Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Arabs Revolutions

It is the new era and the new Arab generations who refused oppressions, tyranny and totalitarian puppet rulers.

What the Arab rulers should do?


Ali Abdalallah Salah the dictator of Yemen should respect his people and do one last good thing before more bloodshed by resigning. He knows that the revolution reached a stage where there is no return at all. The earlier his departure the better if he has a little civilised attitude left. He should hand power to the army like what happened in Egypt. Go soon better for yourself and for Yemen if you like your country and people.


Moaamar Gaddafi the tyrant of Libya is one of the worst dictators in the recent history. He suffers from mania and psychopathic personality. Those still fighting with him have to decide between staying with the criminal and joining their people in their revolt now. The army who is still with Gaddafi have to turn the table on him. His security should refuse the orders of the killer. All the Libyan should save Libya from Gaddafi blood stained hands. This is the only way to save their country from more destruction brought by Gaddafi. Gaddafi’s tribe should reject him especially after his crimes. The revolutionaries should arm themselves well and made swept victory toward Tripoli.


Nori Al Malki the PM of Iraq vowed for a hundred days to clear corruption from the state and put plans for restoring services etc. However there are no plans or actions or any tangible results yet despite 30 days passed. If he wants to survive he should introduce quick and effective remedies and plans. The time scale is not with him and quick actions needed as soon as possible. It is not only the services that are lacking but there are many other issues under large corruptions in the ministries and the commissions such as the Property Claims Commissions where there are thousands of Iraqis who lost their properties and juridical orders issued many years ago to substitute them yet their applications remained on the shelves of the Property Claims Commissions for many years. Similar issues need to be treated soon to get rid of the injustice from the citizens.


Bashar Asad should be more civilized than the other rulers and before any bloodshed in Syria he should come with major reforms. On the top of these reforms he should arrange for free, transparent, elections in which he should not stand for it. By this he will save his country and become the most civilised president in the region. He is a physician and he should save people lives and not to kill them. Let him come with a speech telling his people that all Syrian should sit together and produce new legislations, new parliament, and new election. He will not stand in that election and it should be done with short period of time such as 2 months. It is in Assad hands to save Syria destructions and damages and not to turn it into another Libya.


Reforms should include two things. First open transparent dialogue and apologies from the rulers about the people who were killed. It is important that these dialogues happen while the foreign troops pull out of Bahrain to give more paces for such talks. The Bahraini people voice should be heard and reforms should be done on a large scale towards democracy and freedom.

Jordan and other Arab states

Big, transparent and effective reforms should be done without delays and before having another Libyas or another Yemens.

The Arab revolutions; Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq and others

Moamar Gadhafi regime in the last few days proved to be one of the world’s most brutal and criminal regimes in the recent history. Gadhafi and his regime committed major crimes against humanity. It is not yet to know the exact brutal crimes committed against the people especially in Tripoli where he secretly crushed the oppositions and killed them. The obvious crimes which were seen in the Libyan cities are only the tip of the iceberg and yet to be discovered.

The coalition lead by France and according to the UN resolution which protect the civilians from Gadhafi crimes should bring that criminal man into world justice. Success in this operation is not only good for the French-Arab future relation but it will be seen as a signal for the other dictators to respect their people wishes in freedom and democracy. This operation is so limited at its start now and not yet encouraging. Strong attacks are needed to paralyse Gadhafi military machine that he used to crush the civilians including those in Tripoli. The signal should be that Gadhafi should not use force against protesters anywhere including civilians in Tripoli or he will get consequences. Limited use of force will be of no effect on this criminal dictator.

Ali Abdallah Saleh the dictator of Yemen is not much different from Gadhafi but he commits his crimes in different ways. Every day pass more protestors in Yemen killed by Saleh regime. The people of Yemen decided that they do not want this dictator. They want freedom and democracy and freedom in change of power. Saleh should leave as his people do not want him to stay in power. If he is civilised person like Housni Mubarak he will leave soon. These dictators are only after their positions and power because if they actually work for their countries they should have been left right from the first few hours or at least days if the people doesn’t want them. The people of Yemen will continue and will escalate their revolution until this dictator leaves or brought for trail. In the next few days we will see more people among the army and the government and even his party leaving him and join the revolution.

