Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraq after the war in 2003 declined due to corruption

It was thought after the end of the regime in 2003 when the US invaded and occupied Iraq that the new era will be better.   After 13 years from that time till now the political system based on ethnic shares rather than the professional and expert competition proved to be big failure.  

Those who came after the invasion to power all of them without exception are corrupts and inexperts.  They put their own interests on the top and above the interest of the country.   Corruption increased like a rocket in all aspects of the life.  Everything in Iraq declined and failed  including the health system, the economy, the agricultures, the production, the social network, the security and above all there is at least 35% of the west of Iraq occupied by ISIS for the last 2 years.  

Demonstrations every Friday went on for the last 12 months against the corruptions which involve even the high Judicial systems and the oil.  The oil x-minster Hussein Shihristani found to be involved in the biggest ransoms taken from the oil companies to give them oil production.   All the parties in the government of Iraq without exception are corrupts and one cover for the other.   

Iraq was under the control of one dictator who is Saddam and he was not corrupt though and he provide security while with those there are many dictators and all of them corrupts and not paying attention to any thing related to the services or Iraq nationals or security at all.  They are only busy dividing the power and competing for the positions and the ministries and the money.   

The recent uprising of the people is supported by some of the members of parliaments who take refuges in the parliament building for the last few days seeking to correct the system which divided the power between the main politicians to put it back to the people based on experts and professionalism and transparency.  It is to end the corrupts from leading the country to anarchy and failure.  

The Iraqis expect from the US and other countries to support the Iraqi people in their uprising against the corrupts politicians who steal the assets of the country and who misuse the power to their own interests.  We do not accept the interference of other countries who ever they are to support those who are corrupts especially in the head of Iraq states.   There are many Iraqis killed and died or had no where to sleep or to eat while the Iraqi politicians live luxury life on the money that they misuse for their own interest from the oil.   

You have to support the Iraqi people and not their corrupts politicians to win your good relation with that country who will topple these politicians sooner or later.  

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