Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

More killing in Iraq

Under similar circumstances and by the same means a new car bomb exploded in a public open fruit and vegetable market in Hilla south of Baghdad today. It resulted in more than 12 killed and several wounded.

One of the witnesses described the scene that once the explosion happened he smells the burnt human flesh. One of the burnt fleshes belonged to a 2 years old child.

Again the explosion happened in Shiite area.

The number of casualties in Balad’s explosion which is another Shiite area reached until now more than 99 killed and hundreds wounded. It happened last night by 3 cars and possible suicidal attack in the Balad open market yesterday.

Iraqi forces need more training and volunteers as well as equipments. In August 2005 alone more than 134 Million Dollars has been paid by Iraq to the UN as compensations for the Kuwait war. Iraq needs this money to improve its infrastructure and security and something have to be done to reduce or abolish this.

Alert: New massacre Just happened Now

More than 55 Iraqis have been killed just now in Balad and more wounded by 3 car explosions.

It is not yet know if one of the attacks is caused by suicidal thugs.

Last night a woman terrorist attacked by suicidal operation volunteers for the Iraqi army in Telafar and killed several. This reminded us about the suicidal female thugs in the Chechnya school and Theater.

Every one remembers these women who dressed like the Saudi women.

Big fish killed

Many times in the past it has been said that people working closely with Zarqawi have been arrested.

Today it seems to be one of the big criminals possibly the second in Al-Qaeda terrorist organization of Al-Zarqawi groups killed in Baghdad.

Abdala Azam (of Palestinian origin) killed by joint operation by the Iraqi and the multinational forces in his hiding (luxury place) in Baghdad. The documents confiscated may help in capturing more.

On the other hand the chain of terrors continued in Iraq with more blood shed and killing.
One of the horrific killings happened last night in an area south east Baghdad where 5 female teachers all of them Shiites killed inside there school by Wahabi terrorists.
The attacks continued against the Shiites mosques daily. In most of the areas where there is mixture of Sunni and Shiites there are leaflets and wall instructions on the streets asking the Shiites to leave or face extermination?

The Source of Terrorism

In another subject the foreign minister of the Wahabi regime in Saudi Arabia (Saud Faisal) has only just remembered about Iraq when he stated more than twice during his visit to the USA that the US is handing over Iraq to Iran. He also expressed his (hypocritical fear) when he told that Iraq is going to be ripped apart by civil war. He admitted that his government was involved in suppressing the Iraqi uprising against Saddam in 1991 and told that the USA did the same thing.

Saud Faisal however forgets to mention that the real fear behind his hypocritical statement is related to the fear of the regional dictator governments from the real democratic process if it achieved its goals in Iraq. He knew that in spite of the terrorist attacks and the killing which are fed by Saudi Arabia and Syria plus Iran and others, the process is moving forward.

Saud Faisal statement was also included remarks against the constitution! He fears that the Shiites in the Eastern part (Ihsaa and Kateef) may request to be given the least possible rights. They are prevented from taking the simplest positions in the state. There is no one minister in the government of Saudi Arabia is Shiite or Ismaili or among the other minorities.

The Shiites in Ihsaa and Kateef represent more than 95% of the population there and more than 20% of the whole population. They live over an ocean of oil yet they are deprived from the simplest rights and live under poorest circumstances.

SF also forgotten that the ideology and support of terrorism comes from their Wahabism that his government support right from the first partnership between Bin Wahab and Bin Saud. Those who did the 11/9 are Saudis and the non-Saudis were programmed by the same ideology and support. The official reports states that Saudi Arabia spends 10 milliard Saudi Riyals each year for the spread of the Wahabism all over the world.

SF statement was good because it reveals the mischief that this dictator government in Saudi Arabia has done to keep Saddam in power for 12 years after 1991. Saudi Arabia fears is not from Iran because they got a good relationship with the dictator regime in Iran, but their fear is from the new calls from many human organizations about the oppressions that the minorities exposed to for decades in Saudi Arabia. The oppression also included the others by decapitation and mutilations after each Friday prayers in all parts of Saudi Arabia including the capital Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia as all the other Arab states hasn't sent until now any representative to Baghdad and they made no reduction what so ever about the debt of Iraq. If they like to help Iraq and/or keep it as part of the Arab nations why they haven't done the minimum towards that. His statement is a poison that we know what it means.

An important aim that SF liked to achieve from his (ill defined) statement was to push away the criticism from the Wahabism towards Iran and he also accused the USA that it killed the Shiites in 1991. We are not defending Iran because she also involved in interferences in Iraq especially in the south but all of those who commit suicidal attacks are Arabs or Saudis or Wahabist in their ideology.

SF statement clearly indicated his government involvement in suppressing the Iraqi uprising in 1991 which was then brutally crushed by Saddam's systems. The Iraqis who lost some one during that time should now ask the Saudi government for compensations. Indeed all the Iraqis should now do the same thing against the Wahabi regime in Saudi Arabia.