The ruler of Bahrain Hamad Khalefa is another dictator for life in that small country. The majority of Bahrain people are Shia Muslims while the ruler is Sunni however the people were only want freedom and democracy like any other people and their revolt is no difference form the other revolutions in the Arab world. The dictator of Bahrain used army from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states to crush his own people. This is no different from the occupation of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein in 1990 if not even worse. The dictator of Bahrain not only killing people daily with the help of non-Bahraini forces but he destroyed the Square of Loaloaa which was used by protestors peacefully. The people of Bahrain are now governed by a brutal sectarian regime with help of foreign troops especially from Saudi Arabia. This is not the first time for the Saudi regime to interfere with other countries. It did the same before with Qatar when the Saudi regime tried to outset the Qatari ruler. It also played major rule in the violence in Iraq since 2003 and the wars in Yemen.
The Bahraini people will not rest until the dictator brought to justice and they will escalate their revolt until they achieve freedom and democracy. On the other hand inviting foreign troops to kill the people may escalate regional war and regional countries may interfere directly sooner or later. The best solution for this is for one of the same family to dispose the ruler and ask the foreign troops to leave and then negotiate with the people for new, real and major reforms brining new constitution and elected government.

There are many problems in Iraq which requires major actions. There are occupation, wide scale corruption, lack of any kind of basic services, government based on sectarian shares, lack of security, existence of several powers other than the government, and many other problems. The first thing needed in Iraq is to cut the roots of corruption and to repair the services. There should be major reforms in the constitution to end the sectarian share of power or election. There should be major reforms for health, education, electricity, water, transport, sewage, poverty, and so on.

In Iraq there are many commissions which resulted of unnecessary and long delays of processing of civilians’ applications. One of the worst examples is the Property Claims Commission (Haiyat Nezaa Almlkiah) which delayed civilians’ applications for many years since 2003 until now. Thousands of civilians suffered from injustice and aggrieves from the PCC due to hindering their applications while their properties been taken from them without compensations despite the compensation were agreed many years ago by appropriate Judicial Committees. Noori Al-malki should act quickly and directly to ask the PCC to act soon to end the injustice in this issue of compensations to the civilians who had their application finished since many years. He said that he gives 100 days for reforms and one of them is the PCC in which we had many people wrote to us and to the human rights organisations asking for immediate action to end injustice and compensate for their properties.

Other Arab countries
It becomes clear that the new Arab generations will not rest until they have their freedom and democracy. They would like to put an end to the rule for life by the Arab dictators. There is no place for oppression and dictatorship.

Those rulers who are wise and they love their countries should act now and make real and clear changes. They should be part of the new changes and not like Mubarak, Saleh and Gadhafi. They should respect their people and be brave enough to tell the people that they are with the new era and new changes and will be part of it and not against it. This is the best way to protect themselves and their countries. They should act immediate before more damage or more killings. The action is to arrange new elections in few months’ time and they should not be part of that election at all. However if they respect their people and not elect themselves the people may in the future elections vote for them when they join again. If they refuse and not doing early changes their fate will not be different from the other dictators.

America backs the Saudi forces to occupy Bahrain and oppressing its citizens

In 1991 America and its allies wage a large war against Iraq after the Iraqi forces entered Kuwait. Saddam Hussein was not even given enough time to negotiate a way of how to settle the issue of what was called the invasion of Kuwait. Following the destruction of the Iraqi infrastructure and the use of depleted uranium the USA and its allies including Britain imposed a barbaric blockade which killed at least one million Iraqi children due to lack of food, medicine and increased cancer rates. Iraq is still suffering especially after the last American invasion and war in 2003. American and its allies hands are stained by the Iraqi children blood.

