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The US-Iraqi Security agreement

There is no doubt that the USA is putting a lot of pressures on the Iraqi government to sign the bad agreement that the USA produced to legalize its occupation for many years to come. Before this badly designed agreement America put a lot of pressure for what is called the Oil programme to be passed and signed. It is so clear that America is only after oil as the main aim and secondly to control the whole region starting from Iraq.

The Americans threatened the Iraqi government members that it will remove its protection for them and uncovers certain crimes that they were involved in. The USA always supported and encouraged the terrorists in Iraq so as to use them as an excuse for its stay in Iraq. It is very clear then that all the insecurity problems are directly or indirectly related and produced by the America forces in Iraq.

The Iraqis should unite and decide not to sign such agreement unless it states clearly the exact day when the last US solider leaving Iraq which should not be more than within 3 years time. The Iraqis would like to see an end to the American barbaric occupation of Iraq as soon as possible.

If the agreement is signed it means that those who sign it will put themselves away from the rest of the Iraqi people which means that they are nothing but traitors. Of course traitors will face terrible consequences with the people. On the other hand the American forces will face Jihad to expel them. Jihad will be the last choice if and if the peaceful solution failed to put an end to the occupation then Jihad will be a must for every single individual.

The only way that the agreement may be signed is if there is a clear statement abuts a clear day in which the last US solider leaves Iraq. This should not be more than 2 – 3 years. On the other hand it should fully and clearly respect the Iraqi sovereignty. The US forces while in the Iraqi land should be under the Iraqi law and will not do any operation with out the permission of the Iraqi authorities. Above all the agreement should be put to the vote.

John McCain campaign is repugnant against Arabs and Islam

John McCain used insolvent attitude when described Barack Obama as an Arab and as a Muslim. Such comments indicate many things inside JM. One of the most important is that he has nothing else logic to criticize BO with it. Even worse that this indicates the hatreds and racial discriminatory attitude that JM harbors toward the others especially Arabs and Muslims.

If JM is going to be the next US president he will never be able to remove the stigma of being racially discriminating against the Arabs neither any one Muslim including the American Muslims will forget for him such nauseating comments. He will be nothing but a failure. In fact whether he is elected or not the American Muslims and American Arabs should lawsuit him for his racial insult against them.

The Iraqis protesting against the US indefinite occupation of Iraq

Hundred of thousands to millions of Iraqis protested on Friday 17/10/2008 in Baghdad and other cities such as Kut, Najaf, Basrah, Kerbala, Dewaniyah, Mothana, against what is called the security pact between the occupiers (America) and the occupied (Iraq)!!!

Some of the banners carried by the protestors saying (we will resist the occupation until the last solider leave or country with humiliation), (No to the disgraceful pact), (we all love you Iraq), (Death be to the occupiers the enemies of the liberals), and many other banners and slogans which all indicate the rejection of any pact not stating the exact end to the occupation.

We the Iraqis do not want to see the American occupation goes behind the end of the existed mandate. There should be no one occupiers left in Iraq in few months time and if any one stayed then it should be targeted as an occupiers. If the pact as such is going to be signed then those who sign it will be traitors and will be treated as such by the Iraqi resistance. At such time the resistance will not be among certain groups but it will be Jihad against the infidels and the occupiers.

In fact the US ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker behaves like the real ruler of Iraq and the government of Al-Maliki is just a sort of puppet. After his statement to the US Senate Hearing the White House stated that the pact will replace the existed UN mandate that expires in 31 Dec 2008. The news media then published some of the drafts of the “secretly” negotiated pact. The Guardian and many other news agents stated about the large number of American bases and the immunity of their members to continue it s operations in Iraq for indefinite time!!! It is all about the American interests and the oil and more than that to keep a dominate forces to control the Islamic land and Muslims.

The American pact is nothing but humiliation to the Iraqis. This is against the interest and the sovereignty of the Iraqi people and no one should put himself in a position to sign it. In fact such pact with the Americans who destroyed Iraq since 1991 and killed millions of its children by two wars and 12 years barbaric sanction followed by occupation, such pact is nothing but an aggression not against Iraq alone but against Islam and other Muslims.

All the Iraqis irrespective whether they are Shiites, Sunni, or others are untied against any long lasting occupation and they want to see an end as soon as possible to the existed humiliating occupation status. Any one among the government of Nori Almaliki is going to sign such pact without determining the exact date for the last solider to leave Iraq in few months will not represent the Iraqis at all.

British troops should leave Iraq now

The Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Maliki told the British News paper the Times; that there is no need for the British troops to stay in Basrah any more. He stated that the Iraqi government decided that there is no need for the British troops to stay and they should leave immediate.

Al-Maliki told that the British troops failed to provide security in Basrah and last year they left the city to fail in the hands of gangs that killed women and children with their swords and guns. Then the Iraqi forces came in and take control and arrested or killed all those who disturbed the city. In fact the failure of the British troops was also seen clearly in the city of Omara.

The Iraqis including the people in Basrah would like to see these occupying troops leaving their cities as soon as possible now.

America used nuclear bomb against Iraq in 1991

The American war against Iraq in 1991 by George W. Bush the father and his allies resulted in destruction of the infra-structure of Iraq and affected all the Iraqis. That barbaric war followed by barbaric sanction on the country which killed more than one million Iraqi children. During the war the American army used bombs with Depleted Uranium (DU) especially in the south of Iraq. The result was huge increase in the number of cancer and congenital malformation cases in Basrah and other parts of the south. Most of these cases died during the years of sanction because GWB and his government (The USA) and its allies prevented Iraq from buying medicine to treat these patients. More of these weapons were used in the next American barbaric war in 2003 by GWB the son and his allies.

It has recently been clear that the American forces used nuclear bomb which was dropped in the outskirt of Basrah and according to confessions by members of the US army themselves. Jaime Brown was one of them who confirmed this to AKI Italian news agent (RAI 24 hour news) today. Brown was an Enginer with the US army at that time and he suffered from mysterious symptoms among many other soldiers during the war. He was then became part of the Gulf Watch I.N.S. Brown told that the Bomb was dropped in the last day of the war (27/2/1991) and it was weight (1000 kg). This news agency confirmed that they did a secret investigation and confirmed with some geological scientists that there were reports of an earthquake like shaking happened in the same area which is equivalent to the size of the bomb mentioned by Brown. This was also confirmed by the Archive of the International Earthquakes recording in London.

The AKI news reporter said that the reason the US army dropped a Nuclear Weapon on Iraq was because Iraq strike the US bases in Saudi Arabia with rockets.

The news agency also showed a doctor who worked in Basrah region and he confirmed that the number of cancer cases increased dramatically after the war to more than 20 times the usual cases before the war as well as the congenital malformations. This is another support for the use of illegal weapons during that war including uranium.

This will certainly need to be investigated by an independent international body to get the truth as it is.

In 2003 America led another war against Iraq which is continued until now. It became so clear that this last war was not a bout Saddam or the weapons of mass destruction which is a big lie, but about the Iraqi Oil. This why the American kept damaged and put their puppets in Baghdad under pressure to sign for an American – Iraqi agreement which is only about oil and continuation of the occupation under different umbrella. This is one of the reasons why the American occupiers pressurised the Iraqis to sign a new oil production programme and the reason behind the visit of John Negroponte to Iraq recently.

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