The partnership between Mohamad Bin Saud and Mohamad Bin Abd Wahab continued for the last 75 years. This partnership between the Wahabism and the Al-Saud created hate and terrorism towards every thing non-Wahabist. It controlled the different areas of Najd and Hijaz with the help of the British army and navy. The resultant was to replace the horrible Othman colonialism by a more horrible Saudi colonialism. The Al-Saud and Abd-Wahab committed by their army (The Akhowan army) massacres in every village and tribe they controlled. One of their horrific crimes was by cutting the heads of their foes after capturing them and putting these heads with the food which is offered to the people or their relatives. If the people refuse to eat because of the heads of their beloved ones then the Al-Khowan army beheads all of them instantly. This incident happened to many tribes and the best example was the tribe of (Bani Motier).

They did horrific crimes including killing the fetuses after they split the abdomen of their mothers. The oil and the presence of Makka helped them a lot to stay in power and to have the green light to continue with their atrocities. These two factors also helped them to spread the hate ideology of Wahabism every where especially in Pakistan and Afghanistan as well as to Chechnya, Kashmir, and the Western countries.

The Saudi regime continued with the Wahabist to do the same things and the claim of the reforms is nothing but bogus. The only thing which may eradicate the terrorism is to liberate the Saudis and the Muslims world from the Wahabism and Al-Saud role.

All the Saudi people are now under the oppression of the Wahabi religious role and the Saudi power role. It is crushed under two very strong systems and their tools.

The world should take a brave decision to change the regime in Saudi Arabia and only by this the Wahabism may end and the terrorism will stop ultimately. The area should be restored back to the state prior to the Wahabi-Saudi roles. If not the risk remained very high that a control of power may end inside Saudi Arabia by the Al-Qaeda in which case it will be too late to do anything.

Basra Tension and British Troops

The way that the British tanks stormed the main prison in Basra and the escape of 150 terrorists from it will not settled if it is not cleared by clear investigations.

The incidence ended however it will act as a source for inflammation which may lead to a cascade of events ended with serious consequences. These consequences are not only going to involve the British troops but the whole process of more peaceful situation there.

The two soldiers appeared like spies in their acts. The way they released was not acceptable. It will put the life of these troops in danger and dismantle the sort of trust built over the last 3 years with the local population.

The tension increased more today and it is wrong to assume that it is going to die so easily unless clear and acceptable explanation reached.

One of the best way to build bridges back is to apologize to the local population of Basra by the representative of the British troop clearly and official to the local authorities there. Another way is for the troops to rebuild or pay for rebuilding what it destroyed.
By this too many escalation may be avoided.

Tension in Basra

The Iraqi police in Basra South of Iraq arrested two British soldiers yesterday. The Iraqi police said that the two solders were wearing Arabs uniforms. They exchanged fires with the police before arrested. A source from the IP said that they found weapons and explosives with them.

The two soldiers were then kept in a police detention for farther investigation about the aim of their action. However the commander of the British forces in Basra attacked the prison later and broken into its wall by tanks and released the two soldiers. He claimed that the soldiers were handed to a militia group a matter was refuted by the local Iraqi authorities.

The Basra authorities requested from the British commander to submit evidence that the two men are soldiers and he refused. The two (soldiers) were carrying no IDs or any other evidence.

Around 150 prisoners escaped after the British tanks broken the prison wall.

The whole issue and the vague surrounding the action of these soldiers plus the way that they released produced significant tension and raised many doubts.

This issue needs to be investigated and explained carefully to avoid any more tension which may be likely to increase in Basra towards the British forces in the next few days or weeks.

Al-Zarqawi declared his filthy war against the Shiites

There is a question for every righteous person: What is the relation between what is called resistance and killing of hundreds of laborers standing all the day under the hot sun in Baghdad trying to get a temporary hourly paid job for a day or less to feed their children?

As usual and again it is the Shiites who are targeted in Baghdad Ouroba square when a suicidal cockroach approached them with his poppy-trapped car. The devil first called them to come as if he is going to take some of them for a work. Once a good number approached he killed them and his dirty self. The dead are more than 300 killed and wounded.

On another incident in Al-Taji area not far from the above incident, number of terrorists in Iraqi forces uniforms and cars took about 13 Shiites and executed them publicly in the main city squares.

The Shiites were the target in other attacks in the centre of Baghdad with much causality in what is called the bloody Wednesday of Baghdad.

Again and again there is a civil war declared from one side which is those who harbor and supports the Wahabis and they are clearly some Sunnis who are affected by the fall of the regime. However what we are waiting is for a spark to ignite every thing. This may not happen though because it is the aim that the Wahabist looking for to create disorder and confusion. But no one can guarantee that this is not going to happen with. Though the terrorists may think that if it happened it will serve them but in fact the situation will become against them as they will be chased and killed by the people including the good Sunni themselves may capture and killed the terrorists.

