Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Who is next after Tunisia and Egypt?

After the revolution of the hero in Tunisia and Egypt the changes are coming in many Arab countries.

The question is not are the Arab revolutions is going to happen or not but when and where is the next one? It is a matter of time only.

The new generations in the Arab world is different from the one before because the world changed while the same dictators are still controlling the Arab countries. This is completely rejected and will not exist at all. The ignition was one in Tunisia and Egypt and the others will need no or little ignition but just little push which is looming in the horizon everywhere.

Next will be Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Sudan, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, and Oman.

Victory is to the Arab people against the dictators who oppressed them for many decades.

Who is Obama to agree or not to agree for Egypt?

The latest Obama statement and contact with Israel and some other poppets in the region indicates he is now bowing to what the Egyptian people need to change the American and Israel poppet Hoseni Mubarak. Obama (or America) and their poppets in the region were the most supporters for the oppression and the anti-human rights in the Arab countries.

Late Obama say what he wants to say because we do not trust them at all. They are the biggest liars. The most important thing for America is the security of Israel and not our people in Egypt and the other Arab people.

The fate of the Arab people including Egypt is in the hand of the Egyptians people. The involvement of America by this way indicates that the USA is the one which decided for the Arab dictators including Egypt. They are just their poppets.

What America done for the Palestinian people problems for the last tens of years but just deceptions, lie, and hypocrisy. Moreover Israel was killing the children and destroying everything while Hillary and Obama supporting it. They killed us and there will be a day that they will be judged first by the history which will put them in the black list of those whose hands stained with our children blood and the second by God who will have nothing but Fire-Hell for the transgressors.

Hoseni Mubarak Terrorise his People

The dictator of Egypt Houseni Mubarak is now using terror against his own people. He started to use airplane fighters on low level over Cairo to terrorise and scaring the people. He appointed military rulers and pushed more tanks to the streets. However the army disobeyed all the orders came to them to enforce the curfew which is not respected.

Houseni Mubarak security forces were melt after 24 hours and the army disobeyed the orders which pushed HM security forces to produce a condition of tumult against the people.

The condition intensifying in Egypt and functionally the government is falling and the power of HM is already died but he needs to go and leave Egypt for the Egyptians.

The Egypt revolution is now not belonging for some group but everyone involved and today included the religious institute of Azhar and the judicial system. The army is on imminent overall disobey.

The world have the choice now either to be with the Egyptian people or with Hoseni Mubarak regime.

It is now too late for Hoseni Mubarak simply to leave. He should now be arrested and put into a trail.

America and the West deception about Democracy

Let us first see if there is a real democracy in the USA and the Western countries or not?

Democracy means that there is a freedom for the people to select their rulers starting from the head of the pyramids to the bases. This has to occur in short terms ideally not exceeding 4 years. It should be transparent, free and everyone has to have full freedom to elect or nominate himself for any position. The democracy should involve all aspects of life and not only the top of the government. There should be no head of department or company or college or similar without elections. The big question is; is this democracy happening in the West? The simple answer is big No.

In the West its own democracy is nothing but the surface of the top of the pyramid. If we take an example the USA it got two parties that they succeed on power; namely the Democrats and the Republican since the formation of the United State. The other example is the UK which got two main parties succeeded on power the Conservative and the Labour. Other Western countries are just the same. In all of these countries each party to control power by election they deceive their own people by promises to reduce taxes and improving the condition of living but once they come to power they do the reverse and so on. On the other hand there are no democracy at all on the other levels below the top and the surface. In conclusion there is no real democracy anywhere in the world.

The deception that America and the Western countries use with their people used in a different way with the Arab countries and other countries. The best example in the recent time is the lie that these governments use with the Arab people in which they appear to support democracy but in fact they support the dictator governments. America, the UK, France, and the others support the dictators in the Arab world such as Egypt dictator, Saudi Arabia dictators, Yemen, Tunisia, Morocco, and all other dictators in the Arab countries. Even after the people rejects these dictators like the one happened in Tunisia and Egypt the West and America continue until last to support their poppets.

The Arabs should not trust the Western countries and America at all from now on and the West should take of their nose from the Arab world. On the other hand the American people and the Western people should review their thinking about their authorities who are not only deceiving the others but deceiving themselves too.

The behaviour of the Western countries is of no doubt against the Human rights always especially when it come to the Arab countries. Are the Human rights for them only or is it all over the world?

The time of subservience in the Arab world is finished

Since the end of the World War 2 and the imperialism of the Western countries especially Britain, France, Italy and America the Arab countries are controlled by dictator regimes. All of these dictators are poppets for the same imperialistic Western countries. The creation of the state of Israel in 1940s in Palestine made the situation worst and with time the same imperialistic countries supported the new state of (Israel). This issue was the main point concerning the western countries for which they allowed their poppets to suppress the people in the Arab countries. They fear that the Arabs will abort their plans in the region. This western countries’ fear is because their plans in the Arab region are always evil plans against the Arab countries. It is not different from their plans during the imperialism time in which they plunder the Arab wealth especially the oil and made them to stay behind in everything.

