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The world is on imminent changes

It is so wrong to assume that the world is safer after the decline of the USSR in 1990s. There are a lot of factors followed and preceded that decline making the world unstable. This is not only because the main superpower is only one but because this superpower is suffering from ill health and aging process in many of its systems and aspects.

The very well known fact is that, all over the history of mankind there are always main two superpowers. The fate of the two powers behave like a conjoined twin, when one of them died the other will follow sooner not later. The USSR was stronger than the USA immediately before its disintegration. Indeed the USA is suffering from escalating problems both inside and outside its body. The inside problems are worse than the outside ones.

The outside involvement of the USA especially in Iraq and Afghanistan proved their failure until now and they will never get better. By the time the American allies pulling themselves one by one from its support, the USA will have more failures and more problems from within self. The failure of the USA to achieve victory and stability in Iraq is never going to happen whilst the USA itself doesn’t want to see strong and prosperous Iraq! On the other hand if the USA was failed to achieve stability and progress in Iraq with the support of many other states, it will never achieve that after the disintegration of its fragile allies. The last and main ally for the USA will soon get itself away. It is not long before Gordon Brown decides to pull his troops from Basra. Indeed the decision has been made and only awaiting the next few months to be implemented. Some analysts will see that the disintegration of the American allies in Iraq is a sign for the USA future disintegration into many states exactly like what happened in the USSR.

There are many features exactly resembling the causes which led to the collapse of the Roman, Persian and other empires exists in the USA. These factors are cumulative and once happen they will never be rectifiable. They will deteriorate like the aging process which passed initially unnoticed until warning signs of the wear and tear start to show. By that time the parts are either replaced or changed or the whole tool has to be condemned and written off. Any other solution to keep things same will result in dangerous and fatal issues.

The nature of aging and decline is not restricted to the people but similar conditions govern the states. As the individual body aging and decline get worse with diseases, toxins, and ill treatments same things apply on the states. In conclusion all factors indicate that the decline of the USA as a superpower is not only started but it is much clearer than the light of the sun in the middle of the day. It is indeed in the beginning of the spiral decline which will soon show it-self rapidly however only needing another major involvement of the USA in another hot area in the world. Then the resources of the USA will get exhausted and its economy will sunk down quickly.

On the other hand we can see other powers emerging in the world which may take the led at least as a regional power instead of the USA.

One very important point to mention here which is that the world is changing and the old alliances which were Okay during the cold war are not going to be suitable now. It is wrong for the USA to consider its war against terrorism as a war against Islam and Muslims. This will certainly hasten its decline and America will never ever win such a war. Al-Qaeda is a very well known group to the USA because it supported them at the beginning. They also know very well which states support such terrorists financially and logistically as well as ideologically.

It is not so far and we will witness a lot of changes in the world alliances and super regional power merging which will change the whole issues.

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