Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The head-in-head UK referendum to separate from Europe is liable for mistakes

The UK referendum to separate from the EU was lacking real majority or in another words is almost 50:50 for the yes and the no votes.  Such results can be biased with little mistakes or frauds, however the most important is the clear discrepancy between the numbers in the north and the south especially Scotland.  

The impact of separation of the UK from EU is big but the most hard one is on the UK and yet to happen.  If Scotland, the Northern Ireland and then Wales separated, England will remain small country surrounded by the big Europe and from the far side is Russia.  Thats needs no comments.

The negative impacts on the economy and the sterling will be countless and may require years to try to come back to the existed status before the separation if that is going to happen.  

Soon the people will realize that they voted for national or domestic reasons and not taking in the account the strength of the UK with its European partners.   The national issues are only in the minds and no one asked the UK to change its passport into the union one.  

Now many people who voted yes for separation started regretting their vote and they will regret it more when the UK become England the weak state unless one thing happen which is the disintegration of the whole EU back into single states which is far from happening in the near future.  

The UK parliament should take the 2 or 3 millions petition seriously and force repeat of the referendum soon and this should not affect the resignation of David Cameron as the UK with or without EU needing new leaderships. 

Fullojah the strong hold of Daiesh (ISIS) liberated by the Iraqi forces

Fullojah remained strong hold for Daiesh for more than 2 years.  

They used it as command center or a major base to infiltatrat other areas especially Baghdad.

It took the Iraqi forces 3 to 4 weeks to liberate Fullojah

It is a big and symbolic victory for the Iraqi forces and large defeat for Daiesh 

May God bless Iraq !

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