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1. Here is the latest picture of Saddam in captivity talking to Ahmed Chalabi a member of GC. It was published in today's newspaper; 'Al Moatamar' which was sold out on the Iraqi streets within hours of going to print.

2. The Iraqi police in Basrah detained 30 trucks filled with oil. The capacity of each truck is 37,000 litters. Trucks were supposed to distribute the northern oil to the stations in the south, instead they tried to smuggle it to the Gulf States!
Sabotage is a crime but who are in the oil riches Gulf States want to drink the Iraqi oil? We think at this time drinking the Iraqi oils is like drinking the blood of the Iraqis so the existed Iraqi authorities should double the punishment for such cases.
3. Half of the new Iraqi soldiers resigned may be because of their low salaries. The soldiers are paid only 60 US dollars per month which is very low especially for those who got families.
4. Saddam's second wife Samirah Shahbander told the Sunday Times that Saddam gave her 5 millions US Dollars with 10 kg Gold Bars and a Lebanese passport. Her name (Khdejah) in it. He contacts her once per week in addition to letters and messages. She is planning to live in France. Samirah was married to an Iraqi pilot before with a son and a daughter and when Saddam saw her he liked her beauty so he forced her husband to divorce her after kidnapping him then he married her. She said her husband is a brave and no one is able to arrest him! She added that her husband has to be strict with the Iraqis. After the report the Lebanese authorities rejected that she is in Lebanon or given a Lebanese passport. Sajodah and she should be brought back for justice and the money they got is our money so get it back and give it to their victims.
5. The USA would like to use one of the Saddam palaces as a site for the US embassy in Iraq. I think they deserve it but they should distribute its price to the poor people in Iraq!
6. Iraqi authorities announced the names of those who got huge accounts in the Union bank of Switzerland (UBS). This bank is concealing the accounts so as it may be seized by it later on! Quick action is needed.
7. Mohammed Saad Al sahaf declared that the one who was arrested is not Saddam but Santa Calus of Iraq!
8. The Arab League announced that it wills send a panel to explore the situation in Iraq so as Its president may submit a report to the foreign ministers of the Arab States meeting!! What a cleaver idea!! First they should send a panel to apologize to the Iraqis. Second the situation in Iraq is changing rapidly so by the time Mr Arab league submit their report thing may be different. Lastly there are two regional and international organisations the Iraqis feels resentment about them. These are the Arab League and the UN. The reasons are very well know to Amro Mosa and Kofi Anan the friend of Tariq Aziz who enjoyed the Cuban Cigar and the nice Iraqi food and tea over the lake of one of Saddam palaces with him.
9. The CIA showing Saddam Video tapes of his crimes and tortures as part of their ways of interrogating him. I am sure the CIA knows very well that some of the criminals enjoy seeing their crimes because they are psychopaths. This is exactly same for Saddam. He used to kill and torture by his hands and the Iraqis will never forget (pictures from the battle) or (Sowar min al marakah) that he used to show during his wars including the US soldiers killed in Nasyeriah. He used to show fragmented corpses for soldiers during Iraqi Iran war every night. Some time his commentator used to say (we will kill the insects when they come to our borders) on the same time of showing huge number of corpses with signs of poisoning over the fragmented or intact bodies. He certainly was enjoying these scenes. He may enjoy seeing what the CIA show him now but they know what to do and his tongue may slip to say something useful!

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