Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The end of Daesh (ISIS) in Iraq become effective after liberation of Rawah

Rawa is the strategic town by the Iraqi-Syrian border and part of Al-Anbar city was the last hold for Daesh terrorist in Iraq.    It was supposed to have the remaining few hundreds of the terrorists groups that they fled from other areas in Iraq.   It is one of the most important holds for them.   Daesh used Rawah to wedge attacks and to do strategic movements across the borders. 

Rawah was liberated after few hours only.   Following the liberation Daesh military existence in Iraq ended fully.  There are few remaining groups in the desert of Aljazerah in the borders that the forces are attacking them to eliminate them. 

Daesh ended in both Syria and Iraq however few sleepy cells exist and the rest may appear in another countries weak points.   Though eliminated from all their holds in Iraq Daesh will remain a major threat for the world peace all over the world.   

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