Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The war against terrorists called Daesh or ISIS


Daesh or ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Sham) is a group of terrorists mercenaries from different countries such as Saudis, Qataris, Syrians, Chechenia, North Africans and Europeans.  Their support mainly came from Saudi Arabia and Qatar as well as Turkey.  The USA and other west countries supplied them with arms to fight against Syrian regime however they used it in Iraq and may use it in future in Jordan and other areas.  The name (Sham) is explaining their aim to include (Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine (Israel)).  The term Sham is meaning all these countries.  More than that they announced Today that they declared the state of Khelafah!  Khelafah means from Andalous (Spain) to China with the main aim to include the whole world.

In the areas that they controlled in Iraq such as Mosel they imposed barbaric roles and atrocities on the people.  Killing, chopping hands, beheading, whipping, and humiliations are the daily practice in public.   Demolishing of warship places such as mosques and churches and other historic places are non-stop.  Even graves are never safe from demolishing.  Violation of human rights rapes, crimes, forced marriages, are just part of their norms.  In one crime they chopped hands of two children aged 12 years in public in Mosel and one mother tried to save her child they killed her too.

The Iraqi forces are fighting them with some supports from Russian including president Putin.  Russia gave Iraq Sokhoi fighters and the Russians Helicopters were very strong and effective.  Iran may hand over the Mirage fighter too that Iraq kept with them in 1991.  It is arms that Iraq needed. 

We will fight them until the end and the Iraqi forces are now achieving major victories in Tikrit while these terrorists escape from area to area.  Many of their leaders escaped back to Syria including in Mosel as there is going to be a major attack in Mosel espcailly with the arrival of the Russian fighters.

All the Iraqis fighting the Wahabi Daesh Terrorist: Omiaya is brave example


All the Iraqis irrespective of their religions reject the dark ideology of the terrorists and fighting their mercenaries. There is no difference between Sunni and Shia in this, opposite to what some of the media trying to show for evil purposes such as the BBC and the CNN and Aljazeera and their alike.  We know who stands behind them and why?

Omiaya Al-Jobori is one example for the brave Iraqi woman who was killed by the terrorist groups while defending her city in Tikrit.  She is a Sunni brave woman like her father who was the Sheikh of Al-Jobor tribes.  Omiaya martyred while she was defending her city Al-Alam in Tikrit few days ago after she killed 3 terrorist she was killed by a sniper.  Her father and her brother were both killed by the terrorists last year.  She was graduated from the college of Law and was working as an advisor for the issues of women and children for the Governor of Tikrit.   She was also elected to the new Iraqi parliament. 

We are fighting barbaric terrorists who are raping, killing, stealing, and trying to apply a jungle law in the 21 century!  No single civilized person accepts this.  These terrorist called Daesh are much worse than Al-Qaeda.  They will not stop in one border but if succeeded will go anywhere they can go. 

The war with these terrorists is going on and the Iraqi army despite its need for arms and air fighters killed many of them and achieving victory on many areas.   Some arms came from Russia and the USA delayed supplying the agreed arms.  President Putin offer Iraq with help and in few days Iraq will receive Russian fighters.  Iran responded positively to hand Iraq around 120 fighters that Saddam Hussein kept with them in the 1991 Gulf war.  It was the Russian Helicopters with its high tech was wonderful to achieve successful attacks.

The crimes of the Daiesh terrorists and the countries supporting them

Groups of outlawed terrorists from Saudis, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, North African Arab countries, Afghanis, Chechenia, and other terrorists occupied Mosel, part of Tikrit, and other parts of North West of Iraq including Fuloja.  They imposed their decrees and dark law on the people. 

Rapes, burning people alive, mass murders, ethnic cleansing involving Shias and Christians, demolishing historic and worship places and many other atrocities practiced by the hours by these terrorist group.  These crimes never happened in the recent history of that area of Iraq. 
Below two videos of their crimes and warning that it contain disturbing scenes:


These groups are supported by some countries mainly by Qatar, Saudia, and the Turkey regime which dream about the return of Othman Empire. 

These terrorist will never stop in Iraq if they are allowed to hold for long time.  Certainly with no any doubt they will soon after settling in Iraq will open front lines threatening the world peace of all people without discrimination.  In their ideology there are two kinds of people, one is them and the others are the rest of the people and these rests are according to their evil ideology infidels and should be killed.  So all of you according to these animals are targets for their killing machine. 

The civilized world and the international community will soon regret their support for these terrorist in Syria and in Iraq.  The world should unite against them in Iraq as well as in Syria.  The countries which support the terrorist such as Qatar and Saudia should be stopped and punished by the international community. 

There is no place for those who bow to the kings of the terrorist groups and no place for the government supporting such barbaric groups.  Iraq is mobilizing itself and working alone against these criminals. 

The international community and the regional countries should stand with Iraq by all means including Iran and the USA.  if Obama and he appear reluctant to help till now then Iraq should ask Iran to give military help as well as from Hizb-Allah from Sheikh Hassan Nusrallah.

Iraq is fighting the terrorist who threat the international and regional peace

Daiesh the Al-Qaeda terrorist arm fighters in Mosel in the North of Iraq and in Tikrit provinces killed hundreds of people most of them Iraqi Shias or even Sunnis who oppose their decrees and evil acts. 

One of the mass murder was the killing of more than 500 Iraqi Shias students studying in the college of air forces in Tikrit.  Several women have been raped in Mosel by these insurgents.  They started burning and demolishing the historic churches in Mosel and they called for demolishing the other historic tombs of Prophet Jonah (Younis) and Shuaib.  There are many other biblical and Islamic sites in Mosel they will certainly demolish them soon if not expelled from that historic land. 

