Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Massod Barazani Iraqi Kurdstan Dictator

In the last 3 weeks the North of Iraq witnessed increased tension between the central government and the Kurd leader in Irbil Massod Barazani.   He rules as a self appointed governor because his term was ended more than 2 years ago and he dissolved the Kurd parliament so as to remain more in power.      

He also controlled more land following Daesh control of major cities in 2014 extending his control over the oil rich area Kirkuk.    He controlled the Kurd and others in the area under his control with fear and oppression like at the time of Saddam Hussein.   They made big wealth for their personal interests from the oil revenue that they control in Kirkuk.    To extend his rule without questioning from anyone he arranged the vote for separation from Iraq.    Not all Kurds supported that specifically those living in the main city Soliymaniah who are the Talabani followers and they are considered for long time his opponents.  

The Iraqi government and according to the constitution pushed the Barazani militia back and the conservative Kurds and their parties supported the government and asked Barazani to resign.   Until now he refused and there are tension between the Kurds which may lead to military escalation between the two faction of Kurds those with and those against Barazani. 

This turning point didn’t affect the war against Daesh in which two area only left by the border with Syria.   Once the Syrian army reached near the border there in Albokamal on the other border of Alqaaem the Iraqi forces will push into these two area so as the terrorist will be in vice. 

Daesh end in Iraq

Last few days the Iraqi forces launched swift offensive against the terrorist ISIL or Daesh in Kirkuk area of Hawija and liberated it fully.

Military Daesh finished in Iraq and will be soon totally eliminated from the two small border areas Rawa and Qaim next.

Daesh also nearly eliminated in Syria. 

They may appear in other countries in many forms as they gone back or escaped there.  Time will show!   


The End of Daesh in Mosel 

Now Tal Afar liberated from Daesh terrorists fully after 5 days of fierce fighting with about 2000 Daeshi in the area.   

Tal Afar (TA) was seen and considered as one of the most important regions for Daesh due to its position and as it was the first point of holds for them when they invade Iraq from Syria.   The last village called (Iyathiyah) just between TA and Mosel is under attack from the Iraqi forces as some Daeshi escaped there.   It is expected in the next two or three days the whole Mosel area and its territories declared free from Daesh.  

In fact only 3 pocket remained in Iraq all of them considered to be dead pockets for Daesh.  One in Hawejah near Kirkuk in which Daesh have been suffocated (surrounded) from all sides with no link with outside and hence considered dead target and will surrender or killed in any future attack simply.   

The other two pockets were near the boarder with Syria from Ramadi province which are Rawah/Anah areas and Qaaem by the border with Syria.   The first one is easy target for the Iraqi forces and will take only days to be sorted out but the last one by the Syrian border needs some special tactics and may be the Iraqi forces either liberate it and create a safe zone inside Syria for few miles to push Daesh farther or wait for the Syrian army to reach and both will form a vice to extract the route of Daesh in that area.   

The next few weeks will tell what the Iraqi forces are going to do possibly to liberate both Hawejah and Rawah/anah on same time or subsequent before going to Qaaem as the last hold for the dead Daesh in Iraq.

May God bless IRAQ

Tal-Aafar liberation from Daesh declared 

Early morning today 20 August 2017 the PM of Iraq in his position as the leader of the command forces declared the beginning of the battle of liberation of Tal-Afar from the terrorists Daesh (ISIS).   Until now around ten villages were liberated and strategic mountains.  

Tal-Aafar is an ancient city 6000 years old built during the first civilization of the world the times of Summer, Akad and Ashor.   Around 250,000 live in it.  It is 70 miles away from Mosel, 40 miles away from Turkey order and 60 miles from Syrian border.   It was controlled from Daesh 3 years ago and around 14,000 from its people killed since then plus many historic sites were destroyed.   Now around 2000 terrorists inside it many of them are foreigners.  

Most of the people of Tal-Aafar were migrate to the South and other areas for safety.   The next few days will witness the liberation of the city.  The terrorists got one of two options either surrender or killed.  

After Tal-Aafar only three remaining small pockets (as shown 1,2 & 3) for Daesh in Iraq.

With its elimination from Iraq and Syria Daesh and its supporters will be in the garbage bag of the history of criminals soon. 


Mosel fully under the control of Iraqi forces

Daesh is officially out of Mosel today that they took as their capital 3 years ago.   The Iraqi forces are now fully controlling the right side of Mosel ….

Victory is in hand of the Iraqis which was only achieved by their blood and the soldiers who gave their lives to achieve it ….

The battle of Mosel was one of the most difficult war in the history because of the nature of the city in which there are 1.5 million civilians and extremely difficult structures and roads.   The battle was furious and at many times was from house to house and room to room and face to face.  

Victory was only possible in short time by the bravery of the Iraqi forces and their decisive actions in war… above all their unity to fight Daesh ..  Now all people who were under Daesh speaking for first time about their suffering and their rejection of Daesh for ever .. 

There were no options for Daesh in Mosel but either killed or surrender and some surrendered while the majority were killed.  Thousands of them were killed most of them from non-Iraqi nationalities.  

Congratulations to the Iraqi forces and all the Iraqis in their victory which will be announced soon !

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