Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Count Down for the Mother of All Trials

Less than 100 days to go for the end of occupation and the return of the sovereignty to Iraq. The sovereignty of Iraq has been lost partially when Saddam fully controlled power in 1979. After that the Iraqi sovereignty & dignity start to decline gradually. The sovereignty & dignity of Iraq have been lost completely after the humiliated & undignified acceptance of the conditions of Safwan Tent in 1991 by the war Criminal Saddam! After this Saddam was nothing but a Leader of a bunch of criminals and Killers and all the sovereignty was signed off to the UNSCOM, UNMOVIC and other badly named UN groups. The Gang leader (Saddam) concerned about nothing but his own lust for blood, luxury life, and satisfaction of his sadistic showing of & manic personality. The Iraqis distanced and separated themselves from him & his gangs. This is why they had no willingness to defend Baghdad which was only representing his dirty thugs at that time. In deed his closest relatives were the first to sell him out.

After 1991 war the UN implemented the worst resolutions in its history on Iraq. Only one of them concerned about human rights yet not under the charter to be forced as a resolution! Under the eyes of the reckless members of the UN teams in Iraq was the leader of the killers doing his atrocities and no thing was done about it. Instead they act in an arrogant, reckless and humiliating way to the Iraqis. They destroyed their books, their laboratories, preventing even the medical articles to reach Baghdad and searched the hand bags of the women before they go to the toilets!! Saddam accepted to allow them to search his own bed rooms, toilets, and..........! If any wild animal got one microgram of dignity he will resign before he pass Iraq into such state but Saddam has no dignity at all and this was clear from the way of his escape in the septic tanks instead of fighting to die as he lied before.

The Iraqi sovereignty had been lost long time ago before the present occupation. In deed the present occupation may be considered as a turning point to return the long time lost Iraqi sovereignty. This is if we take in consideration that the appropriate definition of sovereignty is that the people of a country control their own affairs by themselves and by elected government from among them without interference from outside. Applying these principles on Iraq before the disposal of Saddam in the septic tank will certainly show that the Iraqis had no sovereignty during Saddam gang regime. Saddam own every thing in Iraq he was the living God on earth who own people and land. He can take off life from any Iraqi he does not like. He may expel any unwanted person or do any thing to anyone as where and when he like. He ripped of the dignity of every Iraqi except of course those who have no dignity like him. Saddam was the cause of all the problems of the Iraqi people whether inside or outside the country. Those who were outside he deprived them from their identity and homeland.

Sovereignty of Iraq will never go to the Iraqis unless the criminals who ripped it off from them submitted into trials to face their crimes and their punishment. Therefore we consider the handover in the July 2004 from the CPA is nothing but the beginning of the return of sovereignty. Full return will only be achieved after the Mother of All Trials and the mother of all punishment finished. Only then the Iraqis may take a deep breath after the long storm which was lasted for 35 years and destroyed every good thing. Every one knows if Iraq was in the hands of a wise and peaceful leader it will be one of the best countries at least in the ME. The healing of our wounds & scars will never start until we see those who reached by our country into its present condition face what they deserve.

Reconstruction of Iraq: the GOOD, the BAD & the UGLY!

Over the last few weeks meetings, conferences, and may be secret negotiations, have been taken place in the regional countries about the reconstruction of Iraq.

The Arabs & Saudi business men pressing to get good deal in this process but they want it to be hot, crispy and ready! The Saudis already benefited from selling foods & other products to the coalition forces via Kuwait. Recent prices in the Saudi markets revealed that they achieved a lot of benefits from that. The 12 years UN Criminal sanction on Iraq killed at least 1 million Iraqis and on the same time it improved the economy of many other regional and non-regional states!

The US Deputy Minister of State for Trade William Lash has ignored several calls for the Saudi business men to open Jididat Arar border point between Saudia & Iraq. Fahad Al Saltan the representative of the Saudi businesses rooms called last week to reopen this point soon! WL said that contracts have to be preferably given to countries joined in the process of liberation of Iraq by open competition.

We think that the consideration should only be given to companies with good international reputation. The Arabs may submit their contract to compete with the others based on their standards, reputation and willingness to start as soon as possible. Iraq should only consider the good standard companies to rebuild its infrastructure which was destroyed by the wars and the Criminal Sanction of the UN. If the basis of the infrastructures is poor then the services will never be good in the future. If the Arab contracts are good and high standard it should be accepted but not poor one.
Those who have no respect to the human rights should be excluded as well as states which encourage or do not prevent terrorist attacks in Iraq. Certainly those who insist on supporting Saddam regime should not be part of the process.

