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The Status of the American Forces in Iraq

Following the 2003 invasion of Iraq by the US and its ally’s forces the status of these forces became as an occupying forces. As a result of that invasion hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians were killed and wounded. The Iraqi army and security forces were dissolved by the occupying forces which allowed many insurgents to enter the country from the borders especially with Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iran. The war then entered a new face in which many thousands of Iraqi civilians were killed by both the occupiers and the insurgents who are mostly from Al-Qaeda. The terrorists were supported by the regional and non-regional countries and organizations. The terrorists’ attacks and the crimes of the occupying forces are going on until now. One of the most ugly crimes occurred by the occupying forces were the tortures of the Iraqi detainees in Abo-Ghraeb prison and some by the British forces in Basra. These crimes were included tortures, humiliations, sexual assaults, and other inhumane and barbaric crimes.

After 5 years from war, Iraq remained destroyed and lacking every essential basic services including sewerage, water, electricity, health system and other services. Diseases such as Cholera, Typhoid, liver infections, diarrhoea and others became epidemic. In the last few months many Iraqis died from cholera all over Iraq. In addition to that the occupying forces are treating the Iraqis with arrogance and superiority as occupiers. They destroyed many infrastructure building and factories. Even mosques and other worship places were under their attacks consciously. The country social network destroyed and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians escaped the country to other parts of the world. Attacks against the intellectuals, university teachers, doctors, and other educated Iraqis make many of them to leave the country for safety. Iraq remained under charter 7 of the UN despite the down fall of the previous regime after which that charter was considered. In fact the two reasons that were given as an excuse to invade Iraq in 2003 were both forged and proved to be slander. The two reasons for the start of the war were given by George W Bush and Tony Blair the UK prime minster. These two reasons were Weapon of Mass Destruction and the relationship of Saddam Hussein with Al-Qaeda. Both of them were appeared to be bogus and defamation. In addition to the above problems Iraq remained damaged from the previous war in 1991 by George Bush the father and his allies followed by the barbaric and inhumane sanction which followed that war and killed at least one million Iraqi children. After that war in 1991 the US and its allied forces used Depleted Uranium especially in Basra which resulted in significant increase in cancer rates especially among children. The DU remained in the Iraqi soil until now and its consequences continued.

After its war in Iraq America find itself in a big trouble. The balance of powers in the region never will be the same again. There is the emergence of Iran as a nuclear power, the financial problem of the US and the whole world, the emergence of the pirates in the red sea which may copy itself in the other parts of the world, the re-emergence of Al-Qaeda as more powerful in some parts of Afghanistan and the other parts of the world and many other problems. Now the US is trying to create a false victory in Iraq by forcing the Iraqis to sign an agreement which will legalise their occupation for another years (3 years according to that draft) to come. This will mean more damage for Iraq and possible engagement of Iraqis or at least some of them in a Jihad war against the occupying forces.

The Iraqi parliament discussed the draft of what is called (Security agreement or the SOFA or what the Iraqi government called it the withdrawal of the troops) and they raised many issues and doubts about it. However it has been told that the US government told that this is the final draft and no more amendment are allowed. This will make the only other alternative is for those who do not agree are to chose their way of resisting the occupiers and Jihad . The draft speaks about an agreement between two states with sovereignty which is not true because Iraq got no sovereignty under the occupation and it is not allowed to agree or disagree by its parliament on the issues related. It is much better especially to avoid more problems after signing the agreement for the US to accept the points raised by the Iraqi parliament. This will reduce the damage, and answer the fears of the Iraqis surrounding the agreement points and making the Iraqis to fell that their voice about it was listened to rather than to force them to sign some thing which then will be consider as between the occupying forces and their puppets.

Violence continued in Iraq daily

The violent attacks against the Iraqi civilians continued daily in Baghdad the capital and other cities. This violence started with the American barbaric war in Iraq since 2003 preceded by the American barbaric war in 1991 followed by the savage and most inhumane sanction from 1991. During these savage operations and sanction the hands of those who were involved in it are stained but rather washed with the Iraqi blood.

These bloods of the Iraqi innocents are still pouring every single hour. For example today there is a savage attack on the civilians which killed at least 34 in Baghdad alone not to mention other attacks today in Mosel, Diyala, Babel, Misan, and other areas were many others killed and wounded.

Recently there is a blackout for the attacks which happened in Iraq daily. On the other hand Iraq is full with corrupts especially those who are on the top of the offices and parties. The American occupation supports all that corruption and prevents Iraq from rebuilding and from achieving full dependence on itself.

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