Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Tikrit liberated fully

The Iraqi forces liberated Tikrit which was considered a strong hold for Daiesh terrorists fully today.  

The Iraqi forces entered the city center and killed hundred of the terrorists who were most of them are non-Iraqis from Saudis and others. 

The Iraqi forces used only limited part of their force and the liberation was just a little game for our forces despite the strong hold of the terrorists. 

The lesson of the battle of Tikrit will be used to liberate Mosel and other parts from the terrorists.

Daiesh (ISIS) collapsed under the attacks of the Iraqi forces

The non-Islamic state in Iraq and Syria (NISIS) swiftly collapsed under the attacks of the Iraqi forces in the province of Tikrit.  Over the last 7 days hundreds of miles were liberated from the NISIS where it was few days ago considered to be one of the strongest hold of Daiesh.  One of these areas is where the massacre of spyker in which at least 2000 students were slaughtered like sheep by the Daiesh members and their local supporters.  Until yesterday two mass graves were found which are likely contains the remnants of these betrayed students. 

The last area remained to be liberated from Daiesh is the center of Tikrit which is surrounded fully by the Iraqi forces and soon in the coming few hours will be liberated.  Daiesh collapsed like the domino pieces cascade quickly and on the same time the Iraqi forces entered swiftly. 

All the Iraqis joined to liberate their areas from the terrorists.  There were no supports received on the ground from any country.  On the same time the NISIS thugs continued to destroy the Iraqi antiquities in Mosel from thousands of years.

Tikrit was one of the strongest hold for Daiesh since came to Iraq last year.  The success that the Iraqi forces achieved will be used to liberate Mosel soon.  It is the end of Daiesh in Iraq, which will certainly reduce the risk of these terrorists all over the region and the rest of the world too.   While writing this our forces advances towards the center of Tikrit while Daiesh either killed, captured or escaping north to Mosel. 


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