Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The most dangerous areas of ISIS (Daiesh) in Iraq

There are three areas most dangerous not only for Iraq but most dangerous for the world are Fuloja, Mosel and Ramadi.  

David Cameron the UK PM was right when he expected Daiesh to attack the UK and he was right in his comment about the BBC should not use (the Islamic State) to call Daiesh.   There is a difference between Daiesh and Islam.  Islam is a religion of peace and mercy.   Imam Ali the first Imam after the Prophet for the Shia Muslims and the fourth and well respected Khalifah for the Sunni Muslims said the people are two kind either brother for you in religion or brother for you in humanity and in another time he said wish or love to your brother what you wish for yourself. 

The ideology of the Daiesh is the one, which should be eliminated, and that is the Wahabism.  It is orgin is from Saudi Arabia back to Mohammad Bin Abdulwahab.  It is the same ideology used by Talaban and Alqaida and the same one they use it to bomb and kill in Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Eastern province of KSA, France, Africa and others. 

Geographically Daiesh should be eliminated from Fuloja, Mosel and other areas in Iraq to prevent them from using the oil and the people and the areas to propagate their purposes in and outside.  Barak Obama the US president was always weak to support this and in fact he did the reverse.  Russia was much more supportive to the Iraqis as well as Iran to fight the terrorists.  Iraq only needs arms and other supports and not troops at all.  Air strikes are important to hit the command control of Daiesha and prevent them from using the roads from Syria and drying their resources from many regional countries such as Qatar and Saudia.  However these air strikes are so weak and done few or none at all.  The Iraqis can eliminate Daiesh but needs little support if they are serious to eliminate the danger of Daiesh.

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