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War in Yemen: stop massacre against children?

Thousands of children, women, and innocent civilians were killed by the Saudis air strikes in Yemen.  Civilians’ infrastructures including water, electricity, airports, roads, hospitals, fuel stations, schools, mosques, and civilian houses were attacked several times with the help of the American supports. 

How can children burnt to death and in which law another country attacking a neighbor country to kill its children and prevent all kinds of humanitarians help to reach?  If it is the law of the United Nation it is then the UN is a jungle law not suitable for the 21 century. 

Now hundreds of thousands of children in Yemen are exposed to starvation, diseases and death.  How can totalitarian dictator and suppressive regime to its own people attack a neighbor country for the seek to impose on that country an escaped dictator who was rejected by his own people?  Is it a good reason to kill the children of Yemen so as to bring on them fled president?

It is shame on the face of this world seeing the children of Yemen killed and do nothing to stop it?!

Stop killing the children in Yemen

The Saudi air strikes against Yemen killed and injured hundreds of children, women and innocent civilians in many parts of that poor country.  The Saudis said that they want to reinstate the resigned and escaped president of Yemen after the revolt there. 

The air strikes will no doubts result in undistinguished killing and destruction of the Yemeni people and structures especially children.  

Protect the children of Yemen from more massacres by the Saudi strikes is the duty of all those involved in human right s and children rights.

Stop this war against the Yemeni civilians and leave them to choose their leaders away from outside interferences. 

Wars in the region will bring more destruction and more insecurity.  Wars will certainly lead to more destabilization and more extremism, which will spread to involve everyone.

Stop the war against the Yemeni children and do not cause more children deaths.    

There are many pictures showing burnt, destroyed and mascaraed children and babies; we abstain from putting it here due to the damage impact that it may cause for those who are seeing them.

Tikrit liberated fully

The Iraqi forces liberated Tikrit which was considered a strong hold for Daiesh terrorists fully today.  

The Iraqi forces entered the city center and killed hundred of the terrorists who were most of them are non-Iraqis from Saudis and others. 

The Iraqi forces used only limited part of their force and the liberation was just a little game for our forces despite the strong hold of the terrorists. 

The lesson of the battle of Tikrit will be used to liberate Mosel and other parts from the terrorists.

Daiesh (ISIS) collapsed under the attacks of the Iraqi forces

The non-Islamic state in Iraq and Syria (NISIS) swiftly collapsed under the attacks of the Iraqi forces in the province of Tikrit.  Over the last 7 days hundreds of miles were liberated from the NISIS where it was few days ago considered to be one of the strongest hold of Daiesh.  One of these areas is where the massacre of spyker in which at least 2000 students were slaughtered like sheep by the Daiesh members and their local supporters.  Until yesterday two mass graves were found which are likely contains the remnants of these betrayed students. 

The last area remained to be liberated from Daiesh is the center of Tikrit which is surrounded fully by the Iraqi forces and soon in the coming few hours will be liberated.  Daiesh collapsed like the domino pieces cascade quickly and on the same time the Iraqi forces entered swiftly. 

All the Iraqis joined to liberate their areas from the terrorists.  There were no supports received on the ground from any country.  On the same time the NISIS thugs continued to destroy the Iraqi antiquities in Mosel from thousands of years.

Tikrit was one of the strongest hold for Daiesh since came to Iraq last year.  The success that the Iraqi forces achieved will be used to liberate Mosel soon.  It is the end of Daiesh in Iraq, which will certainly reduce the risk of these terrorists all over the region and the rest of the world too.   While writing this our forces advances towards the center of Tikrit while Daiesh either killed, captured or escaping north to Mosel. 


David Cameron statement about freedom is wrong and offensive to all religions

David Cameron the UK Prime minster stated that in a free society it is the right of everyone to make an offence about the religion of the others.   Then he said that he is Christian and he may be offended if someone making an offence about Jesus Christ.   This was in an interview with CBS when he was in a meeting with Barak Obama.

No need to comment a lot about David Cameron statements as it is obvious anomalous and wrong.  No surprise that Cameron has such mal-understanding about freedom.  It just indicates how shallow is David Cameron in his understanding to the freedom?! 

He is shallow and wrong in his understanding not only about freedom in a civilized society but also his lack of understanding the meaning of his own language the English.  ‘Offence’ in the English means a violation or breach of law and also means any public wrong or crime or making harm or injury or military attack.  The least according to the understanding of Cameron is that offence will cause psychological harm, which could be more harmful than physical one.  David Cameron with his unethical comment may not understand this psychic issue because he might have an anomalous psychology in himself. 

What David Cameron said about freedom is not compatible with a freedom in a civilized society but it goes well with the Jungle Law where you could offend any one without being responsible for your act to cause physical or psychological injuries to the others.  Therefore and due that David Cameron is not suitable to be a PM for a country like the UK where multiracial groups living together and they should respect each others believes and religions whichever they are and not cause harm to each other otherwise it will be a jungle law.  Offence or Offense is a punishable act by law and against the teaching of Christianity or Islam. 

We are against doing harm to other people physical or psychological.  Both can lead to pain, suffering, incapacitation, whether from a cartoonist attacking the symbols of the other nations or from those who kill that cartoonists.  Both cause pain and damages to many people. 

David Cameron thinks that he is Christian!  Mr. Cameron; you are far from being Christian.  You know nothing from Christianity and you may not believe in it inside yourself.  Yes; you may go to the Church on Sunday as part of the show off to the people for reasons of your job!  Look to what the Bible say about that you should not do offense against your fellow citizens or neighbors or others:

Proverbs:  6: 16 – 19:  There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.

Ephesians: 4: 2 – 3: With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

This was what the Bible says and certainly David Cameron knows nothing about the Bible so how we expect him to know anything at all about the Quran which say about Prophet Mohammad (Peace be up on him) in Sura 21: 107: We sent thee not, but as a Mercy for all creatures.  

Last; David Cameron; you have nothing to do with Jesus Christ (Peace be up on him).  He is an Eastern man and you are Western.  Jesus Christ is the prophet of Islam who gave glad tiding about the coming of his brother Prophet Mohammad (the Praised one) as Moses and Abraham and David done the same.   Moreover see what the Quran says about Jesus; just read the Quran! 

Lastly; David Cameron; if Jesus Christ alive today he will tell you that you are the one who offended him by your statement and wrong deeds and not need for other than you to offend you about Jesus that you are so far from his teachings.
It is you and the French government who created and helped to maintain and supply Daiesh (ISIS) to kill in the name of religion and no one else.  

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