Today and after the visit of Robert Gate the American defence minister to Bahrain the Saudi Forces entered Bahrain to join the rulers of Bahrain to kill the Bahraini people. America officially backed the Saudi forces to invade Bahrain. The American people are responsible to ask their politicians of how they allow such thing to happen? It is against human rights and not compatible with the basic principles of the UN which prevent other country forces from occupying other country. It makes this even worse if the occupying forces came as oppressing forces to help the dictator of that country to kill his own people.

The invasion of the Saudi forces of Bahrain is not simple occupation but it is an oppressive force to kill the people of Bahrain. This will complicate the issue and it will lead to escalation of the situation rather than solving it. The Saudi forces may be soon needed in the Saudi Arabia itself. On the other hand and as Bahrain is a neighbour country to Iran this will make Iran to mobilize its forces to gain more control of areas in the Gulf as an excuse to protect its interest against Saudi invasion of Bahrain.

It looks as if we are on the verge of another Gulf war in which there will be major changes of powers and the people of the Gulf especially in Bahrain will reject the presence of the American forces in their lands.

The world should stop Gaddafi’s crimes against humanity

The world represented in its United Nation body has an obligation toward any member of the states if its own people exposed into genocide. The Arab League got similar obligation.

The dictator of Libya Moamar Gaddafi is committing crimes against humanity. Gaddafi is attacking his own people by aircrafts and weapons that are only used in wars between armies and not against civilians. Gaddafi and his sons killed even small children, women and torturing their opponents. Gaddafi is not a normal person but he is a psychopath who may kill everyone opposing him. On the same time Gaddafi distort the facts and will not hesitate to lie or fabricate. Gaddafi is attacking his own people in many cities just because they do not want him in power after 43 years of tyranny and oppression. There are reports from the revolutionaries in Libya that Gaddafi may attack the oil fields in Libya if he feels that he is going to fall. He may also use chemical weapons including Mustard Gas against the people.

Gaddafi is not only challenging his people but he is challenging the whole world. In fact the world is watching the crimes and genocide committed by Gaddafi and not doing anything about it. This is going to allow anyone who may like to use the same way that Gaddafi used to be able to do so. The world should act sooner rather than latter and stop this criminal and bring him to justice.

It is time to act and to show that the world is not living in a Jungle.

The Libyan revolutionaries need help from any civilized one in the world and those who are not helping the freedom and democracy in Libya are either with Gaddafi or against freedom.

The Libyan revolution needs support and the Libyan civilians opposing Gaddafi need protection from the genocides of Gaddafi. It is therefore the world including the UN should have an urgent action such as to impose No-Fly zone over Libya. The UN may order air strikes against the bases that Gaddafi used to attack the people. The other thing that urgently needed is to arm the revolution with anti-aircraft and other missiles and provide them with intelligent details about the movements of Gaddafi troops. Helps are also needed for medical supplies, food and other equipment from the Arab states especially via Egypt and Tunisia.

On the other hand the world should recognize the new Libyan National Council and pull its acknowledgment of Gaddafi as the leader and considering him as a criminal of war. The first states that should do this are the Arab states.

Stopping Gaddafi genocide crimes against humanity is a test that the world is responsible about it now before more crimes are committed and urgently.

Crimes against humanity by Arab dictators especially Gaddafi

It is shame on the face of the humanity to see the massacres done by the Libyan tyrant Gaddafi and not doing anything about it. Most of these massacres were done by the use or support of Gaddafi air force.

The world can do more about this by at least imposing a no-fly zone over Libya. The world is in front of real test of its humanity and the respect of human rights. They should warn Gaddafi that if he use force against the civilians then the world will interfere to strike his bases including himself. Gaddafi is now required by the world for crimes against humanity and should come for justice or be brought.

Gaddafi got no legitimacy after the Libyans rejecting his regime and after his use of force against the innocent armless people so as for him to stay in power. If Gaddafi allowed to stay in power in such way then that will open the door for others to use force against the people to be in power. This could happen anywhere in the world without exception.