The terrorists know only one language that they showed us now for long time. It is the same language which executed the 13 Shiites last night in Taji by executing them in the main squares. The Iraqis always called the present governemtn to be very firm and strong and deal with the terrorists in the way which can deter them from their devilish acts.

The only way that the terrorists knew and understand is the force and executions. They showed us for long time that they do not know or like or understand democracy and respect. So why the government likes to deal with them so while they are killing the innocent people?

Several attacks happened today. Al-Zarqawi the fucking shit declared his bullshit war in a recorded tape broadcasted in the Arabs media that he declared his war against the Shiites everywhere in Iraq. As this cockroach has lost a lot in Talaafar he started to urinate on himself which just increased his filthy smelly soiled pump.

Al-Zarbawi days are counted and when he fall in the hands of the Iraqis so soon we will make him to suck his shit and will show him how to talk by using his mouth rather than his filthy excessively fucked anus.

Syria and the terrorism

In an interview with Al-Arabyiah TV yesterday one of the Syrian MPs of the Syrian Parliament which is a government body told that Syria is with the Iraqi resistance supporting the expulsion of the occupied American and British forces by force.

No one likes to see his country occupied of course however the occupation by definition ended with last day of the Coalition Authority. The forces now and according to the UN are non-occupying forces and they may come to a big reduction when the Iraqi forces progressing in taking control as we saw in the last operation in Telafar. The Iraqi forces took the led with some help and support from the American forces and they did a very clean and successful operation resulted quickly and unexpectedly in controlling the whole city which was a strong hold for the terrorists. Hundreds of them killed or captured with very few losses or destructions to the city infrastructure and building.

The Syrians are now so frustrated about this because Telafar represent a safe point for the terrorists to pass from Rabiah point to Iraq. They think that they lost a strong port to inject their terrorism by sending the Arab terrorists after training them in Syria or the logistic support.

There are many evidences about the involvement of Syria in exporting terrorism to Iraq. One of this evidence is the testimony of the Syrian and non-Syrian terrorists captured in Iraq. The confession of the newly captured terrorists in Telafar and their supplies indicates how big the Syrian involvement in this is.

The Syrian MP in his answer to Al-Arabyaih TV indicated this very clearly by saying that his regime is with the Iraqi resistance to get rid of the foreign forces from Iraq. The Arabs are so often used the term resistance in Iraq to describe any terrorist operation including the one which happened in the Coach stop in Nahatha in Baghdad in which tens of Iraqi passengers killed inside the Garage or even in front of the main entrance to Al-Kindi Hospital when the terrorist exploded himself to kill the wounded who were brought by the Ambulance.

In the next months, we may see one of two things or both. Surgical strikes predispose to a major change in the region and/or a big Al-Qaeda operation outside Iraq.

Alert: Talaafar

At least 130 terrorists have been arrested and others killed in Talaafar which is now fully under the control of the Iraqi forces.

Among the terrorists are Afghanis and Arabs some of them worked with Al-Zarqawi including one of his drivers.

On the other hand there are many indications that the Arab terrorists from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan and other countries will go back to their home lands as some had already done so. They will create problems similar to those who returned from Afghanistan.

The terrorist attacks have low in the last few days however some terrorists planning for major attack soon. They are planning a major hit in one of the regional countries soon.

Ignis Fatuus!

Katrina hurricane resulted in thousands of people killed and more became homeless or refugees. The destruction scale and extent is yet to be calculated, however it may take years rather than months to know the size and complications of the after math.

Katrina is just a name for a forceful storm called hurricane lasted not more than few hours yet caused supra-nuclear catastrophic damage.

This hurricane and Tsunami before showed how weak is the human race on this planet. We may have super-weapons and power to be used against each other but in front of the forces of nature there is no discrimination. We are all same, rather weak and helpless.

Weeks or days before Katrina and Tsunami none of their residents were expecting to become refugee or loss their beloved ones or their properties. It is therefore wrong to assume that and at any moment that we are safe from the forces of nature. There is many times where the earth was near missed from a meteorite hit by a split of a cosmic second which could lead to an event similar to the extinction of the Dinosaurs. If it happens it will wipe us from the face of the earth without discrimination.
Moreover there is no one can guarantee that such thing will not happen. In fact the scientists predict that such thing may happen at any moment and will certainly happen in the future. This may not be while we are alive now but it may occur to one of next generation who may be able to read what we are writing here now and possibly envying us that we only got Tsunami or Katrina!

In a hundred year from now every one exists at this moment on earth will be not here. The people will be completely other than us. The cycle however will continue i.e. the people at that time will get the same cycle of life and death. The life is a journey and we are like passenger in the train of the life. In each station there are new passenger came in while others go out after they completed their journey.

