Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Election of the local Provinces Councils in Iraq

About 15 million Iraqi went today Saturday the 31 January 2009 form 7 AM local time until 6 PM to elect the members of the local councils. There are 39 thousand electoral stations with 260 thousand workers facilitating the process of election in addition to the Iraqi security forces.

There are 407 political structures with 14428 nominees competing for 440 seats in 14 out of 18 Iraqi Provinces except Kirkuk, Irbel, Solymaniyah and Dihok in the North.

The election is organized by the Iraqi High Commissariat of Elections and the UN with 800 International Observers.

Until now there are no major security incident however thousands of Iraqis have not been allowed to vote due to absence of their names from the lists.

This is important election which will shape the political demographic map in uch different way than the previous one as the democratic process in Iraq moved towards better maturation. The Iraq citizens are now looking to give their voices to those who got better vision about services and building of a better life. This is more matured way compared to the previous election when more was given towards ethnic and sectarian issues. Every one is now looking for a change which is a good way and indicating some maturity. More or less the process went smooth with better freedom than the previous election which makes it more responsible way respecting the individual choices without pressure.

The results will be available from 3 February 2009 on ward.

Barak Hussein Obama statement about the Muslims world and Iraq

The new USA president is not only new number 44 president but the first one from an African origin and from a Muslim background. BHO is definitely not George W Bush and he will not be so. His history speaks for such differences and we in the Muslims world will monitor this. BHO will face very big burden inherited from GWB especially in the relations with the Muslim world in addition to the burden inside the USA and on the top of that is the declining economy which may lead to the decline of America in the near or far future.

Of course BHO will face organizations that like to keep the wars, conflicts and bad relations especially with Muslims world as it is now if not worse. However the USA president can if he uses his power and wisdom change things towards the best especially in relation of rectifying the relation with the Muslim World. One of the most big challenge and important issue is to put an end to the Palestinians-Israeli conflict. Peace in the Middle East and in the other parts of the world will certainly reflect positively on the world economy and prosperity apart from arm sales companies.

In Iraq BHO got a very good opportunity to build over the existed improvement in the security issue and to encourage reconstructions which was a very bad point since 2003 war. The equation in Iraq then can be changed from occupied and occupiers into mutual respect and mutual interests which will be better for both sides. Rebuilding of the country will certainly offer a better opportunity for better relations and for the American companies to be involved in the big reconstruction works that many sectors in Iraq desperately needing it. This will improve the issues for both sides and for the long time to come.

The Iraqis do not like to see the occupation continued however they like to see a good relation based on mutual interests and respect continued with the USA in addition to building their democracy, freedom and constitutions in a united Iraq. From there BHO got a good opportunity to work.

Israel lost and (won) in Gaza

There is no doubt that (Israel) lost the war in Gaza because it achieved none of its declared aims which is based on destruction of Hamas. It is like 2006 in Lebanon Hezbollah emerged stronger, now after the war in Gaza, Israel chicken-livered again after its coward war against children. It is exactly same (Israel) is now announced its poltroon announcement of stopping the war from one side and none of its objectives were achieved at all.

The only thing (Israel) achieved or (won) is killed more children and destroyed more buildings and infrastructures. This is exactly what the terrorists do. These are achievements only according to the eyes and thoughts of the terrorists. The other achievement is more resistance and hate to the ideology of killing and destruction of the Zionists from all the people around the world. It is the ideology of terrorism and nothing else.

At the end it is a very clear defeat and loss for (Israel) and it is so clear victory for the Palestinians and Hamas especially they announced after (Israel) occupation that they will continue the resistance.

The next days will see who is the victorious and who lost but only killing and terrorizing the children?

The Israeli Terrorism against the civilians in Gaza continued

For more than 16 days and nights (Israel) Zionist army continued to wage barbaric war from land, sea and air killing children, women and normal civilians in Gaza. This state terrorism is clearly supported by America, Britain and the West. The hands and faces of those who waged and supported this evil war are bathed by the blood of the children. The souls of these children will hunt the killers forever.

