Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraqis should stand against the killers!

The Iraqi Ministry of Defence announced that the Iraqi forces arrested Hatem Al-Zobaai the leader of the terrorist group (the Brigade of Thorat Al-Eshreen) which was responsible for many attacks in Baghdad and other areas.

In the last few days there were many attacks against the Iraqi Police and national forces. The latest attack today resulted in at least 25 Iraqi police men killed and many other wounded.

Six Oil wells have been set in fire. Many oil-pipelines and installations have been attacked.

The chain of kidnapping and killing against the Iraqi intellectuals and political leaders continued.

On the same time the Iraqi police in Najaf arrested several suspects some of them are from Saudi Arabia who were arrested with large number of explosives, money and communication instruments.

In Mosel many terrorist were arrested and killed while in Basrah the Iraqi forces for protection of oil pipelines killed one armed man and arrested 3 others most likely belong to Qaeda group.

In spite of threats and intimidations by the terrorist and pro-Saddam groups more Iraqis are coming to help the Iraqi forces by providing information about strangers and or strange behaviours in their areas. The best example is the information which resulted in freeing of two kidnapped Iraqis in Omarah and arresting at least 7 terrorists working under the name of a humanitarian organization. They have been arrested after buying arms and explosives for their groups in Baghdad. The Iraqis need to do much more to clean their areas from the killers and the terrorists. The other factor which may helped a lot is the important documents which have been found in Falluja though there are strong indications that the terrorist groups have changed their plans, codes and tactics since then.

In the last few days a new mass grave has been discovered in Sumawa region where the Japanese forces placed in.

The Iraqis should unite against the terrorists and their Saddam-like intimidation.

The year 2005 should be the year of ending the terrorists in Iraq. It should see the start of democracy, reconstruction and peace in Iraq.

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