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COVID-19 pandemic require an international tribunal about its origin?


COVID-19 pandemic require an international tribunal about its origin?

The losses and disruption that Corona virus COVID-19 caused are substantial and included all aspects of life everywhere.  The psychological and medical impacts yet to be counted.  

 Until now we do not know exactly how the virus emerged and if there is a failure or intentions in regard to preventing its spread. 

 The damaged caused by this pandemic should be investigated via an international tribunal supported by the UN to identify the mystery behind this issue and if needed bring those responsible into a world court. 

COVID-19 is dying 

There are strong evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 virus which is causing COVID-19 disease is lastly dying.   Three important factors attenuated the virus.  First the control measures implemented by health authorities in each country.  Second the development of a herd immunity.  Third the virus jumped to a new strain which is weaker than the parent version.   This is like SARS-1 in 2003 wherein the virus spillover make it weaker instead of stronger.   

The weak virus usually produce herd immunity however it will remain endemic.   It is very unlikely for it to become strong again and the resultant immunity may crossover to protect against the other corona viruses.   

In future, however, a new corona virus may emerge from animals like bats possibly with more devastating effect.  This could happen in the next 10 years. 

Eid Mubarak 

This year Ramadan came in a difficult time of COVID-19.  Almost finished as by tomorrow and Eid will be Sunday24 May 2020 in most of Islamic countries.

May Allah give us all and all mankind strength and ability to overcome the COVID-19 so soon and our prayers to those who lost relatives or loved ones especially among the health workers and doctors around the world.  


Coronavirus (COVID-19) origin needs investigation under the UN umbrella

It is not yet known where is the SARS-CoV-2 came from?  Is it genetic jump and evolved naturally or man-made or a mistake of a laboratories or a conspiracy theories or many other possibilities?  

Whatever it is, the resultant effects on mankind life will never the same again and the consequences are huge.  

It is therefore, an international league or group of lawyers and investigators need to conduct an international investigation under the umbrella of the United Nation to investigate the cause the sooner the better to avoid this from happening again. 

Coronavirus restrictions affecting the mental health and lifestyle of healthy over 60 years in UAE (Gulf News Report)

Gulf News exclusive report 11 May 2020 brought to the attention stories of a healthy British citizens over 60 years working and living in UAE such as in businesses and other sectors.  According to the new roles preventing them from going to the supermarkets to buy their groceries and food.   Like Ms Dorman, Mrs Jacqui Radford, Mr Radford,  Karim and many others senior citizens including doctors may have similar stories and suffering.    It is damaging for mental health, physical health and nutritional health so as immunity of the over 60 years.

They requested designated hours to do their shopping however not yet.

The report also raised the issue of such restricted quarantine of healthy individuals may badly affect their physical and mental health.    

Certainly, among the over 60 years are senior doctors and health workers who dedicated their life to their community.   An exemption for them is rewarding. 

The UAE relevant authorities response to this issue not yet and a positive one is needed soon to alleviate suffering of important senior sectors in society. 

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