America and the UK were recently the main players in the war against Iraq in which hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians were killed since 1991 until now. The same two countries played the major role in the misery of the Arab people since the WW-2. The local people in the Arab world trust not America at all.

The American role is evil role and America is the biggest state supporting the terrorism especially when it comes to the states terrorism. The state terrorism is the worst one and it existed over a large scale in every country in the Arab world. The suppression and the strangulation of the freedom is the daily practice of the Arab poppet government against their people. This happening to variable extent throughout the Arab world especially including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain, Sudan, Morocco, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, UAE, Oman, Somalia, and basically all the Arab world. Moreover all the Arab governments are corrupts. The best example is Saudi Arabia which is very widely supported by the West especially by the UK and America. There are thousands of princes and princess of the Saudi ruling family who control the large wealth of (Saudi Arabia) while poverty is gnaw on the people of the state not to mention the oppression of the Saudi people by the Saudi ruling family. Similar situation exist everywhere in Arab world including the Gulf region such as Bahrain and UAE. The rulers have nothing but disdain about the destiny of their people as we saw this in the statement of Huseni Mubarak in Egypt last night and few weeks ago by the Tunisian deposed dictator.

The revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia and the big tension and congestions in the rest of the Arab world proved to everyone that the Arab new generations are still alive and will never die but even better than the previous generations. Their dignity and attachment to their nationalism and religion will never come to compromise. The time of the servility is gone and the Arab world is going to change toward the freedom, democracy, and to say big No to the imperialism and the hypocrites like America and its western allies.

Victory is to the Arab people against the American poppet regimes and all corrupts. Victory is to the Egyptian people.

America supporting the tyrant regime in Egypt

This is not a Weakileaks documents but a clear announcement by the US Foreign Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She announced yesterday that she and her regime (the USA) supporting Hoseni Mubarak regime against the people in Egypt!

Hillary Clinton said that her regime in America thinks that the regime of Hoseni Mubarak is stable. She added that the regime in Egypt is looking for a solution out of the problems of the people in Egypt. This is very strong indication that the USA directly involved in what is going in Egypt by supporting the regime against the oppressed people. The USA has no interest in the people of Egypt but about a regime that support Israel and its own interests. The USA is therefore a partner with the Egyptian regime against its own people.

Until today at least 5 Egyptian protestors have been killed and more than a thousand arrested to an unknown destinations by the secret Egyptian police.
It is enough for the Arab people including the Egyptian to have dictators for life and they want to get their wives and sons in the power after them. Above all is the widespread corruption.

The people in East Europe changed their way of life and had democracy after the downfall of the Soviet Union and it is the time for the whole Arab world to change and get democracy. Is that not the big lie that the USA brought with its invasion and war of Iraq? Is it not the USA which declared about supporting the human rights and freedom of talk? However this is not for the Arab world and as it is indicated last night by Hillary Clinton when she said that the Egypt regime is stable and there to stay!

No one trusts the American statements from now on at all and let the USA get its nose out of our life and in the Middle East region including the Gulf region.

Victory is for the Egyptian people toward freedom, democracy and downfall of the dictator regime.

The American crimes against humanity

America is the enemy of the nations especially in the Arab and Islamic world. The most recent events since 1991 and specifically after the downfall of the Soviet Union proved that the enmity of America is to the Arab and Islamic nations.

America is destroying the Arab and Muslim world and interfering with its affairs and supporting the dictators who were imposed with the help of America on these people. America is not only supporting them but giving these rulers the green light to rule by fear, iron fist, suppression, and corruption. America killed at least one million Iraqi children from 1991 especially during the UN sanction on Iraq after the George W Bush war in 1991.

The American policing of the world is not going to continue endless. There is a day when this is going to finish. We know that the history will never stay the same especially if the people decided to rewrite a new chapter in its life. However we should not forget the biggest role in this equation which is the will of Almighty Allah (The God) who will never ignore but postpone for a while. When His will comes no one will be able to stand against it and He will come from the corner where nobody expects it. God Almighty knew the crimes committed by America and its allies, He knew that their hands are stained with the blood of the innocent people and indeed they bathed themselves with this blood.

God Almighty will certainly come with His unexpected power to punish the oppressors. We know by sure that Imam Almahid will come to rule with justice and equity all over the Earth without any doubts but the punishment of the oppressors may come even before that. With Imam Almahdi it will be certain because he will be supported by the angles that no one may be able to see or kill. They do for him that no eye has been seen before and no ear was heard either. He will support the oppressed everywhere and stand against and punish the oppressors and turn their powers into a dust.

