqi government, the occupied forces and the security forces of Iraq.

Senior doctors who spent their life in practice of their specialties such as surgery, medicine and university teaching were killed in front of their clinics, in their way to work, in their hospitals or any where else. Most of them were killed in Baghdad, Basrah, Mosel as well as other parts of Iraq.

The latest assassination of the Iraqi doctors happened yesterday when the Iraqi police discovered the body of one of the most famous surgeons in Basrah Dr Zeki Al-Fadagh thrown down in the street. The body shows bullets in the head indicated that Dr Zeki was killed by his abductors before thrown away. It was reported that he was taken from his home around 2 AM by gun men a day before his body was found later. He was one of the most active surgeons in Basrah both in the Medical school and contributed for many researches in the field of surgery, liver diseases and teaching.
Hundreds of other doctors, health professionals, and university lecturers were murdered since the barbaric war of George W Bush and Tony Blair. In this article one may see the variations of those who were killed from all specialties and society. In the same article it is clearly shown that the number of assassinations increased steadily since the start of the barbaric war in 2003.
It is not known who stand behind the murders and there are no links to the ethnic or religious or political factors as these intellectuals are from all sects of society and not related to any specific political group. However most of them are among those who oppose the US-British occupation of Iraq. There are no investigations of who is doing these acts against the Iraqi intellectuals. The Iraqi government is so weak to do so or even they are puppets of the American occupation. Many independents have said that there are regional and international agencies behind this such as Israel and Iran.

This article tells about the story of Dr. Mayah murder, a 53-year-old political scientist and human rights advocate.

Many other articles have been written however the magnitude of problem needs a lot of work to discover the actual size of the problem.

There is no doubt that the occupation and war play the major role in destroying Iraq and its intellectual structure and this occupation should end or ended.

The New Oil law in Iraq may only be agreed after the end and improvement of the existed situation in Iraq

The numbers of the American soldiers killed in Iraq is on the increase every single day. Even the green zone which was one of the safest places before had been exposed into the heaviest bombardment yesterday. More than 25 peoples have been killed and wounded only according to the official figures, yet the numbers may be more.

In spite of all the failures, George W Bush keeps lying about the war against terrorism in Iraq. In deed his war is the one which brought terrorism there. If he is honest he should tell that the American forces has failed and indeed lost the war in Iraq long time ago. He and his Generals inside Iraq are trying to glue the rips but not to cure the whole situation. On the other hand they want the oil new system to be agreed and signed by the government and the parliament so quickly to control the oil of Iraq. Almost all Iraqis are opposing the new system about the oil. It is going to create more chaos and resistance. Indeed some of the resistance groups threatened to kill any one who is going to sign the new law about Iraq oil. George W Bush and Dick Cheney are trying to get their own companies to control and steal the Iraqi oil.

It is not right to sign any deal like this while the occupation is still controlling the country and the Iraqi government and the parliament are so weak that they are unable to protect the country from even the simplest attacks. In fact before the oil system is going to be changed the Iraqi government should be changed first to have a more strong government that is able to protect its people. It is so naïve to make a new system for the Iraqi oil which is one of the biggest resources in the world and the main wealth for the Iraqis, while Iraq is unable to protect itself from terrorism and from regional interferences. How can a country introduce such a deal while it is still under the most barbaric terrorism and occupation in the history of mankind?

Before any oil changes in Iraq the country needs to feel that it is not threatened from out or inside, its people are safe to go to work and not fearing from terrorism or occupied forces to kill them, seen some economic progression, having a strong government able to protect them, not under the occupation, having strong Iraqi forces to protect them, and many other factors before they are able to change the oil program. It is then have to be agreed by unbiased Iraqi professional specialists in the fields of oil and economy and then Iraqis have to vote on it after explanation of its contents. Only by this way the law will not be changed by the governments that may come to role in Iraq in future.

The new oil law is and will be rejected by the Iraqis. Unless the security situation improved and a new government formed and people fell that there are progressions in every thing in the country and the occupation is ended or will soon end by a timetable, unless doing all of that any oil law or deal will definitely fail. It will result in attacking the oil facilities and destroying them. Indeed we do not know how and Iranian origin person like Dr. Shahrastani who is the present Oil minister became and oil minister in spite of many other Iraqis who are more experienced in this field?!

It is therefore time to do changes in the government with out ethnic basis, improve security and Iraqi forces and putting timetable for withdrawal of US-British forces. After this the oil law can be changed for a new law by the Iraqis and not by the others.