Hammid Al-Eiqabi the Chair of the Iraqi Business men Union attended the meeting in Bahrain has been biased towards specific companies and business men! Eiqabi represent only himself and he should not make deals with low standard and poor companies. If he is another fortune maker from the misery of the Iraqi children he should quit his job immediately.

Eiqabi told the journalists last week that he like to see the Arab businessmen doing deals with Iraq but the security issue prevent them from doing so!
Al right; we know this, but he should have told them that starting the reconstruction will produce jobs. This will then reduce unemployment and increase the living standard. Both of these factors will contribute to improve the security issue. Sargon the Sumerian King who built the first empire in history more than 4000 years ago realised that unemployment is a major factor of unsettlement. He then solved the fighting in the unsettled areas by creating large projects to produce mass jobs for thousands of people from Persia to Ethiopia and up to the edge of Europe in the North. We do not need to pave the roads of Baghdad with nice Sumerian blue bricks and put flowers on both sides for the businessmen to come and stay in yet to be built seven starts hotels served by young, pretty and easy going girls from different parts of the worlds like Lebanon, Philippine, East Europe, previous USSR countries, Egypt, Syria, and Thailand before they may do their businesses there! Bullshit!

Lastly, there should be no deals with those who used the oil for food programme to sell their bad goods to the dying Iraqis from the UN criminal sanction. Down to the UN! Shame is on the UNSCOM and UNMOVC! We will never forgive them and will never forget their crimes and recklessness. They are killers and criminals toward the Iraqi people!

Anniversary of Free Iraq

Today is the 20 March 2004! One year ago like this day the coalition forces led by the US dropped the first rockets on Baghdad aiming at Saddam and his thugs. Saying that, of course this is not the first time the US rockets strike Iraq. It did several times since 1991 when Saddam invaded Kuwait just few months after his 8 years war with Iran. The difference this time is that the aim was the tyrant regime and the brave way GWB handled it by aiming to free the Iraqis from Saddam. In actual fact the removal of Saddam was not only good for the Iraqis but for the whole world except the terrorists and the thefts of the Iraqi oils. The danger of Saddam was not only his WMD but his willingness to make deals with terrorist organisations like Al Qaeda and others and by providing those with WMD to be used in attacks may be bigger than the previous one. The danger of the regime becomes clear after the 11 Sep attacks in the US. Saddam have used WMD in several times against the Kurds and the Shias. His atrocities against the Iraqis were very well known by the intelligent agencies but not by the publics. Now after his regime fall the iceberg of his crimes starts to appear. Mass graves, ecologic disasters, Halabja, rapes, tortures, ethic cleansing, deporting, psychological terror against 20 millions Iraqis and many others are just small part of it. The criminals who were able to do this for their people they could do more than that for the others.

During the 12 years of sanctions since 1991 about 1 million Iraqis died and the mortality rate in children and pregnant women increased to immeasurable level the highest in the world. Pregnant women deaths increased due to anaemia, malnutrition, stress, lack of antibiotics and medical care and same for children and elderly. On the same time cancer rates increased especially in the South after 1991 war. This issue become tragedy because of the lack of the chemotherapy, antibiotics and other supportive medication needed for the cancer patients. On the same time Saddam built many palaces in several places and the UN turned its back to the Iraqis and humiliated them by its inspection teams that we the Iraqis hate them more than anything else after Saddam. It was a catastrophe on a large scale.

