Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The message of Islam

Islam is peace and high moral values. It is maintained mainly by self-disciplinary approach to the one-self. By the Islamic values the people lifted from the boundaries and limitations of the life to the perfection of freedom in the site of Allah. Allah in Arabic means the one and the only God who created everything.

Islam is purification to the body and soul from all kind of sins and mischief. It is how to respect your-self, your parents, your society as a whole and how to build your relation with everything in the universe and beyond that but even beyond the present time until the Day of Judgment.

Islam shows you the perfect path for happiness and satisfaction. The highest relation set up by Islam is that one which is between you and the Lord of the universe. By Islam you learn how to contact Him at any time and how to achieve His response to your requests. If you are unwell He will listen to your prayers and if you need Him to give you salvation and comfort from any problem or misery or difficulty He will be there for you in Islam at any time and any place. Islam shows you how to come closer to Allah so that He will even become closer to you than your own self!

Islam is love for Allah and for all what he created but not for the bad deed which are bad to the other creatures including the human beings.

Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him and his family) is the comforter that Jesus (Peace be upon Him) mentioned and requested us to follow him. He was selected by Allah to deliver the highest values for mankind. It is all in the Holy Quran so you just need to read it.

Come to Islam and read the Holy Quran and in it you will find your salvation and happiness for now and the future until the Day of Judgment.

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