Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Battle for Mosel: the end of Daesh in Iraq

The Iraqi forces launched its offensive against the ISIS (Daesh) in Mosel area which is the strongest and last hold of Daesh.   It is considered the capital of Daesh and its loss for them will certainly be a major blow and defeat.    Liberation of Mosel from Daesh will be a victory and a turning point for the world as a whole against Daesh.

Mosel is the second largest city in Iraq with 2 millions civilians and large area with long border with Syria.   Its liberation is not easy but not impossible either.  

Mosel is a historic city witnessed the emergence of ancient stone age civilization.   It is also a biblical city of Prophet Joana and contain many historical sites that been destroyed by Daesh.    It was the largest city in the world during the time of King Sargon 1800 BC.  It was occupied by Daesh June 2014 till now.   

Daesh griped the city with fear and terrors and committed all kinds of crimes against its citizens.    The citizen of Mosel are mixtures of all ethnic sects in Iraq.   

Mosel is awaiting the final victory in the next few days inshallah.

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