Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The widespread corruption in Iraq

Since 2003 following the fall of Saddam Hussein regime until now corruption became the main problem that declined everything in Iraq.  Unfortunately, the big corrupts are the leaders of the parties and coalitions.   Not only that but they lack experience and the successive governments were selected based on sectarian shares and not national or even electoral consideration.  The problem is there is no opposition as everyone among them wanted to be in the government.   

The political parties and their leaders live a life different from the rest of the affected populations.   They live in the green zone almost completely separated from the people not only by concrete walls and forces but away from the suffering of the people.  Their main aim and concerns are the power and they negotiate about how much power they can have and not about what they have do for the country and the people.  This is why all the basic services such the electricity and water declined despite hundreds of millions of dollars spent on them.  These money in fact went to the pocket of the ministers or the parties’ leaders and their families and relatives.  Some of them escaped and the others still in power.  The reason that no one can identify them because they cover for each other including the corrupted judicature system.   

The poverty in Iraq increased to 30% in the last few years and the unemployment to 20 – 30%.  Around 25% of children live below the poverty line.   All the basic services declined to failure points in most areas like electricity, water and sewage.  This led to surge in infectious disease to epidemic and endemic level in many areas.  The healthcare system suffers hugely and declined to zero in some areas that was occupied by ISIS.  ISIS (Daesh) though eliminated in the cities but still representing major threat to the security of even Baghdad itself.   

All the politicians are corrupting and they having businesses, properties and millions of moneys outside the country.   On the same time the people live in most misery life and many of them migrated in temporary accommodations due to destructions of their areas by wars. Sectors like agriculture, manufacturing, trading and others declined totally to zero level.  

It looks that there is no simple fix to the problem of this country especially with the interference from regional countries in its affairs and the recycling of the same corrupts in power.   They only solution is changing all the existed corrupted parties and this is not going to happen but only by popular uprising that is not going to happen soon because the corrupted parties are supported from outside and they suppressed all the uprising happened since 2014.   To help Iraq to get rid of them they have to be exposed including the stolen money that they stole from the people breads and life. 

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