Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraq is burning under the America-British occupation

Five years since the barbaric war lead by the USA on Iraq and the country is descending down into a civil war. It is not a war in Basrah city only which is occupied by the British troops but in all Iraq especially in the south and Baghdad at this time.

This war for the last few days is in fact between warlords from different factions including the puppets of America and the puppets of Iran. Therefore it is a war between Iran and America. The losers are always the ordinary Iraqi people who have nothing to do with it but the warlords are forcing them into it as usual in any civil war.

Not only are the official occupiers responsible but the undercover occupation by the Iranian regime and of course the other well known terrorists. Iran of no doubt is playing a nasty role in it which increased since the last shown-of visit of the Iranian president to Baghdad to meet with his puppets such as Abdulaziz Alhakem and so on. No doubts that in the new blood bathed under occupations Iraq there are puppets who work as double-puppets. Alhakem and his group is one of those double puppets for Iran and America. Others such as Muqtada Alsader work from Iran now and so it is self-explanatory. Muqtada Alsader militias are full of gangs, and previous regime security men as well as thefts of oil and other things. He knew this but unable to do anything about it or may be he enjoyed having them for his own agenda.

The British presence in Basrah where most of the Iranian agents flourished proved its failure or may be intentionally done so as part of the British Imperialistic agenda divide and role.

There are no doubts that George W Bush bloody war in Iraq has failed and it will bring more instability not only to Iraq but to the whole region and the near future will tell a lot about it. The future will also reveal the secret for which this war is going on and about the puppets in Baghdad. On the other hand the number of the American soldiers killed so far exceeded 4000 now in spite of all measures taken to reduce it. This is only the official figures and it may be even double especially taking the account of wounded and psychiatrically wounded.

In fact what looks like a civil war in Iraq now is nothing but a war between Iran and America and it seems that the Iranians are wining. The question is this going to lead the USA to use its military machine in the region to ease the pressure and direct its attacks to inside Iran especially before the GWB era finished? There are certain clues pointing toward that direction. It seems that the plan is ready and a war between Iran and the USA may happen at any time. So; is what is going on now inside Iraq is a step towards that war?

The bloody US war on Iraq failed

George W Bush in the 5th year of the barbaric war on Iraq said that the war achieved victory on terrorism. This is simply lie as he did lie right from the beginning of the war when he said that the war is because of weapons of mass destructions that Saddam Hussein keeps. GWB shared that lie with the next war criminal Tony Blair.

On the same time while GWB telling his delude Osama Bin Laden new tape was broadcasting from Al-Jazeera TV. This is of course not coincidental because UBL was made by the USA and he would like to give GWB the excuse of the war as when he shared him the events in the 11/9/2001. Indeed many American analysts and experts raised a lot of doubts about the 11/9 bombings and they disputed the allegations that it was caused merely by UBL groups. How could a big plot like this pass on the US security measures and why no investigations have been carried out about it?!

The war criminals such as GWB, Tony Blair, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Ramsfield and his Generals, and all those who shared the war in Iraq until now are liars and big criminals. They know this fact very well however the only thing that they do not know well is the suffering that they put the Iraqis in unless they live under the same circumstances. We know by certain that if they escape the suffering during this life they will be among those who will dwell in the deepest layer of Hell and the history will ultimately curse them and throw them in the black list of war criminals.

GWB and his alike not telling their people the truth about Iraq and his soldiers and generals inside Iraq they know the facts but the top generals of them lie as well. They know the severity of the situations that they put this country on. They now how many children they killed and what kind of destruction they did over the last 5 years of GWB war on the innocent Iraqi people and not on the terrorism or on UBL who is not in Iraq. In fact UBL big companies exist in the US friendly country the Saudi Arabia.

