Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Liberation of the Right side of Mosel started

After the left side of Mosel fully controlled by the Iraqi forces in the last few months, the Iraqi forces lunched its battle to liberate the right side.   

Two most strategic sites the airport and the Ghazlani Army base in the south of the right side were fully controlled by the Iraqi forces within 3 days which is less than half of the planned time.   The Iraqi forces started its lunch from 4 direction towards the city center of the right side.  

Daesh terrorists in the right side of Mosel after this swift victory of the Iraqi forces will decline spirally down in the next few days.   They now face one of two fates and none else, either death or surrender.  The only 3 ways they use to fight with are the car explosives, the snippers, and the armed drones.   All of these option are well known and counter-acted in the hands of the Iraqi attacking forces.  

Daesh considered Mosel as its capital and after its liberation it means the end of the Daesh in Iraq and then likely the end in Syria too.   In fact the Iraqi fighters started attacking Daesh bases inside Syria from today along the border with Iraq where they come from.   

Daesh military existence soon will end in Iraq however it will remain a major threat to peace and security not only for Iraq but the regional and international peace.  

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