Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Spyker Crime: The Holocaust of Iraq and the Crime of The Time
And Video telling the story of one of the Survivors 

More than three thousands armless youths have been taken by mass killers belongs to ISIS (Daaesh in Arabic) in the region of Tikrit North West of Baghdad.   There are some reports confirming that some of the Tribes of Tikrit involved directly in this horrific crime.  Most of the youths were students studying in the Spyker airbase in the region.  All those who were murdered are Shias and were killed on the basis of their believes.

Before Daaesh terrorists entered the City of Tikrit some of the officer who more likely work with Daeesh (Traitors) ordered the students to wear civilian clothes and go in a leave for two weeks.  They told them that the road is safe and they should walk to the main road where they will be taken by cars to the coach station to travel to their destinations.  The official figure is 1700 young men but the real one is around 4000.  They walked out of the base initially seems safe but once they reached the main road there were some cars waiting for them and asked them to go inside the cars to take them to the garage to travel, however they took them into the area of the presidential palaces which were built by Saddam Hussein in his home town Tikrit.  Before reaching there the killers who were from Daaesh and some from the tribes of that region killed those who tried to escape and tied the others.

Once reached to the area of the palaces they segregated them and murdered the Shia youth as shown in the video and in the most barbaric holocaust way.  They then dumbed the bodies by bulldozers. 

Video telling the story of one of the Survivors

The families of the murdered ones now struggle to know the fate of their sons and they want the bodies to burry them.

This crime will remain stigma on the face of the humanity and mankind and certainly those who committed it are barbaric mass murderer and enemies of mankind and all values.  Those who committed such crime will not hesitate to do it again against anyone who disagrees with their sick minds.  There should be condemnation worldwide for such crime and punishment of the criminals. 

Thousands of innocent people at risk of death and diseases

Ten of thousands of women, men and children escaped from the terrorists (ISIS) (Daiesh) in the north of Iraq.  All of them are innocent civilians from different sects including Arab, Kurds and Turks.  Daiesh terrorists confiscated their houses and all other belonging after either killed them or they escaped to the top of mountains.  They then cut the roads so as no food or medical supplies or water can reach them.  Hundreds of them are dying especially children.  

Mosel and the surrounded areas become an incubator ground for the terrorist who came from different parts of the world via Syria and Turkey as well as some local terrorists who supporting them. 

These terrorists threatened to lunch their next attacks not only in Iraq but in the other countries in the region untimely including the states which support them such as the Saudis and the Qataris. 

Destabilisation of an important region is not of interest of any one and Iraq needs the help of the international community and the UN to stop these terrorists and protect the peace in the region.

Daiesh Terrorists Destroying the historical Islamic and Biblical sites in Mosel

One of the most dirty crimes that the terrorists groups in Mosel after they occupied the city committed are the destruction of the historic Islamic and biblical places and tombs and ancient churches and mosques. 

Tens of historic and sanctuary respected places were destroyed such as the tomb of prophet Jona (Younis) see the video link below, also the tomb of prophet Shieth (the second video) and the third video and old recording for it, and the tomb of prophet Idries and many other historical sites. 

Below are some pictures for some of these historic places before and after destruction by Daiesh terrorist groups.

Are we heading for another 9/11?!

The terrorists groups who invaded Iraq from Syria and other countries created large scale disaster in the areas controlled by them.  One of the most recent crimes is forcing the Christians and the Shias in Mosel to leave their homes and all belonging and leave the area or they will be killed.  Mosel is a well-known city of thousands of Christians lives side by side with other people for thousands of years and no one expel them in history before. 

Now Mosel is almost empty of its Christian population!  They escaped death and they and the others such as the Shabak minority who are Shias live in disastrous conditions with lack of water and necessary supplies.   These terrorist groups in Mosel also demolished and burned many Churches and Mosques and other historic places like the church shown in the picture below.

The spread of the terrorist groups to other areas is nearly in hold after the overall mobilization to fight them in Iraq including the forces.   However there are countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar regimes supporting the terrorists with means.  These groups are worse than al-Qaeda terrorist.  They know nothing other than killing, raping, mass murders, ethnic cleansing, and lawless status. 

The problem with the Iraqi forces is the failure of the USA to give the agreed arms after the US army withdraws from Iraq in 2011.  The disastrous terrorists groups represent serious danger more than the Qaeda for everyone and not only the region.  This situation is in need of a practical stand with Iraq to support its forces to fight these terrorist groups.  There should be international support for thousands of deported families in Mosel and other areas and to help to expel the terrorist so as the families can go back to their homes.

The Iraqi forces are able to crush these terrorist but it need arms and other supports from the international community.  Any country support the terrorist should be condemned for this anti-human right behaviour.   It seems to be there is a regression in the fight against terrorists may be until another 9/11 happens again sooner or later as far as these groups allowed withholding ground in an oil rich area and as far as there are countries supporting them with money or arms or political support. 

The war against terrorists called Daesh or ISIS


Daesh or ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Sham) is a group of terrorists mercenaries from different countries such as Saudis, Qataris, Syrians, Chechenia, North Africans and Europeans.  Their support mainly came from Saudi Arabia and Qatar as well as Turkey.  The USA and other west countries supplied them with arms to fight against Syrian regime however they used it in Iraq and may use it in future in Jordan and other areas.  The name (Sham) is explaining their aim to include (Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine (Israel)).  The term Sham is meaning all these countries.  More than that they announced Today that they declared the state of Khelafah!  Khelafah means from Andalous (Spain) to China with the main aim to include the whole world.

In the areas that they controlled in Iraq such as Mosel they imposed barbaric roles and atrocities on the people.  Killing, chopping hands, beheading, whipping, and humiliations are the daily practice in public.   Demolishing of warship places such as mosques and churches and other historic places are non-stop.  Even graves are never safe from demolishing.  Violation of human rights rapes, crimes, forced marriages, are just part of their norms.  In one crime they chopped hands of two children aged 12 years in public in Mosel and one mother tried to save her child they killed her too.

The Iraqi forces are fighting them with some supports from Russian including president Putin.  Russia gave Iraq Sokhoi fighters and the Russians Helicopters were very strong and effective.  Iran may hand over the Mirage fighter too that Iraq kept with them in 1991.  It is arms that Iraq needed. 

We will fight them until the end and the Iraqi forces are now achieving major victories in Tikrit while these terrorists escape from area to area.  Many of their leaders escaped back to Syria including in Mosel as there is going to be a major attack in Mosel espcailly with the arrival of the Russian fighters.

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