Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Who is Allah?

Allah in Arabic means the one and the only God to be worshiped.  Allah is the only absolute fact that there is nothing like Him.  He got no body or shape or limit.  Allah created the existence without prior image for it or thoughts or movements and never became tired.  Allah sees and hears and knows the details of what we know and what we do not know not like our vision or hearing or senses.     Allah got no eyes or ears or parts but He sees and hears every single; tiny or big thing of His creatures on the same time.   His vision is unlimited and not like ours when we see only when there is light and in a very limited way.  Allah sees the microscopic things and even beyond that and the macroscopic things and beyond that such as beyond the black holes and what we do not know on the same time.  He sees the invisible things and is able to insert his world inside an egg with its soft shield and texture as He make us to see this world with an eye of soft structure like an egg and small pupil of 4 millimetres in diameter!  In fact it is impossible for our brain and mind to comprehend the nature of Allah.  Allah features are part of Him and not separated from Him.

One of the most merciful and on the same time miracle of Allah is that He makes Himself invisible to His creatures despite He is with them all the time.  One of the main reason Allah make this because if He exhibit part of His force and (nature) to us then we will not tolerate and die immediately.     Even if Allah gave us the ability to stand this issue our senses will not be able to stand His power and if we see His power we will evaporate.  One of the most important natures that Allah described Himself with it is that He is the Most Gracious and Most Merciful.   One of the merciful acts is that He makes us not able to feel His existence directly.  Imagine what will happen to us if we fall on a black hole?!  So; what will happen if we fall into ten black holes?!  How about becoming near to the One who created not only the black hole and He keeps them in place but He created the whole world without becoming tired or sleeps or gets rest and so on?! 

Allah got no beginning and no end.  Allah can see the past, the present and the future on the same time!  If you pray that Allah will give you something with sincere heart He will do so rapidly however if He does not answer then He will reserve it for you for future whether here or the next life.  Allah actions is by seeing to the things be and it is?!   This is exactly the way Allah created Adam from no parents and was easier for Him create Jesus Christ from Mother with out father!

The name of Allah mentioned 2699 times in the Holy Quran.  You will find what you want in the Holy Quran. 

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