Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Tension in the world damages the prosperity and resources

At least for the last twenty years escalating tension of terrorism happens everywhere with waxing and weaning periods.  Attacks due to this happened almost suddenly and all kinds of measures may not able to prevent them.  There is no one immune even those who support it.  

Until now only conventional ways used in the attacks but that doesn't mean that in future it would not happen to use mass destruction weapons.   These may include biological, chemical and even nuclear weapons.  It may be a matter of time before we see such kinds of attacks.  

Unfortunately the world and despite of the recent attacks since 2001 is not yet united in making active and effective measures to abolish terrors.  In fact quite few states play double standard and yet others support the terrorist groups for their own agenda.  

Now the tension intensified after the last few weeks of spread of attacks.  These attacks never stopped in Baghdad and Syria but it start to get spread and the danger is still looming and increasing.

The solution is not to wait to react because this is what these groups want the others to do.  Simply to react in fear and terror.  The solution is to stop it by using effective measures including against the countries that support it.  

Terrorism have nothing to do with Islam as a religion but it is related to some Muslims who have wrong ideology about all religions.  It can not go parallel with people peace and prosperity.  The more terrorism exist the more it threaten the world peace and the less development and prosperity for mankind.  

To have good life all people need to live in peace and harmony which leads to progression and development.  Anything opposite to that will lead to decline in the quality of life for everyone but the few who feed the terrorist groups with weapons and dumb their garbage in them!

The Muslims are the most affected people by the terrorist attacks

Attacks in Baghdad are daily scenes

There are a lot of doubts surrounding the war against terrorism which leads us to ask the question, who are behind terrorist attacks and what are their real intentions?

If the world is genuine in its war against terrorism, why then they not wage a real war rather than a kind of knee jerks and sort of propaganda following these attacks in the West while ignoring the suffering of the others such as in Iraq?

Real war against terrorism is to prevent it with preemptive measures.  When some one gets an infection should be treated by medicine which get rids of the cause and not to treat the symptoms only.  The same thing applies for the terrorism, by cutting and drying its routes.  This means its ideology, states which enforce it, media that try to legalize or support it, those who arm it, those who finance it, and the areas that incubate it including the war zones.
What the world is doing about terrorism is trying to treat its symptoms while leaving the cause intact.  You cannot dry a bad plant by trimming its top leafs while leaving the route intact and its branches grow all the directions.  This is exactly what happened for the last two decades.   The question is, could those who told the people that they do war against terrorism are in fact playing double standard by supporting the terrorists in one hand and trying to make the others to believe that they fight it with the other hand? 

Islam as a religion is completely against war and from its name it means peace, however as there are fundamentalists and terrorists everywhere in the history of all religions, ideologies, imperialism, occupations, there are such people within the Muslims who do not follow the real peace principle of Islam.  The majority of Muslims are peace loving people and they denies any killing against people who are not in direct war with them.  It is in the Holy Quran that a killing of one soul (any human soul) is as if killing the mankind. 
In fact the Muslims are the main people affected by the terrorists as many example occurring in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Beirut, and other countries.  Daily in Iraq there are many people killed by bombs, explosives, rockets, cars, and gun shootings since 2003.  The Iraqis are fighting the Daiesh (ISIS) groups, which occupied one third of their country since 2014.  Everyone know who created Daiesh (ISIS) and who support them and why? 

Airstrike is not effective way and will not stop the terrorists but will make them more determined to stay and use different means to perpetrate their attacks next.  President Putin declared similar statement lately.  Route drying of the states, media, arms, finance and supports to those who are fighting them on the ground in Iraq and Syria and others are the solution.  The recent UN resolution addressed these issues but on broad terms that left it for interpretations.  A real resolution should specify the effective measures and make it mandatory rather than leaving it for interpretations.  It is weak approach.

In short: the Muslims are the most affected people by the terrorists and not the opposite.  They suffering in their countries between death and refugees and in the West by pointing unfairly and unjustly towards them where most of them are sharing the building and the development of the Western countries include the USA, as positive and active citizens like any one else with peace, tax-paying, businesses, and playing active parts in all kind of services and societies. 

