Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

News Round

1. One of the 26 Saudis wanted by the Saudi Police left a letter for his family telling them that he went to Iraq for Jihad against the infidels!
Gosh! This indicates that many others have done the same and it is some thing accepted or even blessed by them. We are sure that the CPA and GC will increase their efforts to watch the borders with KSA especially during the Hajj season. Some of the Qaida members may be smuggled after Hajj. Get ready to catch them.
2. King Abdullah II called Bashar Assad President of Syria to make efforts to prevent the sneak of terrorist from Syria to Iraq. He added that he has told Assad strongly during the last few months to be more vigilant and added that the Syrian border with Iraq is not as safe as it should be.
Every one knew this fact and the Syrian knew it better than any one else because it is their own borders, but if such an announcement comes from the highest official in the neighbourhood country Jordan it only indicates how serious the situation is. Why then not the Coalition forces incurred inside Syrian border to do a buffer zone for the safety of their forces and the others? We suggest they may do so until Syrian give up because it is very well known fact that they will only give up under threat and pressure. This is exactly what happened between them and Turkey before.
3. A Chief of Clan from the West of Iraq said that his Saddam is healthy and leading the (Mukawamah) resistance from the West! We don't think that this person is telling the truth for lot of reasons. One of them he just like to do propaganda for Saddam which may be prepaid. Yes he may know where Saddam is at some stage so it may be worth sending a clandestine to watch him.
4. The Sunni clergy's society (Haiaat Oulama Al Suniah) in Baghdad condemned the formation of security forces from some of a trained Shiite militia. They said that it is an ethnic discrimination! Where these Clergies were when Saddam send his tanks to execute hundreds of thousands of Shiite after his war in 1991? Where they have been when Saddam wrote on these tanks (No Shiite after Today)? Have they not witnessed it? It was from their clans where most of Mukhabarat and security forces came. Why those haven't said anything about it at that time? Well may be they fear Saddam but they haven't even whisper it.

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