Saddam could have been removed long time ago after he used WMD in Halabja and the South or after 1991 war. Some regional countries after 1991 war send a direct and wrong signal to the US that Saddam without teeth is better than Shia controlling power. The 11th of Sep attacks revealed clearly that the countries which gave that signal are the incubator and the mother of the terrorism. Their ideology in actual fact put the Shia, the Christians, the Jewish and the others in one boat, the boat of the infidels who have to be slaughtered. The last attacks in Najaf, Kerbala and Khademiyah as well as the letter of Zarqawi proved that. The problem is not related to some people but to an ideology which implant the seeds of hateracy towards anything other than itself. The regional countries in ME then hypocritically pumped oil to compensate for the Iraqi shortage due to the sanction. Their economy boomed and become a good source to supply the terrorist every where. It becomes obvious then that not only the sick ideology but the money came from there. It acts like the lungs and blood for the terrorist. This become clear to the American people after the 11 Sep when their beloved ones killed inside their own country and their economy hit in its heart inside the US. This is may be why John Kerry who was one of the good supporters for these countries as well as Bill Clinton, he makes a U turn last week by announcing that the US should not depend on the oil of these countries. He know that this is may be musical to the ears of the Americans and it is good time before November! This different from the announcement of the new elected Spanish Primeminster about his call to the Americans not to elect GWB again! So surprised that this man have not been entered the office and he interferes with the US internal issues by calling voters not to vote for GWB. I think this is going to do the reverse and instead the American will question this call especially the same man insisted to pull his troops from the coalition.

Any way going back to the first anniversary of the war against Saddam the number of those who protested against it in the capitals today was very few. In Iraq the most important thing is the lack of security which becomes worse by large number of unemployment and influx of terrorists from the regional countries. The Iraqis are happy about their freedom from Saddam but there are a lot of problems leading to unsettled Iraq with a lot of economical and other problems. A year after the war and Iraq still has no one functioning airport to link it to the world. The Iraqis are calling for the security to be in their hands. The presence of the coalition forces in the cities and marginalization of the IP forces or lack of their power during the presence of the CF make a lot of problems regarding the security issue.
Saying that there are many improvements and a prospect for future development that could be moved quickly. Above all there is freedom to talk without fearing that the security will take you away to disappear for ever.

It would be very nice to start the 2nd year after the war as the year of getting the wheel to move towards the massive reconstruction and getting the good companies to start the rebuilding process at least in the settled areas. The airport needs to be opened. More armed Iraqi security forces needed with more equipment and cars.
Any way it is only 3 month to go for handing the power to an Iraqi government. It is very short time and lot of things have to be done to make things go well after that date.

Thanks to the friends of the free, democratic and prosperous Iraq and down to the terrorists and the hypocrites and their ideologies.

F... Incompatible with Free!!

Lot of doubts came to my mind when I saw this picture! It would make a lot of difference if this was (Fuck Saddam) but not Iraq.

It would be nice to see (Free Iraq!). As far as I know this is at least what had been declared and announced every time.

Was this accepted by the US army? I would assume if not they should have been prevented it. I wish it is not true or some one faked it. It would be nice to hear your comments about this!

Updating: The above is a faked picture here is the original one(see comments)!

Evidence of WMD

March 16, 1988 mustard gas, sarin, VX nerve gas and aflatoxin dissolved in tear gas have been used by Saddam thugs led by Ali Chemical against the Iraqi Kurds in Halabja. The orders of Saddam the big killer had been executed by many other criminals and leaders in the army and security forces. UP TO 7,000 KILLED INSTANTLY. Tens of thousands more were exposed over the years by drinking contaminated water or eating contaminated food. The same agents had been used several times against the Shias in the south including Kerbala uprising after 1991 war and the marshes. These agents has been imported from the West then manufactured inside Saddam's WMD secret sites.

The incidence of respiratory diseases, cancers, birth defects, abortions, skin problems have been increased substantially compared to the nearby areas. Tens of thousands have been affected by drinking contaminated water and food over the years!

The criminals still not have been tried including the top two Saddam and Ali chemical.
We do not know why the US freed Alsahaf and Sadoon Hummadi as members of the previous regime who were involved in implementing and making its policies in and outside Iraq or at least propagated and fully supported it until the last moment. The Iraqis will request handover of these criminals to the Iraqi court for a just trial. This trial should also include Saddam's Daughters and wives.

Questions about Spanish Elections?

Spain's ruling conservatives were driven from power in election!


Did the terrorists succeeded in its tactic and timing to strongly influence the elections in the west even more than the voters themselves?

Do you think that the government of Spain did a mistake of not revealing information about the attackers but rather keeping the blame on the ETA?

Is Socialist leader Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero to blame for the tape found in the bin of garbage which clam Al Qaeda attacks?!

Zapatero said his immediate priority to fight terrorism; the question is what policies the socialists will adopt regarding the Spain commitment to the coalition of the will and the fight of terrorism? Are they continued with Aznar policies or they will join France and its allies?

Many other questions!!