Let GWB ask his soldiers about their destroyed morals. They come to Iraq and struggle to remain alive so as to count days to go back home. The American soldiers after GWB war in Iraq are in their worst states. The more they stay here in Iraq the more they will get demoralized and weak especially with more losses. Indeed the Americas destroyed Iraq and rendered the country so weak that just few terrorists can control its security in many areas and America has lied and kept Iraq under extremely bad services and lack of every thing. Second the US behaved until now as an occupying imperialistic and arrogant force and even it kept Iraq under chapter 7 of the UN charter. Iraq war is nothing but just destroyed Iraq since 2003 and it is on going without any achievement to leave this country in peace and to leave his people to rebuild their country in peace.



Another Bloody day in Iraq

Hundreds of innocent Iraqi people have been killed today in different attacks including one suicidal attack in the Holy city of Kerbala in which more than 100 killed and wounded.

This is happening while the war criminals such as Dick Cheney are meeting their puppets in the Green Zone. These meetings are nothing but propaganda for the next American election.

End the barbaric war in Iraq

The USA barbaric war which is entering its 6th year should come to an end before more innocent Iraqis killed and more destruction of this country.

Dick Cheney after John McCain is in secret visits to Iraq indicating their continuation of the war against the innocent civilians of this country. America and its allies such as the UK killed until now millions of Iraqis since the first Gulf war in 1991 by the war criminal George W Bush the father.

The war in 2003 lead by the war criminals George W Bush the son and Tony Blair of Britain started with lies and continued by misleads both to the Iraqi people and to their own people.

This war is going on until now. It killed and wounded and forced the Iraqis to leave their country in millions. It rendered Iraq into a state of death and misery and diseases and most dangerous place on earth for every one. It converted Iraq to worse than at the time of Saddam Hussein and made hundred of thousands of the people immigrant inside their own country and millions outside. It created thousands of Saddam Like dictators who live in the Saddam Palaces and in the offices of the Green Zone while their militias and parties invoking corruption all over the country and in all aspects of life.

America on the other hand preventing any kind of progress in the arm or security forces of Iraq and its own forces behave in the most arrogant, slaving and imperialistic way. They themselves encouraging the terrorism to evolve in Iraq while making hypocritical comments about that they are against it. They also do not care about their soldiers from whom the number of killed reached 4000 and more wounded and not to mention the numbers who return home with psychological diseases.

Every one can see that we are just mentioning here one drop of an ocean of facts about this barbaric war and its impact on the Iraqis. The best prove for this are the facts and that we initially supported the depositing of the previous dictator regime however the last 6 years showed us the ugly face and the reality of the invaders who do not like to see Iraq as a settled country and to rebuild itself. It is therefore not surprised to see that Iraq is still under chapter 7 of the UN charter. This means that it is a country that is dangerous for its neighbours and force may use against it at any time. Under this and its order 669 by the UN in 1991 the war criminals started their war against Iraq and destroyed it. This is still going on and under the same thing the same war criminals killing our own people.

Enough lies and hypocrisy by the USA

Stop the war against the innocent people of Iraq and stop destroying their country

Pull your troops out of our country and table it right from today

Pull the British invading troops from Basrah

Stop more blood shed in Iraq

Stop killing us

Stop killing our children

Allow us to rebuild our own country with peace

John McCain visit to Iraq is not welcomed and a failure

JM surprised and undercover visit to Iraq meeting with his occupying mercenaries is illegal and against the sovereignty of the country. However this man behaves just like his master GWB as an occupying imperialistic force leader.

At least for the Iraqis, this man is not welcomed and we feel uncomfortable of his existence on our land especially visiting his mercenaries in our country without permission from the puppet government in Baghdad.

It is now 5 years since the barbaric invasion which was described as new crusades by the war criminal GWB and Iraq went from worse to worst and still declining down the hill in all aspects of life. It is foolish now to believe that the war was to liberate Iraq from Saddam Hussein because it imposed thousands of Saddam Hussein that behave like wild dogs. Not to mention corruptions on extremely wide scale.