The journey of life is never the same for each passenger of us. It is a journey full of sorrow and happiness; pain and comfort; warmth and cold; love and hate; war and peace; death and life; and tears and tears.

Our life is a struggle towards the unknown. It starts with cry at birth and may end with a cry or rarely a smile. We may collect money and build luxury houses but we will leave only one thing which is our good or bad deeds. Good deeds will keep us respectably alive in the mind of generations to come and bad deed will make the curse of these generations fall upon those who did it.

Life is nothing but a short journey. It is like preparing a meal to take away, how quickly it finishes yet we follow it by deception like some one who is running for water and once reached the end he only discover that the water he was looking for is nothing but mirage or ignis fatuus!

Alert: Fighting in Tel-Aafar

Fighting between the terrorists and the Iraqi forces started in the last few days and intensified in the last 24 hours in Tel Aafar city North of Iraq.

There are reports coming just now about near full control of the Iraqi forces on the city and killing and capturing many terrorists. Among the terrorists are Arabs.

Tel Aafar remained for long time one of the strongest holds for the cockroaches from which many attacks perpetrated on the other areas. Hundreds of Shiite families expelled from their homes in Tel Aafar by the terrorists and migrated to live in temporary houses in Karbala and other regions.

During the entry of the Iraqi forces today they found documents and records about the terrorist operations perpetrated by the cockroaches.

New evidence about the Tragedy of the Shiites on the bridge

There are reports by the Iraqi media that the death of more than one thousand Iraqi Shiites on Al-Aaimah bridge has been planned in advance. The reports indicated that the bridge had been weakened from several points including the fence just prior to the incident. A source in the Interior Ministry told Al-Sabah newspaper that the investigators are now examining traces of deliberate cuts believed to be done with a hacksaw in the bridge structure.

Other information indicated that some of the bodies of the dead might have been exposed to poison before death. There are people among the crowds witnessed possible chemicals sprayed on them from the other end of the bridge which added more chaos after the stampede started. The stampede started after several rockets fired away from the site on another crowds of Shiites which killed many of them. Immediately after this some one on the bridge shouted that there is a suicidal terrorist on the bridge.

The tragedy of the bridge is more than just a stampede and as there is no group announced its responsibility it pushed many Iraqis to believe that this is a local act by criminals who tried to kill as much as they can from the Shiites visitors.

There are some who think that this may have been a deliberate action caused by a Sunni extremist group most likely related to Al-Zarqawi terrorist. The aim was to ignite a civil war between the Shiites and the Sunni. The choice of the time and place was deliberate. The place was just before Al-Aadhamyiah which is a Sunni dominated area and the crowds are Shiites who came to commemorate the death of Imam Kadhom who was killed by Haron the ruler of Baghdad more than 1000 years ago.

On the other hand and while the Pope and the western world sympathized with the Iraqis the official Arabs passed on the incident as if it is nothing but a simple car accident. Even more, other Arabs either celebrated it or schadenfreude the Shiites. If you know how to read Arabic go to this site to see for yourself how the Arabs enjoyed the tragedy of the Shiites on the bridge of Baghdad.

Al-Iraqyiah channel opened an initiative to collect donations for the victims. This is one of the best indeed.

Can the government of Al-Jaffari finish the investigations and tell us who was behind the death of more than 1000 Iraqi Shiites on the bridge?

Even with our tragedy in Iraq we haven't forgotten and follow the news about and pray for the American citizens in their suffering and losses due to the hurricane. We wish that we could help more but with our ongoing suffering we send our prayers meantime.

They enjoyed Katrina and the Stampede

We received a lot of emails about the celebrations and the pleasure that the Wahabi Saudis enjoying about the Hurricane Katrina which hits parts of the United States and about the killing of the Shiites in Iraq.

They prayed that the Hurricane to wipe out the whole US from south to north and from east to west. They also enjoyed the raise in the Saudi shares and the pick up that the Saudi Riyal is having. The surge in the oil prices due to the standstill of Gulf of Mexico was another enjoying point for them.

It is understandable that good economy may produce happiness and contentment. However it is so strange to enjoy the suffering of the other people and pray to bring them more suffering. Some people may argue that these Wahabis are oppressed by the US and so they enjoyed seeing their enemy suffering, but this is indeed not so right because they also enjoyed the killing of the Shiites in Iraq who are not more than ordinary victims to their terrorism. It is indeed nothing but to do with the ideology of hate inside the doctrine of the Wahabism which is the doctrine followed and encouraged by the Saudis from the top to the bottom but few.

We wish the victims of the Wahabism in Iraq peace and tranquility and the people affected by the Hurricane in the USA a quick recovery to be able to build their own life again.

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