Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The head-in-head UK referendum to separate from Europe is liable for mistakes

The UK referendum to separate from the EU was lacking real majority or in another words is almost 50:50 for the yes and the no votes.  Such results can be biased with little mistakes or frauds, however the most important is the clear discrepancy between the numbers in the north and the south especially Scotland.  

The impact of separation of the UK from EU is big but the most hard one is on the UK and yet to happen.  If Scotland, the Northern Ireland and then Wales separated, England will remain small country surrounded by the big Europe and from the far side is Russia.  Thats needs no comments.

The negative impacts on the economy and the sterling will be countless and may require years to try to come back to the existed status before the separation if that is going to happen.  

Soon the people will realize that they voted for national or domestic reasons and not taking in the account the strength of the UK with its European partners.   The national issues are only in the minds and no one asked the UK to change its passport into the union one.  

Now many people who voted yes for separation started regretting their vote and they will regret it more when the UK become England the weak state unless one thing happen which is the disintegration of the whole EU back into single states which is far from happening in the near future.  

The UK parliament should take the 2 or 3 millions petition seriously and force repeat of the referendum soon and this should not affect the resignation of David Cameron as the UK with or without EU needing new leaderships. 

Fullojah the strong hold of Daiesh (ISIS) liberated by the Iraqi forces

Fullojah remained strong hold for Daiesh for more than 2 years.  

They used it as command center or a major base to infiltatrat other areas especially Baghdad.

It took the Iraqi forces 3 to 4 weeks to liberate Fullojah

It is a big and symbolic victory for the Iraqi forces and large defeat for Daiesh 

May God bless Iraq !

Iraq after the war in 2003 declined due to corruption

It was thought after the end of the regime in 2003 when the US invaded and occupied Iraq that the new era will be better.   After 13 years from that time till now the political system based on ethnic shares rather than the professional and expert competition proved to be big failure.  

Those who came after the invasion to power all of them without exception are corrupts and inexperts.  They put their own interests on the top and above the interest of the country.   Corruption increased like a rocket in all aspects of the life.  Everything in Iraq declined and failed  including the health system, the economy, the agricultures, the production, the social network, the security and above all there is at least 35% of the west of Iraq occupied by ISIS for the last 2 years.  

Demonstrations every Friday went on for the last 12 months against the corruptions which involve even the high Judicial systems and the oil.  The oil x-minster Hussein Shihristani found to be involved in the biggest ransoms taken from the oil companies to give them oil production.   All the parties in the government of Iraq without exception are corrupts and one cover for the other.   

Iraq was under the control of one dictator who is Saddam and he was not corrupt though and he provide security while with those there are many dictators and all of them corrupts and not paying attention to any thing related to the services or Iraq nationals or security at all.  They are only busy dividing the power and competing for the positions and the ministries and the money.   

The recent uprising of the people is supported by some of the members of parliaments who take refuges in the parliament building for the last few days seeking to correct the system which divided the power between the main politicians to put it back to the people based on experts and professionalism and transparency.  It is to end the corrupts from leading the country to anarchy and failure.  

The Iraqis expect from the US and other countries to support the Iraqi people in their uprising against the corrupts politicians who steal the assets of the country and who misuse the power to their own interests.  We do not accept the interference of other countries who ever they are to support those who are corrupts especially in the head of Iraq states.   There are many Iraqis killed and died or had no where to sleep or to eat while the Iraqi politicians live luxury life on the money that they misuse for their own interest from the oil.   

You have to support the Iraqi people and not their corrupts politicians to win your good relation with that country who will topple these politicians sooner or later.  

Hopes and aims for 2016

Every time there is new year the people hope for better year to bring them their wishes.  Some of us will achieve what they want yet others will not.  Even some of the people may get harder time for the coming year.  It depend on our actions and not the year as such.

It is not the years which make changes in our lives but we create the changes and the achievements.   Years only making us older and older while we play the game.

When we are talking about the prosperity which is a common thing that reflect positive light on everyone by improving the economy and jobs it means that we are talking about peace and stability around the globe.   Such thing can not be achieved easily if there are threats to the peace and stability.   

In Iraq peace and stability are far from achievements despite the recent success that the Iraqi forces achieved in Ramadi.  In fact the stability in the Middle East will not be achieved soon due to the existence of Daiesh and the other terrorists organizations.  In fact these organizations are more strong than ever inspite of the continues strikes against them.  They now control more revenues and money from which they created not only wealth but organized supports and groups ready to move all over the world.   The danger of such groups is more than ever been before.  If these groups remain receiving the same support from certain states and others and treated with the same way as now, the 9/11 for the coming attacks will look like a game.  

Equality, prosperity, human rights, tackling poverty, and achieving peace all over the world are aims ad hopes not only for 2016 but all times and will not be easily achieved.   

Can the war in Syria lead to regional or world war?

Irrespective of the real cause of the Turkish fighters shooting down the Russian air-fighter and whether it happened inside or outside the Turkish airspace; there should be an investigation.    
If this shooting was happened more than 50 years ago it could have been led to regional or even world war.   Next world war (supposed to be the third) is only a matter of time to happen but the people learnt a lesson that wars can only damaged both the losers and the winners. It is therefore will not happen easily and only those who are too fool enough to make war on their lands.  

In fact war in Syria is a small scale world war happening on behalf of different powers on the Syrian soil.  Russia entered the war against the terrorists strongly and will not leave it easily at all. There are only two options for Russia is either to emerge as victorious or as a looser.  If she loose it will never again have the same interests to only in the middle east but everywhere else.  From this we know that the shooting of its airplane fighter and the killing of one of its pilot while he was alive on the ground by the Turkish supported rebels is a serious issue as President Putin said.  It is the first accident of its kind since the WW-II!   Alone might not lead to a wide spread war but it is certainly increased the tension and any other incident will make that kind of war more looming.  The other certain outcome is it served the interests of the Daiesh (ISIL).  
On the other hands the Turkish air fighters so frequently infringe the boarder over Iraq and attacks the villages of the Kurdish citizens inside Iraq.  It is therefore the rights of these people to shoot down the Turkish fighters too.  In fact the Iraqi government should make mutual pact with Russia for protecting the Iraqi airspace and buy from them missiles for that aim.  Turkey is having problems with most of its neighbors include Syria, Iraq, Iran, Arminia and others.  It is playing with fire by many actions to support the ISIL, smuggle weapons, smuggling the oil from Iraq and Syria and all that help in terrorism and attacks happened last in France. 

Raja Tayeb Erdogan dreaming and behaving like he is the Othman Emperor so he will lead Turkey into grave consequences. 

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