Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

الانتخابات العراقية: لاتعطي صوتك للذين يخدعونك

لاتعطي صوتك لمن يستغلك بأسم الدين او الطائفة او المذهب
لاتعطي صوتك للذين تسببوا بانعدام الامن والخدمات
لاتعطي صوتك للذين تسببوا بالبطالة
لاتعطي صوتك لهؤلاء

اضغط على الخارطة لتراهم بوضوح

The Iraqi election: competition between egocentric individuals

The propaganda of the candidates for the next government is just started. None of them submitted a plan showing how they are going to salvage the crippled country from its slump.

They are the same one who reached into the parliament and the government by the previous election is the nominees for the same parties. They have done nothing but crippled the country farther. Since the previous election until now there are more unemployment, worst services, thousands of Iraqis killed by attacks that no one knows who did them and massive poverty and wide spread deprivation.

They created a system of patronage and corruption. Bribery, thievery, and fraud are deep in the systems everywhere. The services reached into a stage that there is no remedy but have to be completely replaced. The Iraqi oil plundered. It was nationalized though its money went for wars but now it is sold for the foreign companies and looted.

Iraq is still under chapter 7 of the UN. It is a country without airlines! The Iraqi foreign policy is another failure for the last 4 year. Its agriculture is dreadfully declined. As is the other systems such the education, the health, the environment, and not to say any thing about the security.

In the last election the parties lied and deceived the people about their sectarian attitude. In this election and because the people discovered their lies, they used the anti-Bathism propaganda to try to win some votes. It looks that the nominated candidates and their parties know nothing and do nothing but paying money to create posters with their repugnant pictures. Some used TV adverts which are poor and begging for votes. In facts they used even illegal ways by intimidation, threatening, false promises, and money to get votes.

What is happening in Iraq is not a democracy but corruption and multi-dictatorships under the umbrella of democracy.

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