The attacks which happen in the West such as France are nothing but drop in the ocean of the suffering of the Iraqis for the last ten years especially since 2014.  There are daily bloodshed, killing, and Iraqi soldiers killed in their daily fight against the same terrorists groups who did Paris bombs for the last years.

Those who are saying as far as the war is not in our land, away from us in Iraq or Syria we are safe; they are wrong and short-sighted.  The lesson is clear and the right way to get rid of the bite is even more clear but it is up to the whole world to unite and find where and how to end this terrorism.

The Russian airplane crashed by a bomb

Russia security services declared that the cause of the crash of its Airbus airplane and the death of all passengers (224 people) was due to an improvised bomb. 

It is therefore proved that Daiesh (ISIS) is the cause, however it is yet to clarify how it happened and if there is any link with the airport security in Sharm-el-skeikh airport.

The world is heading towards huge disaster bigger than the 11/9 in NY and than any other threat. 

President Putin already used iron fist against the terrorists and the world IS looking to see what he is going to do in response to the attacked civilian airplane. 

In fact the previous events in the last few months indicating clearly that the international action against the terrorism has failed.   This is due to many factors one of them is the failure of the administrative and strategic plans of the US government under president Barak Obama. 

There should be a quick and clear plan to stop the war in Syria and to eliminate Daiesh from that region include Iraq. 

Instability in Middle East will make easy sanctuaries for the terrorists who will threat the whole world.   

Paris attacks is the beginning if the western support for Daiesh continued

We condemn the attacks on the French Capital Paris and consider this as an act of terrorism and crimes against innocent citizens who showed no act of war against anyone. 

It is wrong to kill innocent citizens not only in Paris but also anywhere in the world. 

Not only the killing considered as an act of barbarism and terrorism but also to support those who are perpetrating such action is an act similar to their crime if not more.

Daiesh is not an Islamic State and they are no way representing Islam but themselves and the countries and organizations supporting them. 

Daiesh was created and supported by the West and the US including the French government that provided them with support against the regime of Syria for political and regional agenda.  

Thousands of innocent citizens as a result of that were killed in Syria in addition to the destruction of the country rendering its own citizens refugees or waiting their fate to die.  Similar things are happening in Iraq and other countries such as Yemen and recently 
in Lebanon. 

These attacks could have been worse if WMD were used.   Large-scale attacks are not far anywhere as far as there are countries providing the terrorists with all kind of supports.  It is only a matter of time to see where it is going to happen next with much larger scale that may be very dangerous.

The only solution is to find a political solution in Syria and the whole world should unite together to end Daesh (ISIS) or the (non-IS) both in Syria and Iraq.  Not only that but to end the war in 
Yemen and Libya as the terrorist groups will get sanctuary in the areas of war and conflicts. 

The Air strikes though good but not enough and it is nothing but propaganda for the government who failed to find solution on the ground. 

We are not supporting any dictatorship regime but cooperation with the Syrian regime for political solution and to end the war is very important and more important than the air strikes to put an end as soon as possible to the war before much larger attacks happen in Paris again or in other cities and no one immune at all. 

Prepare for the worst or end the sources of terrorism soon!

New page in the war against Daiesh (ISIS)

Daiesh was initially created under the strategy of the war against the Syrian regime.  Many countries played direct role to form and enforce ISIS status including the USA, which played a major role openly and in secret.  This role was many times seen as a hypocritical.  In one hand the US clamed that it is fighting the terrorist ISIS and in another hidden hand they help the ISIS.  One of the main support is a false propaganda over estimated the power of Daiesh and presenting them as a powerful state!

The recent involvement of Russia in the war against Daiesh and the success achieved exposed the hypocrisy of the US strategies in the area.  President Putin calculations and decision to strike the ISIS came in the right time and in few days achieved what the US failed to do so in more than a year. 

Russian success in the war against Daiesh in Syria and Iraq will certainly increase the Russian role in the Middle East region, the Arab counties and Iran.  Of course this would not happen without regression in the role of the US in this region. 

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