Few weeks ago the Foreign Minister of Pakistan declared that America encourage terrorism and used it as an excuse to interfere in the Muslim world. This is exactly what is happening in Iraq. The occupying Americans in Iraq encouraged and encouraging all kind of terrorism in Iraq while on the same time encouraging corruptions and protecting those who did it. They then used that as a tool and excuse to keep their forces occupying our country while telling the world something different in the worst hypocritical way. It is better for JM to get his forces back home before more and more of them will be killed or wounded and before more and more innocent Iraqis killed by both his forces and the terrorists that the USA encouraged.

America play a major part in destroying Iraq and preventing it from progression including the American involvement in all the violence which followed the 2003 invasion intentionally or by keeping blind eye on it. America is hypocritical imperialistic state occupying our land, killing us, destroying our structures, preventing us from having our own forces, and keeping us watching them like guinea pigs. Simply they want us to be fully and completely depending on them especially in protecting our land from the outside and providing security.

JM visit to Iraq is another failure and when he said that he is fearing from more attacks in the autumn because of the US election he means he fears not about the Iraqi lives neither about his soldiers lives but because of him may lose the election!

America and its tails leading an open war against Islam and Muslims

The above title needs no much effort to prove it because the events which are going on for so many years and all over the world leaving no doubts about this.

The war against Islam and Muslims entered a new phase of direct confrontation from America and the Western countries. Al-Qaeda was initially a puppet created by the USA itself and turned against it with time, however, it became as an excuse used by the USA to wage its war against Muslim countries and Islam. The best examples for the American war against Islam are its war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and its interferences negatively against many other Islamic countries.

In Iraq though the American direct genocide started in 1991 when the war-criminal George W Bush waged its war against Iraq the actual interferences were started many years before that and since the Iran Iraq war when the USA and the West supported that war. Indeed the American genocide is another kind of major Terrorism. Not to forget the genocide of the UN sanction which was lead by the USA which killed at least one million Iraqi children.

The imperialistic occupation of the first imperialisms used to come under the name of liberation such as what happened when the British Colonialism occupied the Islamic countries including Iraq. Under the same placard the USA occupied Iraq in 2003. Its war still going on by which the USA suffered and suffering many losses and on the top of these losses is the hatred of the people all over the Islamic and even non-Islamic world against the US and its tails.

The other face of war against Islam is the western media. These media is another tool which are full of lies and false propaganda against Islam.

The Muslims all over the world should know that the USA is waging an open and continuing war against Islam not only in Iraq and Afghanistan but everywhere else including inside its own Muslims people.

The Iraqi government is a failure that should leave

Day after day and month after month and after more than 2 years of its start the government of Mr. Nori Al-Maliki and Al-Hakeem Coalition has proved its complete failure.

Irrespective of the American occupation and its failure to achieve stability in the country Al-Maliki government proved its failure and weakness. Not only that but many Iraqis are now raising great doubts that this government is indeed intentionally making a lot of problems and doing nothings to solve the complicated problems of the country.

Al-Maliki government and its main coalition is simply a failure. Most if not all the ministers are corrupted not to mention those who are working under them. The ministry of Interior and Defence have both failed to provide security and their officials who talk about Baghdad security plan for the last 13 months have mislead the people and that add to their corruption.

The ministry of Oil is the most corrupted one and its Po-Iranian Hussein Al-Shihristani (Iranian origin) will be at some stage held responsible for so many corruptions and mistakes as well as problems in this country. He is not suitable at all to be an oil minister but only for his own agenda.

The ministry of Health can only be described as useless and completely corrupted. The same in variable degrees applies on all other sectors and ministries.

The latest surge of violence and the killing of Mr. Raho the archbishop of the Kildan Christians and the lack of any enthusiasm and plan to liberate the areas from the terrorism is another nail in the coffin of the present government. The question is when is going to be the last nail of this coffin and who is going to nail it?

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