Gaddafi and Ali Abdullah Salah of Yemen both have to leave now and the world have to stop Gaddafi from his crimes which are continued on daily basis as it happens now in the city of Al-Zawyiah and Tripoli.

Victory to the revolutions of the oppressed Arab people all over the Arab countries against their tyrants and curse is to these tyrant and dictators.

There should be no rule for life and no rule for single family or single person for ever.

Gaddafi is psychopathic and the world should prevent him using weapons

Moamar Al-Gaddafi the previous self-imposed Libyan dictator for 43 years has lost his legitimacy as a leader after his people rejected him. He is now just a leader of crime syndicate after he used all type of weapons including aircrafts. The last attack by aircrafts was today in which he killed at least 27 civilians in the oil rich Barka city. Gaddafi used mercenaries from Africa and Eastern Europe including Croatia and Serbia. He breached all the principles of human rights. Until now Gaddafi killed at least 6000 and made tens of thousands of people to flee in inhumane conditions across the borders. On the other hand Gaddafi is taking the people in Tripoli the capital like hostages by imposing on them extreme oppressing conditions via his special troops and mercenaries.

Simple psychoanalysis of the behaviours of Gaddafi will reveal without any doubts the nature of his psychopathic personality. This man is not normal and he is one of the best examples of the Arab leaders that the West and America supported for long time despite their antihuman rights and oppressive actions. The other Arab leaders are more or less the same and they are ready to kill their people to stay in power. This is a fact which was seen in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and the others. Ali Abdallah Salah the dictator of Yemen is the next to Gaddafi if not even worse in certain areas. Both of them were puppets and they now live in dreams and not reality. They both should go and face trials. Ali Abdallah Salah should be responsible for every day pass in Yemen in which the people loss lives and economy.

The other Arab countries including Egypt and Tunisia should use power to help the Arab people in Libya. Gaddafi described the Egyptian army that it is just working in the sewage canals now. He makes thousands of Egyptian to flee without dignity. The Arab League especially Egypt should take tough decision once in its life time and use air force to bomb Gaddafi’s sites and his headquarters and impose a no flight zone to protect the Arab civilians. The revolutionaries rejected any foreign interferences but a no fly zone is something that the world have to think of to show their care at least for the people.

Victory is for the Arab revolutions from the Gulf to the Ocean.

The oppressive dictator puppets in the Arab world

The first civilization first originated from the Arab world specifically from Iraq and Egypt. The south of Iraq (Sumerians) invented to the humanity lot of things including writing, civil orders, law, social regulations, medicine, agriculture, banking, city planning, road paving, postage, money, military, the wheel, and so on and so forth. Egypt and Iraq civilization were complementing each other.

Not only inventions but the divine revelation and religions were all originated in the Arab world. Islam the last religion revealed by Allah (Glory and Praise be to His name) was in Maddena and Makkah. It was revealed to the seal and the master of all the messengers Prophet Mohammad (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him and his family).

Islam brought sciences, wisdom, peace, moral values, purity to the body and soul and a full constitution to the whole life. The Holy Quran tells about the past even before the universe was existed, the present and the future until the Day of Judgment and beyond. You can read conversations between Allah and the Angles before the creations of the man. It is a full code of life.

One of the most important issue about Islam that it makes the mankind free from the boundaries of the materialistic life and ascend them into the highest state possible in the presence of the Lord of the Universe. It frees man from the chains of evil.

Freedom and peace are two most important principles of Islam as far as they go with the moral values which benefit the mankind and the other livings.

Since the imperialism which came by materialistic states the Arabs were governed by puppets, dictators and tyrant. They were puppet for the West ruled by fear, oppression, and tyranny.

There is no place for these tyrant governments now as they are the cause of all our problems including corruptions. The best examples are Gaddafi, Ali Abdalla slah, Mubarak, and all the rest. They do not care to kill the people and as far as their masters in America supports those to continue with their oppression as it happen all during the last decades.

The Arabs got no trust in these puppets neither in their masters and they got zero tolerance for them. They should all go or if not then death is better than life for the people and the people will get either victory or death with dignity.

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