Lastly if the terrorist succeed to influence change of government what will be the next step for the others like USA and UK? Certainly more security needed prior to elections and the tactic of fighting terrors should include war against Medias supporting the terrorists like Aljazerra and Al Arabyia TVs etc.


Our deep sympathy, support and condolences about the terrible train bombing in Madrid in Spain to the families of the victims, the Spanish people and government. The terrorist attacks which happened in Karbal and Khadeymiyah are still fresh!

Terror against innocent civilian is same anywhere and this should unite us irrespective of our ideas and religions as Muslims, Christians, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikhism, or any one else against the terror any where from any one.

For Spanish people there are friends for you in Iraq!

The United States of Iraq!

Legislation for the interim period has been signed today! Congratulation! Few points need improvement. Very interesting again Al-Arabiyah TV which broadcasted the signing live arranged an immediate interview with two interpreters Iraqis from Paris and UAE who not only condemned it but considered it like rubbish in a bin signed by mercenaries!!!

Back to our title above; which sound very nice; why not?! Let for example be 8 states or more.
The southern state may includes Basrah, Amara, Nasiriyah and Samawah.
The Middle Euphrates states which may includes Karbala, Najaf, Diwaniyah & Hilla.
The Capital state which may includes Baghdad, Kut,and its surroundings.
The Western state which may includes Ramadi, and the west areas.
The Eastern state which may includes Diyala, Tikrit, and Samarra.
North West state which may includes Mosul, Kirkuk, and its areas.
Sulymaniyah state and its East North areas.
Irbil state with Duhok and the rest of the north.

This is just my opinion but it may take any other form or even according to the number of the governorates which will make them to return their names as states.
This form of the new geopolitical system could then be adopted and applied to the whole of the Middle East. This will serve every one especially the minorities and even the majorities who are controlled by the minorities for decades in this region without any changes. The world has changed and the Middle East should also change its shape, not by a make-up but by giving birth to a new system with more democracy, freedom, and human rights. Some may give birth with normal deliveries but others need Caesarean Sections. The first born who will guide all has been born by CS in Iraq.

We would like to call up on the GC, the CPA, the future Iraqi government and the Americans including GWB teams to encourage a sistership between each one of the Iraqi states with one or even more states in the USA. This will includes all the services, Universities, Schools, Police, Justice, Hospitals, and Medical Schools etc to be sistershiped or adopted by that state and its sister or adopted state(s) in the US. This system could be extended to the UK major cities like London and its Universities and the Royal Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons. In this matter I would like to call for recreation of the Royal College of Physician of Iraq which was one of the leading medical colleges in the Middle East since 1920s.
Alas it was killed in 1958 after Iraq became Republic!

Royal College of Physcians of Iraq 1932
Note there are more than 10 Medical Colleges in Iraq now give MD, PhD, Msc, Dipolmas in various medical specialities which were all affected by the UN sanctions and the regime. The one I am calling for is a higher school to link between these colleges and the doctors during their professional practice as a higher body for assessment and higher exams.

The Mesopotamians innovated many important things for the mankind and it should resume its contribution again in medicine, science, peace, knowledge, and other innovations.
The Iraqis love to learn even in the most remote areas of the marshes (the ancient Summer) even with very little or no resources at all. Knowledge for them is like food and drink from cradle to grave. We will never give up. We will lead the ME to many good things for its citizens and ourselves with our friends especially the US and the UK!


"I support the campaign for an end to Iraqi debt and reparation
payments. Why should the people of Iraq still be paying for Saddam's
crimes?" Ahmed Mukhtar, Iraqi Oud Player and Composer.


This issue has had no coverage in the media and has been ignored by the
Coalition. However, the UN Compensation Commission is meeting again on
9-11th March to award yet more reparations against Iraq.

Now is the time to tell the world that Iraq has paid enough.
(Almost $19 billion has been paid and $48 billion awarded so far).

In response, a demonstration has been organised for 10th March at the

If you support the campaign for the cancellation of Iraq's debt and
reparation payments, please forward this e-mail.

This has been initiated by Jubilee Iraq, a neutral organisation
campaigning for the cancellation of all Saddam's debt and reparations,
involving people across the political spectrum (for details see the
Jubilee Iraq website). Iraqis are taking a role in the event and we
would especially welcome the support of those from the Gulf who can
mobilise public opinion in their countries.