Daiesh also killed at least 12 Sunni Imams who refused to give loyalty to their leader.  They tried several times to control oil refineries in Tikrit in Baji area and they tried to control Talaafar North West of Mosel and threatened to kill all the Shias in the areas they control.  Daily whipping become a norm in Mosel and the women disappeared completely from any street or area as they decreed that women are not allowed to go out only for extreme reasons and by allowances from their leaders. 

Many of them who were killed by the Iraqi forces found to be Saudis, Afghanis, Chechens, other Arabs and some from European nationalities also Syrians and Iraqis. It has been said that some Saudis are previous Saudi forces.  Those who were early captured admitted clearly that their support and money comes from Qatar government and Saudi Arabia.  Some logistic support they get from Turkey who played like the Othman Empire role in the region or trying to get that role back.  On the other hand these devilish terrorist gets their spiritual support from Qatari and Saudi clergies such as Yousif Al-Garthawi who is supported from Qatar government.  In fact Qatar state plays roles against the law of the UN by supporting the insurgents and terrorist to kill other people outside its borders and threatening the peace not only in these countries but the world peace.  It is the duty of the international community to put an end to the action of the Qatar government which is against the international law.


Iraq is now fighting the terrorist groups which if allowed it will threaten the world peace and any other state regional and international.  If these groups allowed to get a hold for them the people all over the world will not be able to live in peace at all by certain and 100%.  Iraq is fighting them now alone and it need the help of its friends and the international community to put an end to these insurgents before it is too late. 

Lastly after the Fatwa of Iyat Allah Ali Sistani more than 2 million Iraqis volunteered to fight these terrorists.  There is a general mobilization men and women and youth and old to fight the insurgents.  This is the first fatwa of Jihad from the Najaf Marjiyah for about 100 years.  It only issued if there is major danger threatening the peace of the country and the world too.                               

The situation in Iraq is dangerous for the world peace

There is a joint interest between Iraq and Russia against terrorist and the Russians supported their friends in the region to the best that they can recently.  Syria was one of them.

Iraq had extreme difficulties to get the arms from the USA and they haven’t provided the support needed especially during this time.  The use of the Russian helicopters with recent tech was one of the best tools used to fight the terrorists.  Iraq should think carefully about these issues.

On the other hand Iran declared that it is ready to help. 

The situation is so dangerous and it is a threat to the region and the world peace if not solved soon.

At this time the terrorist in Mosel enforce barbaric law similar to the law of Al-Qaeda in Kandahar.  They prevented the women from going out only for extreme reason.  They prevented the youths from watching the football matches.  They killed hundreds of men and  seized the properties of the Christians.  They produced decrees against human rights.  Today they listed the names of all unmarried women in both sides of Mosel.  They forced some women to marry their members who are not Iraqis.  At least 14 women committed suicides after raped by the Daish terrorists in Mosel.  The situation in Mosel is so dark and its people are nothing now but captives in the hands of outlawed forces.  

The duty of the international community to help Iraq


The Security Council and the International Community got duty towards Iraq to prevent Al-Qaeda from establishing a state in the strategic part of west and north of Iraq or even larger than that. 

The key for stopping the insurgent is to stop the countries which supporting them by money, media and strategic support such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia.  Stable region requires an end to the fighting in Syria and to prevent them from movements between the two countries.  If they establish a state for them especially in Iraq they will become a real threat for all the countries with no exception including the international peace. 

On the other hand the war in Iraq may trigger a regional war easily.  Iran clearly declared today that they will test their missiles and arms in the terrorists if they attacked the Holy cities in Iraq.   This means that Iran may enter in the war at any moment when there is a threat to the Holy cities and it is the duty of any Muslim or Islamic state to provide protection for the Holy cities in Iraq if attacked. 

America and the international community also got duty to protect their interests and the international peace.  A state like the Al-Qaeda in a country with big oil revenue like Iraq will become a real and major threat. 

The terrorists should not allow establishing a strong hold in Mosel and Tikrit and Ramadi as this will become a nucleus for larger state.  Each day pass they will establish themselves and hold the ground strongly.  The international community and Iran should help Iraq by all means to end this condition sooner before the situation gets complicated enough.  Iran statement today that they are ready to work with America to help Iraq was a good step forward.

War escalating between Iraqi forces and insurgents


The insurgents (Daaiesh) or what is called the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria expanding their attacks on other cities such as Mosel, Salahaldien, Samaraa and Diyala.  On the same time they increased their attacks on different parts ncluding Baghdad.  Mosel today witnessed the largest attacks for 10 years.  Thousands of its civilians escaped on large scale to outside the city or the nearby areas.  The insurgents are now inside most of the city as well as their control today on the University of Ramadi taking the students and the lecturers as hostages until now.  Two days ago they entered the city of Samaraa from different directions with hundreds of their groups and arms.  They become closer to attack the dam and to bomb the shrines.  If they succeeded it would have been disaster.

We said before if Al Fuloja remains in their hands they will try to expand and into other cities. 

Now it is a war on a large scale and the worse to come as far as the same leaders of the different factions in Iraq remain only fighting for power. 

All these attacks happened and as if there is no government in Iraq.  It is a certain failure for the government of Nori Malki and himself personally as he is also the minister of defence and security forces.  Nori Malki concern not about what is going on now but he is busy trying to win a new term in power instead of announcing his resignation. 

Lastly the first step for achieving victory on Daaiesh is to liberate Fuloja fully sooner.  If not big disaster will occur sooner or later as it was very close recently to happen in Samaraa. 

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