The killers will enter the history from its black, shameful and evil doors. They will be punished when their days are over and the history will witness this. However the punishment of the Day of Judgment by God will be so sever so that they wish that they remained dust and never created to see such excruciation in the Hellfire. The time between each one and that day is equal to what every person lives. He or she then die and enter the timeless zone in his/her soul. When God resurrected the body and send its soul back the person will wake to find himself or herself in front of God as if he/she slept for few hours. Those who killed the children will wake up with blood in their hands and faces. Then the Souls of the victims will come to request justice. The killers will not be able to speak but their hands, their legs, their eyes, their ears and their skin will speak against them. They will get surprised how these parts started to speak. These parts will answer to say it is God who created us make us to witness against you. The killers will then lead by tough angles to the Fire hell in its deepest level to dwell forever.

On the Day that the enemies of Allah will be gathered together to the Fire, they will be marched in ranks. At length, when they reach the (Fire), their hearing, their sight, and their skins will bear witness against them, as to (all) their deeds. They will say to their skins: Why bear ye witness against us? They will say: (Allah) hath given us speech, (He) Who giveth speech to everything: He created you for the first time, and unto Him were ye to return. Ye did not seek to hide yourselves, lest your hearing, your sight, and your skins should bear witness against you! But ye did think that Allah knew not many of the things that ye used to do! But this thought of yours which ye did entertain concerning your Lord, hath brought you to destruction, and (now) have ye become of those utterly lost! If, then, they have patience, the Fire will be a home for them! and if they beg to be received into favour, into favour will they not (then) be received. (The Holy Quran: 41: 19 – 29).

The Israeli war in Gaza is nothing but terrorism against children

Until now the terrorist war lunched by Israel supported by America and other Western Countries resulted in more than 4000 innocent people killed and wounded in Gaza. At least one third of those killed and wounded are Children and women. The rest are ordinary civilian who were hiding inside their homes or inside schools since the beginning of the terrorist and barbaric war on them. In its dirty and terrorist war (Israel) used forbidden weapons such as phosphoric missiles. Some weapons used produce smoke which affect the breathing system.

This war is nothing but state terrorism supported by the USA and Western governments against ordinary people and not a balanced war between two armies or at least between an army and militant groups. This is not a war against Hamas group but it is against all civilians in Gaza including children and women and old. It is therefore not a war in real terms but attacks terrorizing children and ordinary people, therefore, the least to say about it is that it is terrorism in its highest terms.

Some of the Western government and media told that it is a defense war to protect the security of (Israel) which is a lie and not the truth. The security of (Israel) is not by indiscriminate killing of children and women and destroying every thing. In fact this is against creating security for itself because there is no security for those who transgress and those who kill and when the day comes they will realize that.

In fact the (Israeli) soldiers are brain washed by their Talmud that they are not killing human beings but animals.

Israel attacks on Gaza is a genocide that is failed

There is no need to prove the genocide nature of the Israeli attacks on Gaza. Only a look for the news to see the number of children and civilians killed and the destruction made indiscriminately from such attacks to realize the nature of such genocide. This war remind us about Israeli attacks not only 2 years ago on Lebanon but since the last 50 years. However the similarities between the last Lebanon war and this one is that several Israeli cities became under the fire of the rockets which produce an equation based on lack of safety in all the cities were the rockets may reach. The big question is what will happen if both Lebanon and Gaza rockets reached on the same time the Israeli cities? It may paralyses the life and certainly it will make the whole Israel unsafe.

There is no doubt that each war based on superficial calculation of being the superior in force will be a loser. This is exactly what happened in the last war with Hizbuallah and now with Gaza. This became very clear from the change in the nature of statements of the Israeli government in the last 24 hours when the Hamas rockets reached its far cities.

It is very strange how Israel want to live in peace yet killing the Arabs and Muslims all around its borders? This will not be forgotten easily for many years to come.

Simply Israel is creating an atmosphere where it is surrounded by enemies created by its own attacks and false peace with them. This will be sooner or later reflected on itself.

We believe the only way that may resolve the whole problems is to solve the Israeli Palestinian issue with two neighbor peaceful states. This then will reduce the tension not only in the region but in the whole Middle East and the world.

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