Please contact Fay Mahdi by e-mail on or by phone
on 00 44 781 406 7725. Information is also available at


The demonstration will take place on the 10th March between 1-3pm at the
UNCC offices in Geneva, while the commission is meeting to make new
UNCC offices, Villa La Pelouse, Palais des Nations, CH-1211, Geneva 10,

*From London

There will be a group of people flying out together from London on the
evening of the 9th and staying overnight. Accommodation will be
arranged at the City Hostel in central Geneva for those who need it and
we are planning a get together on the evening of the 9th. Alternatively
people could fly in on the morning of the 10th and meet at the UNCC.
Flights on Easyjet from London Luton and Gatwick airports and are
reasonably priced (at around £80 return, or as low as £40 if you return
on the morning of the 11th).

*From other parts of Europe

Please get in touch and let us know your plans. If there's a group
going it could be arranged for people to travel together. Again,
Easyjet flights are reasonably priced and go to Geneva from most major
European cities.

*Upon arrival in Geneva

It takes around 20 minutes from the airport to the centre of Geneva
(where the City Hostel is for those who want to stay overnight on the
9th). It takes roughly a further 20 minutes from the city centre to the
UNCC offices. Maps will soon be available on

Please bring along banners and placards if you can in Arabic, French or

If you have any contacts in the media, please tell them about the

Iraq has paid enough reparations!

If you want to help Iraq and the Iraqis to heal their wounds and scars please do that with action if you can!

The Bastards!

The Bastards, sons of bitches, filthy cockroaches, and their cheap dirty whores who can commit this are not humanbeing. They are certainly not Muslims and do not belong to any other religion. If they call themselves Muslims curse be up on their Islam. All the Muslims Mullahs and clergies should declare that these bastards are non Muslims and they should produce a fatwa to shed their blood.
This is the religion of Yazid the filthy who killed Al Hussein. It is not the real Islam but filth belongs to the ignorant barbaric Arabs before Islam.

Curse be up on Yazid and Maawyiah his dirty father and Hind his filthy whore mother.

Curse be up on those who saw and have not condemned the crime (every body know who are they!).

Curse be up on the Arabs who support the terrorist by any means.

Curse be up on the Fanatical terrorist Salafis and Wahabis.

Curse be up on those who provide any kind of assistance to the bastards terrorist in or outside Iraq

Curse be up on those who collect money to the terrorist

Curse be up on the ideology of the Takfer (Infidelism) which gave birth and incubation to all these bastards son of bitches.

Curse be up on the Jarab media like Al Jazeera and Al Jarabiyah and...................!

Fuck all of them!

All Iraqis are united Sunni, Shia, Christians, Jewish, Yazidis, Sabiaan, Kurds and Arabs in one boat. If the Boat of Iraq sunken all of its passengers will drawn. The enemy of the boat named Iraq is the enemy of all Iraqis except those who provide shelter and food and means to Alzarkawi and the other fucking filthy thugs.
The Iraqis Sunni or non Sunni should inform about any suspected foreigners in their area especially from the Arabs and Afghanis and Iranians.

The terrorist know no other way but terror and force so terrorize them before they terrorize us. There is an Arab say which is (we have to make them for our lunch before they make us for their dinner!).
We think the might of the USA should be used to direct its rockets to where ever there are groups of terrorist came from. There are schools and universities and ideology which feeds them so terminate that feeding, and wipe its thugs from the earth now before it is too late when they can use WMD like nuclear or biological. For those who feed the terrorist ideology and got money destroy their economy and render them very poor to be crippled completely.

Iraq will be united more than before and it will go forward stronger than before for freedom and democracy and prosperity which will frighten those who play with their sh**.

The Fucking Thugs Sh** it

Bombing Kerbala and Khademiah in the day of Ashora is the continuation of Yazid the Fucking Khalefa of those who are fucked by him.

Fucking to all the Ummyiad and Abbasis and Othmanis tyrants. The followers of Yazid should be f****d and killed.

F*** to Bin Ladden and Azarkawi! F*** and kill to the enemies of Ahl Abiat. F*** and death to the Wahabis.

F*** them all!

The blood of those who were killed in Kerbala and Khademiah should not pass with out punishment. The killers and their supporters should be hanged in the same site where they did their crimes.

Who is responsible for the security of Iraq from these fucking whore dirty terrorist the IP or the occupied forces?!

Punish, punish, punish them now not later. They are bastard sons of bitches and their sisters are cheap and dirty whores.

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