Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

War against terrors 

The recent terrorists attacks on London, Stockholm, Russia, Cairo, and the on going wars in Syria and Iraq plus the existed threats highly indicates the need for an international collaboration to fight all forms of terrorism.   Terrorists started to use simple and readily available things to do it such as cars and simple tools.  These can be more dangerous than the weapons of mass destructions because it make the attacks easy and unpredictable.   However inflicting damages to kill more people by food or water poisoning or chemical and germ wars or even dirty weapons still can happen unless all countries stand together to fight terrorism wherever it is.   

When Iraq was invaded in 2003 it took those who waged the war more than 10 years to admit that the war was started on a false allegation of weapons of mass destruction.   The costs were devastating for Iraq and the its people.   Now the lessons from the recent attacks since 2001 telling us that one state response whatsoever it is superpower will and can not work.  The chemical attacks against civilians in Syria is completely unacceptable however it first need to be investigated to identify those who commit it.   By that the world as a whole should jointly punish them according to the international law and treaties.  An attack like the one ordered by the US president Donald Trump will do nothing but it will help the terrorists and on the same time the Syrian regime will use it to gain support.   Over all this attack achieved nothing at all hence make the US looks weak as never been before.  

Unilateral behavior will fail and will not achieve anything.  More over it may lead to wide scale wars between superpowers.   

War on terrors should be collaborated internationally otherwise it will fail. 

President Trump New Travel Ban 

President Trump issued a new ban for the same list of countries that was rejected before by a Federal US Court.   

The new one is the same but excluding Iraq which is supposed to be an ally against terrorism.  In fact Iraq is fighting terrorist in an ongoing war in which it gives blood and lives for long time.   The fights is on the go in Mosel and the other parts.   Iraq is achieving victory on the grounds for the last few weeks there.  The battle for retaking Mosul is near its end in the next few days. 

President Trump removing Iraq from the list can only be explained in one reason and nothing else.   It was put without a good reason and therefore by mistake in the first list.   Any other explanation is not accepted by the US citizens, because it should not be removed if the danger was genuine.  it is therefore that President Trump should officially apologize to the people of Iraq for what he caused for them of defaming despite their sacrifices to fight terrorists.  There are many US and other countries citizens fighting along with ISIS (Daesh) and that doesn't mean all the citizens of these countries are terrorist.  

President Trump should apologize to the Iraqis who fight and give their blood and lives against terrorist.  The US and Iraq got a lot of background and information to share to create peace in the region and the world and prevent terrorists for long time to come.

Liberation of the Right side of Mosel started

After the left side of Mosel fully controlled by the Iraqi forces in the last few months, the Iraqi forces lunched its battle to liberate the right side.   

Two most strategic sites the airport and the Ghazlani Army base in the south of the right side were fully controlled by the Iraqi forces within 3 days which is less than half of the planned time.   The Iraqi forces started its lunch from 4 direction towards the city center of the right side.  

Daesh terrorists in the right side of Mosel after this swift victory of the Iraqi forces will decline spirally down in the next few days.   They now face one of two fates and none else, either death or surrender.  The only 3 ways they use to fight with are the car explosives, the snippers, and the armed drones.   All of these option are well known and counter-acted in the hands of the Iraqi attacking forces.  

Daesh considered Mosel as its capital and after its liberation it means the end of the Daesh in Iraq and then likely the end in Syria too.   In fact the Iraqi fighters started attacking Daesh bases inside Syria from today along the border with Iraq where they come from.   

Daesh military existence soon will end in Iraq however it will remain a major threat to peace and security not only for Iraq but the regional and international peace.  

President Trump Decision about banning citizens of 7 countries from entry to USA

We all agree that each country including the US has the right to protect its citizens and countries from terrorist attacks.  President Trump got the right to do like any other country want to protect their own national interests and peace.  However, Trump made a lot of mistakes in his order about the ban.

If Mr Trump aim was about terrorism he did a big mistake to ban citizens of a whole country.   Terrorism is not belong to one nation or certain countries.  Terrorism is coming from all over the world including the USA itself as there are many US citizens fight with Daesh and from other European countries.  It is wrong to punish citizens of a country because of some of them are belonging to terrorism.   

The other mistake in case of Iraq, Mr Trump forgot that the Iraqi government signed a mutual pact to fight terrorism with the US before their forces withdrawn in 2011 from Iraq.   Iraq in fact fighting terrorism and their citizens shed huge blood on daily basis in that aim, otherwise Daesh would have been in Baghdad now representing a huge threat regional and international.   The only way Daesh threat vanished is by the blood shed of the Iraqi citizens that Mr Trump banned them in his order.

On the other hand and the other mistake Mr Trump did is that he offer a nice gift to the terrorists as they will use his ban order to achieve sympathy and support and by representing themselves the defender of the rights of the people.  You may understand this or not it is a gift to the terrorists. 

Moreover, Mr Trump took the option of banning all the citizens of certain countries and this option is the choice of the fearful weak and not the brave strong.  No need to explain this further.  Not even less than that Mr Trump is going to isolate himself and America despite its strength from the rest of the world and the refusal of his first orders is so obvious among his allies and the people all over the world including the American citizens.  Soon he will realize that he done a big mistake!

Mosul University (MU)

MU is the second largest university in Iraq and one of the main three universities after Baghdad and Basra universities.  It is one of the largest educational centers in Middle East.   It was liberated from (Daesh) occupation in the left side of Mosel on the 14 January 2017.  Yesterday tens of its students marched in symbolic way to clear the damage left behind by Daesh terrorists.  Men and women raised the Iraqi flag on the main entrance of the university holding their books in a challenging way to start its role again. 

Daesh destroyed its library which contains 8,000 books and 100,000 manuscripts !  They converted its building into command centers and war producing machines.  

MU was founded in 1959 and before Daesh closed it in 2014 it had 30,000 students from different parts of the worlds mainly Iraqis, 800 postgraduates, 750 administrative staff, 19 official colleges, and more than 1000 teaching staff. 

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