Massacres in Iraq Continued

More than 400 innocent Iraqi people have been killed and seriously wounded in the village of Aamer Lee in Kurkuk about 200 km north of Baghdad when a suicidal tanker attacked the village market. More than 40 houses destroyed completely and several shops and cars. Hospitals in the nearby cities such as Kurkuk were unable to cope with the number of wounded and due to the lack of security in roads most of wounded were died in their way to hospitals.

The Iraqi Puppet prime minister and his corrupted and weak government doing nothing a part fro condemnations!

Other deaths, assassinations, killing, lack of services, lack of security, corruptions, and other horrified crimes are continuing in Iraq daily.

The occupied forces in Iraq of the American mercenaries and their allies bear the whole responsibility for these attacks. Indeed they are involved directly in committing these acts. Weak Iraq and strong terrorists is the act of George W Bush and Dick Cheney mercenaries.

The American occupation of Iraq should be resisted by all means and they should be hold responsible for all what is happening in Iraq. George Bush killed thousands of Iraqi civilians and should be tried and his deputies in his mercenaries army about this.

George Bush failure in Iraq causes more deaths and immediate changes are needed

The number of the American soldiers killed in Iraq is steadily increasing. The last 2 months were the worst since the beginning of the invasion in 2003. Today 5 more American soldiers killed. The total numbers killed reached 3600 soldiers while more wounded and much more having psychiatric and psychological diseases and problems. In fact this is the reported figures officially however the actual numbers even worse. Regarding the Iraqis all of them now suffering either losses or psychological problems from the war except the hypocritical corrupted politicians in the government and the parliament.

If the occupation is not going to put an end to its existence and interferences in the Iraqi affairs we should expect heavier losses not only among the Iraqi innocent citizens but among the occupied forces. George W Bush war has failed not only among the Iraqi support but it is facing a sliding downfall inside the USA and other parts of the world which was among the supporters for the war before. Soon Australia and the UK will pull their troops and they should do so sooner rather than later.

The Americans are going to be alone and they will pay heavy prices while GWB keeps lying about successes and progression in Iraq. If there is any success it is death and killing and destruction to this country and its people and the occupying soldiers.

America under GWB not only weakened the Iraqi forces and left the country without army and security but they imposed a fragile and weak government though by kind of election but based on sectarian and ethnic divisions. Moreover the USA interferes with every thing in Iraq including the protection they offer for the criminals, the terrorists and the corruptors. This includes ministers required for the Iraqi justice because of stealing millions of dollars and the USA offered them sanctuary and smuggled them outside Iraq to the USA. Indeed most of the corruption happening in Iraq is due to the interference of the GWB administrative representative in Iraq. It started of course from Paul Bremer who dissolved the Iraqi army and left the country to struggle in weakness.

One of the most important thing is the so weak Iraqi government that can not do anything for the country and this may suite the GWB policies in Iraq, at least this is what most of the Iraqis believe.

We think that the Iraqi government should be a strong one whether it is elected or not and it should have a strong army or at least to call the Iraqi army to get back and armed without interferences from the USA. In fact if the USA would like to achieve a better relation with the Iraqis for the future they should help in building up this army as soon as possible as it took long time just to create few weak and inefficient units. Moreover there is a need for a strong government not among the existed politicians who fight for power and this government should not be based on ethnic or seatrain issues. This government then may take the country as a whole into a time when more elections can be done with better security and stability as well as acts to end the occupation sooner rather than later. We think if GWB want to avoid farther failures and killing for the Iraqis and his own troops he should act immediately and not to wait for more deaths and destructions. However we are not convinced that this man is going to do it but keeps lying and lying and not bothered about his troops neither of course about the Iraqi innocent citizens.

The Americans are behind the weakness of Iraq army

Looking retrospectively to the decision of Paul Bremer the American governor of Iraq after the US-British invasion 2003; it is very clear that the decision was intentionally to create weak Iraqi forces. The reason is to keep the security issue in the hand of the occupied forces and because these forces not trusting the Iraqi army.

After 4 years and millions of dollars were spent to arm and train the new army yet the outcome is so disappointing. In fact the USA got no intention to train and create a strong Iraqi army at all. It is the reverse and there are many causes for that.

Again the USA is creating another mistake because strong Iraqi army is so essential to balance the nuclear power Iran. Once America is out of Iraq which will happen soon Iran will take over and the consequences are very well known to the Americans before any one else.

Iraq should have strong army to defend itself from inside and outside and so as the American forces can go home otherwise they will stay to suffer more and more losses. The summer will be a hell for them in Iraq and this will prove the lies of GWB.

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