Islam the religion of Salvation

Have you asked yourself a question; who you are?

Any one may sit and concentrate to ask him or her-self this question. Irrespective of how long and how deep you may concentrate you will not be able to reach an appropriate and satisfactory answer. In fact this may lead you into a chain of other questions such as; why you are here in this life; what will happen to you after death; do you know when you are going to die; what is the purpose of your life; what is the difference between you as a human-being and the other creatures as animals; and many other questions that may become endless without answers?! No one will be able to give you all the answers but one book. That book will certainly give you the whole and the most accurate answers and even beyond your expectations. That book is the Holy Quran. If you do not believe me just see for yourself and get a copy of the Holy Quran in your own language and read it. I only request one thing from you before such reading is to be neutral and read it as a free person with free will and mind without the chains and the restrictions of the others on you.

Back to the title of this article; why I chose the word Salvation?

Again the issue related to the same question raised above. To make the matter easy for you and after you ask yourself the first question you will need to know and come into a conclusion that everyone is formed from two aspects. The second aspect of each person is his or her own body. The body is formed from the same elements of the earth and after death it goes back to its origin the mother earth. The first and most important aspect of each person is the soul. This is something the medicine and the other sciences know nothing or very few about, not because it doesn’t exist but because it is not materialistic in nature. Our science knows very few things about the materialistic world and none or much less about non-materialistic world. We know that if our body get diseases or infections it deteriorate and may die if not treated. Infectious diseases may be contagious that transmitted from one person into another one. The same thing may happen to the soul. If your soul gets sick it will reflect this sickness on your mind, your body and general health and vice versa. This is where it comes about the forbidden and allowed issues including drinking, eating, and others that Allah advised us to do or not to do in the Holy Quran to keep ourselves clean and healthy. This cleanness is including both soul and body.

Back to the point of our question which is the salvation! Most of people in this world throughout the times concern about their bodies and their lusts, while they ignore their soul’s needs. If you ignore something such as your muscle in your body they will get disused and may get atrophied and may even die. The same thing happens to your soul. What are the differences between you and the animals if you are just living to eat, work, and pant behind your lusts, and then die? The rest of the animals including the ants, insects, frogs, cockroaches, and the others are working, eating, lusting, sleeping and then dying. One may say that there is one difference which is the mind and thinking! However animals also think and behave in a social respectful ways. It is then only if we use our mind in a correct way that leading us to discover the truth about life which makes the difference between us and the animals. The truth will lead us into the straight path that is the only bath leading into the aim of this life. At the end of that path rest the answers to all of your questions and the tranquillity that your soul needed. It is when you know your aim why you are here in this life? Allah in the Holy Quran is the only one who is able to give you all the answers and that will provide you with salvation for both your soul and your body to prevent your soul from death when you ignore it. You care for your body hundred times more than caring about your soul. You eat and drink to make your body satisfied or even beyond satisfaction while leaving your soul to die and suffer inside the darkness of your body. Your soul needs nourishment through its lord by prayers, fasting, good moral values, and other worships that you only find them in Islam and the Holy Quran.

The materialistic life may provide you with necessary things for your body but will never ever provide you with comfort, happiness, tranquillity, justice, and above that salvation in the Day of Judgment.

Get salvation in the Holy Quran and Islam before you find yourself accounted about this in front of Allah after which there will be no return to work good deeds and there will be only two destinations either Hellfire or Paradise. So chose for yourself what you want to do. To see if what I said is real or false and before you decide I advise you to read the Holy Quran first and see what Allah said.

Islam is peace, tranquillity, wisdom, moral values, respect to parents and neighbours, care for poor and needy, prayer to God regularly, witnessing that there is no God but Allah, and Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him is his messenger). Islam is how to become good to yourself, your children, your society, your parents, and other people. Islam regulates your life to make it better so as to be clean in your body and soul and get salvation in this life and the next. It will not ask you to abstain from pleasurable things but it will regulate them in the best possible way to protect you from the evil deeds which will lead you into getting astray just like other animals. I am sure you doesn’t want to get astray so come and open your heart neutrally so as may Allah guide you to the straight path which will lead you into paradise.

Those whom Allah (in His plan) willeth to guide,- He openeth their breast to Islam; those whom He willeth to leave straying,- He maketh their breast close and constricted, as if they had to climb up to the skies: thus doth Allah (heap) the penalty on those who refuse to believe. Holy Quran: 6: 125

But Allah doth call to the Home of Peace: He doth guide whom He pleaseth to a way that is straight. Holy Quran: 10: 25

Those who desire the life of the present and its glitter,- to them we shall pay (the price of) their deeds therein,- without diminution. They are those for whom there is nothing in the Hereafter but the Fire: vain are the designs they frame therein, and of no effect and the deeds that they do! Holy Quran: 11: 15 – 16

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